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Found 8 results

  1. After getting bored of my quiet little starter deed, I decided to take on a larger scale project in this game. I've picked a spot on the highest mountain I could find in Xan, spent 13 tedious hours getting up there and finally dropped my deed yesterday. Just look at that awesome view! P.S. I shall be using this thread as a progress update on the deed development and to showcase what I consider Elven in Wurm!
  2. Yep, I joined the huge amount of bloggers out there, just today and mainly out of completely selfish reasons ;P I'm probably not the only one here who wants to make their own games and hopefully make a living from it, so I thought I should share my blog and maybe there are some nice conversations coming from it feel free to tell me what you think but be careful with criticism, I'm actually reading what people say and probably take too many things quite serious. So who else is out here wanting to make games or already did some ? some recent screenshot of my "first" game:
  3. Hey there fellow Wurmians! I am currently wurking on a Wurm Online Blog, I'm writing as my game character 'Aequalis'. I would really love to see some more readers and get some feedback on my writing! Here's the link >> Thanks!
  4. Hey all! I'm back to playing Wurm after about a year break. This time I decided I want to write a blog about my players experiences in Wurm. So if anyone is interested in reading a wurm blog while your wurking I would love to get some readers and some feedback! Thanks in advanced and I hope you enjoy!
  5. Hi all, I've started my very own role-play blog, based on real in game events that have happened to me on my adventures, written up in story mode along with pictures and videos where necessary! Please read! If this is in the wrong place I'm sorry! Go read my first post! It's about my journey from Deliverance to Exodus Real featured players include: AbsolutelyNobody (Deliverance) Madelyne (Deliverance) JudasX (Deliverance) Kammerz (me! now in Exodus) Feedback welcome Here is a short extract from the first article 'The journey begins': Coif in hand, Kam was already panting for breath, as walking wasn’t one of his good traits… not that he had any either. “Stupid leather armour, *throws the coif* why did he have to make it so tight!†Kam complained and continued down the windy path until he met a cross road and a sign saying ‘Red Tunnel’ – it lead south, and that was the only path leading in that direction, but by the looks of it, it didn’t seem like a friendly path at all. Littered with dead spiders and scorpions, Kam approached the entrance and peeked in. “Hello..?†only noticing two red eyes staring back from the tunnel directly back at him… “Hello Sir, would you please allow me to pass through this tunnel? It’s imperative I make it to Exodus…†The eyes continued to stare, Kam looked down and noticed some more red eyes, and then some more…. stepping back now as the thing crept closer…â€Sir?…S-s-s-SPIDER!†stumbling backwards Kam tripped on his own feet and fell back as the venomous spider launched its legs towards Kam! He blocked one attack with his poor wooden shield and crawled frantically backwards while trying to fend himself. His shield was soon bashed off to the side and nothing but a short sword now to parry a few attacks…
  6. Legend of Boatgaard Role-play Blog Episode 2 - A noobs worst nightmare, the Great Northern Desert Featured places: FOE Canal Market Black Pearl Lud Olive Lake Resort Short extract to make you want to read: The woman stood down off her cart and pushed Kam back with her maul “Good luck … you’ll need it. Even if you managed to make it to Olive Lake Resort, you’ll never make it to Lud, you pathetic excuse of a Wurmian. Now… GET OFF MY LAND†Kam examined the ground beneath him which said ‘Perimeter of….’ and stuck his tongue out at her â€Not your land love! Ner ner!†As he began to chop a tree down in front of her, just to cheese her off that little bit more. Glad he wasn’t on a PVP server… Enjoy
  7. Well, I've played a grand total of about 12 hours of MMO games in the last two months. As opposed to the 8-16 hours per day that I would put in before. So what have I done with that time? A little original fiction, "Symbiote". 42 chapters in about 2.5 months, for somewhere around 3-4k words per chapter. No, I'm not really bothering to keep track of word count, though I have set a minimum word count per chapter at 3000 as an almost-never-broken rule. I loved crafting in Wurm. I love crafting an entire universe more. Chances are at this point that MMO's are a part of my past, permanently. I'll still piddle around with them every now and then, but my creative urges are very well satisfied by writing Stop by, feel free to throw fruit if you find anything blatantly broken. There are continuity things in book 1 that haven't been cleaned up - I'm up to chapter 1.9 in the final pass editing (will be editing 1.10 today) So what's the story about: One Day, Bob, a random middle aged guy, starts talking to himself and there are two personalities in the conversation. It doesn't take him long to prove that it's not the leftover shrimp lo mein, or a stroke - there really is someone else in his head. He and his symbiote try to make sense of the world, but fail pretty spectacularly at figuring things out despite being reasonably smart because they simply don't know enough to understand what is going on. After a while, most of the basics are answered, but Bob begins to get into a really bad headspace with some of the things he's forced to do. Science Fiction. Present day / near future.
  8. I have decided to re-release my blog entitled "Journey to Puzzles" which chronicles my early journeys in Wurm Online. For those of you who were reading when I first released it, I apologize for not continuing it. The plan is to re-release an entry every week at and when everything has all caught up, then new entries will be released bi-weekly. I would very much like to finish the story of how we ended up where we are now, which is at Puzzle Plaza. You can find them here: Entry 1: My First Impressions Entry 2: In Preparation for a Long Journey Entry 3: Flight to Willow Pond Entry 4: The Fishing Rod Faeran and I have also started a video series which, I hope, is a little educational and a little entertaining. We call it "Saturday Night Factional Fight: Plays Wurm Online" as this was the name of our (very old) podcast series years ago on the topic of MMORPGs. The first two videos have been released at and we will be releasing one bi-weekly so keep an eye open for that. You can find the episodes here: Episode 0: Introduction Video Episode 1: Beginnings Episode 2: The Quest for the Iron Vein Episode 3: Building Carts, Barter and Horses! Episode 4: Time to Terraform I hope you enjoy! Griphyth