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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody It is possible to set your commands to block the plot course to Chaos, so when you set the course of your boat you can't choose to plot to Chaos, and that works perfectly. But if it happens that somebody urgently calls you, if your pc decides to abandon you while your internet is still working but you are unable to use the mouse and the keyboard, if it happens anything which brings your mind away from Wurm for whatever reason... well, through automatic plot course you can end on Chaos anyway. I want to propose a command to block the plot course to Chaos in anyway, so those players who have no interest into go in Chaos for any reason, they can make safe travels, without any troubled thought about the "evil" server. And if they should change their mind, they can always reset the command. What do you guys think about it?
  2. In this tutorial you will learn how to block incoming arrows from enemy archers in 3 easy steps. Confirm that you are wearing a shield Determine the direction of your attacker Turn so that your attacker is slightly beyond the left hand side of your screen Watch this short video for an example of these three easy steps put into practice, so that you know what to do when the time comes to defend yourself. And there you have it, you now no longer need be harmed by enemy archers.
  3. Recently got the chance to try out Firewall and despite the name it isn't very wallish nor does the fire do much to stop you passing at all. So when you place a Firewall, the two tiles on the border it is casted will cause you to take fire damage. 1-3 dmg but slowly over time aslong as you're on the effected tile. Passing through the firewall will speed this up a little but you don't get slowed/stopped or feel forced to not pass through and can easily run through with little stopping power. It does however block melee combat if somebody crosses and blocks arrows from being fired over. We did notice however that this damage will be a bit faster over time if you stand on the tile for a long period [3-4 minutes] But nobody would be stupid enough for that effect to build up [i hope] I suggest that the wall should either stop you passing or there should be an increase of damage as you pass, enough to slow you down/make passing not a walk in the park. [4-8 damage whilst on the tile and passing through the 2 tiles and the wall itself gives 10-15 damage from start to end. Because right now go ahead if you know somebody with Firewall, you can run through easily with nothing stopping you for such a small amount of damage, so small that the trade off for the debuff/karma casted compared to the other spell stone wall is kinda lame.
  4. Unless I have just not noticed it in the past, I am raising my shield and parrying, not raising my shield and blocking.