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Found 7 results

  1. People are building highways north and left and often even build guard towers at the roads. There's just this natural enemy of all buildings - decay. Guard towers decay too How about, the Bless spell on towers to decrease the decay rate considerably. Would it break anything, would it unbalance or generate annoyances? Of course it would be possible to Dispel in case anyone wants to bring the decay rate back to normal and let the tower fall.
  2. As many if not all of you know, we can now bless the lamps for some perma lights in tunnels, highway, cave canals and whatnot: No priest, no time, want to do some community oriented job WiTH the community, drop a word here to coordinate our efforts. Remember the need for reinforced cave floor, so some tunnels will need extra love.
  3. this is cheeky. I recently learnt that if you can enchant grass, even tho it requires 30 meditation, you can do it when non premium. Bless requires 30 faith and costs 10 favor Priesthood requires premium. favor is capped to 20 when non premium. Faith is unaffected but can not rise above 20. (it gets frozen when sub ends) The fact that you can't be a priest if you don't pay, would suggest that there's no room for compromise. But i wanted to ask, is there a chance of change? I barely have enough energy to make this post because there's no right to it, it's a cheeky curiosity that barely qualifies as a suggestion. I know little about priesthood, the only reason i have one is because i wanted to bless lamps. So if i've missed any points or spoken incorrectly, feel free to shoot this suggestion down. it'd just be nice and would benefit the server. edit - A solution might be to introduce a wand that casts bless, a wand that has to be made by a high channeling priest. just a thought
  4. I am offering lamp blessing services at 5c/lamp if you bring them/mail them to me (M8 (The former Waterdeep Area) on Pristine) or 10c/lamp if I have to travel to you! For those of you unaware, due to one of the new updates, blessing a lamp offdeed now allows it to light and snuff on its own as one ondeed would... with no fuel needed aside from the first lighting! So long as the lamp itself is on paved ground (corner tile included if planted from a paved tile) or reinforced cave tile. You can contact me ingame at Aikainnet, or Plutus or right here on the forums! I will not travel to Chaos and I will not travel for less than 3s for xana, unless coastal deed. Coastal blessing will travel for at least 1s
  5. I propose the corrupt animal trait can be alternatively given to an animal when one of the parents is a zombie. Atm using a zombie animal is the same as using a wild-spawn version. None of the traits of the (previously living) version are passed on, and nothing special happens afaik from previous testing. Granted the last time I bothered was at least a year ago, as it really screws up the breeding. Offhand it shouldn't make things easier or imbalanced persay as its arguably easier to just use the current means of corrupting, blessing by a Libila priest. Simply an alternative method.
  6. Hello! I'm looking for a mag priest to travel to my deed (Ravenstone harbour) West of Stone harbour 45x 48y. Relly liked to get it as soon as possibel, please PM "Giblet". Thanks (Independence map: - Giblet Of Ravenstone Harbour!