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Found 7 results

  1. Starting Bid: 9s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: 12s Buyout: None [18:31:47] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. You will want to polish the horse shoe with a pelt before you improve it.
  2. Rare Iron File (Blank) 23.44QL

    Nomenclature: rare file, iron Description: A rugged metal blade on a shaft, used to make wood smoother. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Maker: Mzungu Starting Bid: None Minimum Bid Increments: 10% previous bid Reserve: None Buyout: 5s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour. Ladies and Gentlemen, Let the bidding commence.
  3. Anothernoob's corner

    Some items from my merchants: mallets 90ql pine CoC46 WoA70 1.0s 90ql oak WoA72 1.0s 95ql oak 84CoC 2.5s Enchanted Pendulums 70ql iron LDeep75 90c 70ql iron LDeep90 2.1s 70ql iron LDeep83 1s 70ql iron LDeep83 1s 70ql iron LDeep84 1s 70ql iron LDeep85 1.1s 70ql iron LDeep89 1.1s LDeep= Lurker in the Deep, LWoods= Lurker in the Woods rares 72ql rare steel breast plate 7s 31ql rare libila puppet 2s 70ql rare waterskin 4s 53ql rare long spear(cedar) 4s (can't be mailed, pickup from FM Independence) !!or buy both for 7s!! 71ql rare long spear(cedar) 4s (can't be mailed, pickup from FM Independence) !!or buy both for 7s!! potions all sold! Non Craftables Mask of the returner 97ql 6s Adamantine lump 0.4kg 82ql 6s Saw Tin 93ql 4s 2x Curved Shoulder pad 75ql 5s for the set!!! (offer available until 20/12) Double Shoulder pad 75ql 3.5s Soul Stealer Necklace 75ql 5s Left Elaborate Shoulder pad 75ql 3.5s or exchange with same ql right one Right Basic Shoulder pad 75ql 5s Left Shielding Shoulder pad 75ql 5s Ring of the Eye 25ql 1s Garden gnome (red hat) 61ql 3.5s Garden gnome (red hat) 61ql 3.5s Garden gnome (red hat) 61ql 3.5s Hatchet gold 95ql 7s Pickaxe gold 95ql 7s Rope Tools 1x 90ql oak rope tool 90c each Pelts All sold!! Spindles 1ql cedar spindle 73coc 30c 1ql oak spindle 81coc 80c 90ql pine spindle 94Woa 2.5s Pickaxes 2ql iron pickaxe 84CoC 80c 90ql iron pickaxe 85WoA 9MiningImbue 3.0s Weapons Large Maul 84ql 66coc 66nim 75FB 1s small maul 57ql 69CoC 87FA 52Nim 1.1s longsword 44ql CoC80 FA90 WoA24 3.0s 2h sword 45ql 73Nim 70FB 73C 1.5s 2h sword 71ql 60Nim 68FB 83Coc 1s 2h sword 70ql 74Nim 64FB 98CoC 34MS 5s Miscellaneous scissors 95ql 4s dredge 80ql 79woa 1.0s small tortoise shield 65ql 30c explorer's tent 60ql 60c steel and flint 90ql 1.5s Wine!!! 82ql red wine, 2s/1kg, up to 20kg Bulk items nothing left! Bulk blank improvable items 85ql large wooden shields 45c each (several in stock) , Bulk Order(10+ pieces): 25c each 80+ql longbows 45c each (several in stock, can't be mailed), Bulk Order(10+ pieces): 30c each 70+ql longswords 35c each, 1.2s for all 6 of them. Other things that I tend to make and sell every few weeks (currently on a break): 90ql dioptras 2s each (out of stock) 80ql 70+ AoSP plate sets 7s each (out of stock, priest on a break) 90ql 70+ AoSP cloth armor set (out of stock) Alternative forms of payment(I'll accept the following instead of cash as part of the payment) Sleep powders 1s each Merchant contract 7s Dragon scale 60c/0.01kg Referrals 6.5s each PS. Mail fees are extra although I occasionally cover the cost for the highest value items
  4. CLOSED - Rare Huge Axe, 88QL

    Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 50c Buyout: n/a Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1 Hour PM Malokai in-game or Message me here if I don't find you, the winner, first!
  5. CLOSED - Supreme Huge Axe, 88QL

    Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 50c Buyout: 30s Reserve: none Sniper Protection: 1 Hour PM Malokai in-game or Message me here if I don't find you, the winner, first!
  6. Closed

    As stated in the title, I am looking to buy 3 X Rare horseshoes, preferably blank. QL does not matter. drop me a message on the forums or in game. Thanks!
  7. I was fortunate enough to create a supreme huge axe, which Odynn kindly imp'd up to 95ql for me. It is blank, ready for enchantments of your choice: Starting Bid: 30 s No private bids or PMs, please put your bid/s in this thread. Apologies, forgot to put in Sniper protection: 1 hr Happy bidding