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Found 2 results

  1. Cooperative Sales - Specializing in high quality blacksmithing (weapons, armor, tools) and 4Draft Bison. Visit our market (updated frequently) for rare and supreme weapons, armor and tools. Great prices on Bison, specializing in 4 Draft! We usually have at least 8 4Draft bison at any time. Come see us to stock up your wagon in one stop! Q17
  2. So since the servers are down and I am guessing a lot of people hang out on the forums, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pick your brains (not a Zombie btw). So I started playing a few weeks ago and blacksmithing seemed like a profession I'd enjoy. So I read up on wurmpedia and followed the guides. I grinded up my mining to 50+ on stone and have just started working on the actual blacksmithing by making useful tools (small anvils and hammers), rather than make needles (since acupunctur isn't a profession I don't see the need for all the needles even if it saves some materials). I made about 25 small anvils and 25 hammers, and I am saving all my SB for it and basically just keep imping them as much as possible. I want to be a weaponsmith (half of you reading probably cringe at the horror of this statement, since weaponsmithing seems to be a pain to skill even by wurm standards). My "plan" is to keep making and imping regular blacksmithing stuff to hit 50 in blacksmithing, and then start to make hmm let's say 25 butchering knives and 25 carving knives and grind those by imping. I am a noob, but I have picked the brains of the veterans of the village I live in and I have read on wurmpedia and such to plan ahead. My mining is around 52-53 now so obviously I work with ironveins that are capped below my skill so I don't wast the veins. My current goal in wurm is to be able to afford a deed of my own (if I decide to leave that is, enjoy the company of the village) and also be to sustain my ingame expenses such as deed costs and trades with other players through my blacksmithing profession (I know it is not possible at my current skill level, hence the term "goal"). I'll keep paying with real cash for the premium time to support the developers, but I'd rather not have to pay for ingame currency since that kind of feels like "pay to win" even if there isn't really a victor or loser in game (at least not if you are like me and just do the "peaceful" stuff). With all this in mind, anyone got any tips or suggestions on what I should be doing? Also would it be overkill to "dabble" both in armorsmithing and weaponsmithing? Or would my time be better spent on focusing on weaponsmithing and perhaps make steel weapons? Kind Regards Berinon