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Found 13 results

  1. wts black opal ql 19 - star sapphire ql 34 pm offers 1,5s
  2. "[03:44:52] This looks like the collar bone from some animal. These are said to provide luck. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item." "Rare black dragon hatchling strange bone" Q88.87 - 30s COD Also selling etc things Blood---------------------- 2s - Black Dragon Blood 2s - Green Dragon Blood 2s - Red Dragon Blood Leathers/Scales------- Offer - Red Dragon Scale, leather Q80 Weight 0.04 30c - Black Dragon hatchling hide, leather Q99.07 Weight 0.02 Gems--------------------- 4s - Star Emerald Q55 4s - Black Opal Q55.68 Offer - Emerald Q1 Offer - Opal Q24.72, Q26.72, Q43.25, Q69.41 Offer - Ruby Q15.99, Q38, Q48 Offer - Sapphire Q1.98, Q28, Q40.03 Potions-------- 3s - Woodcutting Q66.13 5c - Yellow Q16, Q80, Q96, Q100, Q100 Tools----------- 50c - Shovel, iron c52 Q15.09 50c - Grooming brush, cedarwood c68 Q33.80 20c - Trowel, iron w19 Q45.45 20c - Trowel, iron w27 Q42.20 20c - Sickle, iron c43 Q51.74 40c - Carving knife, iron c50 Q58.20 50c - Toolbelt, leather Q70 50c - Needle, iron c30 71.73 60c - Hammer, iron c54 Q80.22 30c - Pickaxe, iron c38 Q55.07 50c - Pickaxe, iron c54 Q41.44 40c - Pickaxe, iron w36 Q64.48 50c - Pickaxe, iron w66 Q66.89 60c - Rake, iron w78 c58 Q66.33 Etc--------------- 1.5s - 2x Snow Lanterns 5s - Rare gold bracelet, gold Q27.52 50c - Fireworks, birchwood Q99
  3. Black Opal 20ql Starting bid: 1s Minimum increments: 20c Buyout: 4s 50c Prices + COD currently in Indie
  4. [sOLD]Black Opal Cherrywood Staff Auction Minimum Bid : 4s Bid Increment : 50c (0.5s) Buyout Amount: 8s Description [08:33:27] A long, well polished staff with a fantastic opal attached. It is made from cherrywood. Gem staffs are currently used to cast sorcery spells. Delivery This item is not mailable. Delivery offered on Xanadu, other servers are pickup only.
  5. Hello! I have two black opals for sale. 2s each. Can be mailed. It's used to make opal staff PM me with offer!
  6. Black Opal - 32.47ql - 5s + CoD Star Ruby - 52.08ql - 4.5s + CoD Will be mailed from Independence, feel free to contact me in-game on Linaelia
  7. WTS Black Opal ql 42.74 5s. Buyer pays COD from Xanadu. Last buyer never picked up from mail.
  8. Shhh don't tell my priest! WTS Black Opal QL42.74 for 5s Buyer pays COD from Xanadu.
  9. Auctioning off a black opal, 8.30 QL. Starting Bid: 5s Increments: 10c Reserve: none Buyout: 8s Winner pays COD - I'm on Xanadu. Thanks and good luck!
  10. WTS SOLD Sleep powders 10 for 1.5s apiece or all for 14s Rare Dredge Ql 66 for 7s Rare File Ql 90 for 7s Rare Needle Ql 90 for 7s Supreme Scissors Ql 90 for 35s Black Opal Staff Ql 32 for 10s SOLD Rare Large Maul Ql 60 Flaming Aura 15 for 8s SOLD Rare Small Anvil Ql 90 for 6s SOLD Rare Hammer Ql 90 for 10s Sold Rare fine fishing rod ql89 5s Sold Rare fine fishing rod ql61 4s SOLD Rare Scythe ql60 6s The items are located on Celebration server, In the Tap Dance Public Market on Leicester Merchant. COD by mail is also possible. Delivery to Freedom Isles Ports can be arranged. PM Eyerobot ingame Thank You Items sell at a first come first serve basis. Thanks for buying.
  11. Wanted to action, one Black Opal. Have noticed these selling lately on here, had this one laying around for quite some time. Auction will last for 3 days. Pick up on Celebration near Misfit market or can COD. Buyer pays COD. Starting Bid: 6s Minimum increments: 50c Buyout: None (will consider offers) Reserve: None
  12. Black Opal QL30 Starting bid 3s Buyout 7s Auction time 2 days