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Found 11 results

  1. Come on down to have a dance with The Black Dragon! Slaying will be on: June 19th at 4pm CST , Please look at Denully's comment below for the timer! All loot will be rolled on, so come have some fun and maybe win some good LOOT! picture by: Fraskesa
  2. A short video clip (52 sec): "Fighting the Black Dragon". Enjoy! (Make sure to watch in HD quality.)
  3. I am selling 0.15 kg of black dragon scale: [08:28:01] Light but extremely tough, these scales will withstand even the hardest of blows and the sharpest of cuts. Price: 7.50s PS: I know it looks like a red scale, but it actually is a black one
  4. i am setting up a 7 day Auction for a Black Dragon Skull starting bid 3.5 Silver I will take offers 1 hour Sniper Pro,
  5. Look who is waiting for you : The hunt will start in : As the title said we change our habits a bit for this one. No need to sign up in the deliverance hunt thread, you just need to have the mercenary title and a two handed weapon with the needed skill to join in for the hits. Everyone else is free to have a look or drop by from the new blood and scale. The loot (skull and bone - valrei if dropped) will be kept for the searching party Search party members : DrSatan - Cita - Whykillme - Lisabet - Yaga - Wilca - Faster - Dedeyvonzirrael - Sugarfoxx - Comodo - Picotto - Cerber - DrAngus - Odynn - Cienio - Clasin - Gunnerkiba - Jukimo - Azraelofdeath - Bloodscythe - Dalvin - Aum - Niki - Spif - Facedancer - Koroth - Awen - JDBooker - Subie - Liandal - Mani - Ozzieoutlaw - Aarontx - Pingvinen We are still fixing the searching party list - in progress. Meeting point at Green Dog. Follow the red trail to the deed SPARTAN HAVEN Plenty of place around to place your tent or look the fight without messing your new shirt.
  6. Hi folks. I have a few questions on the whole Black Dragon fight thing on Release that I haven't seen answered. Several comments/allegations were made that the dragon was... how shall we say... pilfered, I suppose we could use that term, from other players who were in the process of locking up the dragon. I'd love nothing more to participate in a dragon fight. Always wanted to do so since I first started playing the game. But whether I do so or not depends entirely on HOW said dragon was obtained. I won't be party to dishonorable proceedings. Therefore, I need more information to make that determination, one way or the other. Not being there myself, this is all secondhand information, and I'd like people to be able to put their facts into this thread and see if we can get some kind of truth to come to light on the matter. So, I'll start out with a few questions and people who know the answer to them can pop in. 1.) Was the Black Dragon on Release ninja'd from other people who were in the process of containing it? (Y/N would suffice.) 2.) If Yes to the above, why was this done? Please describe in detail. If No, then please give some basic information on when and how the dragon was obtained, and who was involved in it's capturing.
  7. Want to sell Black Dragon Hatchlings blood. Accepting offers PM or reply. Sold, Finally
  8. "Rumours of a new The venerable black dragon hatchling is starting to spread." (Actually, it's a young dragon ) Countdown to the Rally: The Fight will start 45 min later; this allows us to get to the location together. *If* there is a gale from the north killing travel from Release, we may delay the fight a bit. Weather will be taken into consideration. Hunt Date/Time: Saturday, 24 January 2014 3:00 PM CST Fighters: 70FS, 70ql weapon, 40 in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing armour during fight. Bystanders: All welcome to come watch the fights and get free blood/hide! All are allowed to attack the uniques. Loot: We will do a number of /random rolls equal to the number of items butchered. Each winner gets to choose 1 item. Limit 1 item per fight per person. Valrei items are considered to be 1 item per charge (three raffle draws instead of one, more loot to share!). Corpse/meat/eye/teeth are rolled also rolled as 1 item. There will be unlimited slots, one per RL person. Every fighter who is signed up with qualifying stats and gets on the twitter kill list will be given a raffle slot,. Everyone is welcome to attend to get blood from the unique.(You need to be in local range, and be a premium player) Signup List:']Signup Rally Point: Currently Blossom. Will give more accurate location closer to the fight time. *edited the time a bit. We want as many able to join as possible. *Edit 2: we will take weather into consideration for sailing players
  9. Hello. Bloods: 1.3s each, buyer paying COD. Blood can be mailed. Red Dragon Blood Red Dragon Blood Red Dragon Blood Red Dragon Blood Green Dragon Blood Green Dragon Blood White Dragon Blood Black Dragon Blood Kyklop Blood Kyklop Blood
  10. Please come and get rid of a Black dragon hatchling at 22D. on the island Found out they can cross water now (first hand investigation) Shdorsh (ingame name) said that he would like to help so if you need more people pm him. Thanks, Lordofcoin
  11. Yes.... yet another dragon spawned as soon as we had slayed the last. After previous mishappenings, we have decided to slay this thing asap Hunt date/time Sunday 17th August 2014 at 12.30pm EST 5pm GMT C15 on the ingame map. Please show up 30mins before so that there is minimal delay in starting, we will not wait for late shows. Loot Drops 70+ FS required to be on the loot roll, and fight, titles will be checked After the successful kill, we will look up and compare the list with the sign up sheet, if your name is on both you will be included in the raffle.Should the event arise that someone lands a successful hit and is not on the tweet we will manually add them to the raffle. Some information about the fight that may not be obvious to everyone: Public fights tend to attract a lot of people - usually many more than is actually needed to kill the unique. The last red dragon fight had about 150 chars in local.There will be heavy lag.People will bring alts. This is considered ok. Alts will not get loot rolls.The fight may not start exactly at the announced time. This is usually due to unforeseen logistics issues or complications pulling the unique.Don't be late. Showing up at least 20-30 minutes before the fight is a requirement, not a suggestion.Loot rolls are being done the way the organizers have deemed best based on their experience organizing a lot of fights previously.Don't show up with a negative or arrogant attitude. Complaints and sarcastic/snide remarks will not be well received. None of this is up for discussion during the event. Any questions please feel free to pm me Bystanders are welcome for bloods and hides. Meet up point Living The Deeda Loca C15 on the in-game map. Meals and water will be made available whilst you wait for the start. Sign up Sheet Safe travels and see you all there! Limited horses will be available for those who need Please try to bring your own or pick up a sea horse en route. (please let me know if the auction timer is incorrect, im a newb at these posts)