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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to Afterglow Self-Serve Horse Market ( Pristine O 26) Update : My sincere thanks to all the customers! Draft & Speed MULES restocked ! All Piebalds, Skewbalds and Blood Bays sold out. Most Hell Horses sold out. Stay tuned, more coming soon ! LOAD/UNLOAD/LEAD is set for everyone ( main dock is on the east side facing the ocean) Creature cages now available 71ql = 60c ( not in self-serve, you have to message me) - 0 available right now ( If you need any help or have questions, please don`t hesitate to message Soraya or Anestasia in game, Melianna here on the forums or Discord : Marishka#6247 ) Are you Happy with my animals? Unhappy? Feel free to leave me Any feedback, so I know, if there is anything I can improve to make Your experience better. I would love to be offering you the best companions possible Here is where I`m located on the map : Right on the coast and easy to find Highway connection ( Never get lost again! ) Deep water port to unload your cages - LOAD, UNLOAD, LEAD set for all Daily updated Amongst The Oaks Inn for You to sleep overnight, should you need/want to Spirit templar for your safety while shopping Trader for your convenience Each of my horses, hell horses and mules are bred with love Free from any negative traits, that goes also for all the FREE pen animals Feel free to ask, if the animal you are coming for is still available No home deliveries at this time Horse & Hell Horse Colors : Traits : Pricing : Note : 3 good speed (LM,FM,SLM) and 3 good draft (CM,SB,SL) are just as fast as 4 speed/drafters = same price 4 Draft & Speed Horses : Ebony Black (2.5% speed bonus as of 16-Aug-2022 patch notes : " Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals ") - 75c Appaloosa, Black Silver, Gold Buckskin, Chestnut, Blood Bay, Skewbald Pinto, Piebald Pinto, White, Gold - 50c 4 Draft & Speed Hell Horses : Molten (2.5% speed bonus as of 16-Aug-2022 patch notes : " Ebony/molten speed bonus now applies to hitched animals ") - 75c Nightshade, Incandescent, Shadow, Pestilential, Envious, Cinder, Ash - 50c ( Hell horses are by far the fastest horses in the game, for both pulling and riding due to their traits being always on, meaning your cart/wagon will Always be at max speed. Downside: They are aggressive and will unpredictably attack you and others. Unless you ride a cart with hitched hell horses or you are a Fo priest with 60 faith and 30 favor. They will unhitch at the end of the "aged" stage ( 30 in-game months). When leading them, please unequip your weapons not to kill it, it if it starts attacking you. If attacked - Stop leading - Walk a few tiles away - Un-target - (the aggro will reset). Hell horses can be cared for if they are tamed or charmed. 4 Draft & Speed mules - 75c ( Mules are faster than horses or bison for vehicles (unlike bison, Mules can wear horse gear). They cannot be bred and are not faster than hell horses) Speed Mules are wonderful for those alts, you never felt like leveling body control on, before premium expired 4 Draft Bisons - 50c ( Bisons have a speed bonus when dragging wagons and are equal to mules without gear. If you don't want to/can't afford to invest in gear, they are the right choice for you) Merchants, Trader & How to use my self-serve pens : FREE Pen : Currently Available Animals : (Age of my animals ranges from "young foal" to "mature") (If you are looking for an animal that is not listed, message me, I might have it) Animals with Rare Traits : Pen R 1 - Omenrage - Horse - Adolescent - Gold - Male - true 5 Draft + It seems stronger than normal ( carry weight bonus! ) + CS - 25s Sold! Pen R 2 - Westpick - Aged - Horse - Chestnut - Female - 4 speed + It has a chance to produce twins - SH - 4s Sold! Pen R 3 - Rhythmsweet - Young - Horse - Black silver - Male - 4 draft + It seems immortal - ST - 7s Sold! Draft & Speed Horses : Draft & Speed Hell Horses : Draft & Speed Mules : Draft Bisons :
  2. Welcome to "Salty Coast Stables" Location: Independence C19 - easy pick up from coast Specialization: horses - draft & speed Delivery is available for a small fee (It must be agreed in advance). Click link >>> LOOK CURRENT STOCK with actual prices. Spreadsheet updatet when we have new born or after sales. If you want any animals like bulls, bisons, dogs, cows and others just send me message in game(Gerbold) or in PM. Note: Self-service market with keys in near future.
  3. Glasfryn Self-Service Livestock Market Situated in the picturesque deed of Glasfryn on the lake shore of G17 (Cadence) we are easy to reach both by land or, water. We are a very small, family run market who strive to offer animals of quality to you. None of our animals have negative traits, and once they are venerable, they are removed from sale and left to live out their days in our "retirement paddocks" (we discount old animals in the hopes they will still find their perfect home). Our pens are self-service to allow you the convenience of collecting the animals whenever you are ready, but we can deliver to anywhere in the NFI for a small cost. If visiting our market in person, look for our merchant Connah in the middle of the market pens - there is a chest in front of his stall for the "used" keys to be returned - if you are buying remotely, contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will mail you the key out for you to come collect, or bring you the animal if we have agreed a delivery. Any questions please contact me either here or in game (Heddwyn) and I will get back to you as soon as I can (I am UK based). For free animals - please check out my other deed right next door to Glasfryn. Put "Free animals - bring ropes" into your nearest waystone for directions - large stocks of all animals, no vens or neg traits. Horse Colours: Traits: (these are the same for all animals we sell) Pricing: To make life easier for all, I have come up with the following pricing strategy - Current Stock: Please note if there is no P# in front of a listing this animal is NOT in a self service pen (space constraints - I am working to expand) and will need you to contact me directly to arrange purchase!! Horses:- Bison:- Sheep/Rams:- 5 Output :- P27 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/SH/SM - 40c P38 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/GE - 40c P39 - Adolescent (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/S - 40c P41 - Mature (Ram) - White - Male - MR/PW/RB/PU/V/S - 40c Donkeys:- P25 - Fern - Adolescent - Male - FM/LM/SL/GE - 1s P26 - Sad - Young - Male - FM/SL/AW/GE/EG - 1s Hell Horses:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Unicorns:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Deer:- (see further notes before commiting to purchase) Further Notes:- The cost of any animal that incurs injury or death that occurs because you have not read/understood this information will not be refunded. Animal Ages: Equipment Bonuses:
  4. Public Wagoner Containers ondeed close to the shore, unload and load allowed ondeed. Self serve Pens And on the Main Deed Sklotopolis we have run a Public Sermon Group since over 6 month now. If u have a priest that need some Sermons, its a 24/7 group most time. Just come over add me as friend and u can also eat here some nice Pizzas. Some COC tools CoC grooming brush, oak 89 2s53c grooming brush, oak 89 2s53c grooming brush, oak 84 1s90c grooming brush, oak 80 1s40c
  5. Katzenkorb Horses and more (NO negative traits, coastal delivery possible) We are cleaning our stock so we have added some horses for free. They are only for pickup on our deed, as long as the stock lasts. All the prices are for pickup, if you want to have them delivered we can negotiate that for an additional fee. (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal, YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, MH = Mature Horse, AGH = Aged Horse) (CM = Carry More, CS = Certain Spark, FF = Fight Fiercely, FM = Fleeter Movement, KS = Keen Senses, LM = Lightning Movement, SB = Strong Body, SH = Strong & Healthy, SL = Strong Legs, TB = Tough Bugger ) Contact ingame either Pokter or Saitra. Horses HIGHLIGHTS Piebald Pinto - S5 - Copperdream (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Swiftbrisk (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Kadenflea (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Piebald Pinto - S5 - Walkingjohan (Pure S5, male, AF) - 8s Gold - S5 - Cactusfast (Pure S5, male, AH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Rockosio (Pure S5, male, AH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Lightningpick (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Rockgrey (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Sadlad (Pure S5, male, YH) - 4s Gold - S5 - Wildjack (Pure S5, male, AF) - 4s Blood Bay - S3 - Dancewalking (LM, SL, CM, SH, TB, female, AGH) - 4s Gold - S4 - Cesargolden (LM, FM, SL, CM, TB, male, YF) - 2s Black Ebony breeding Appaloosa breeding Black Silver breeding Chestnut breeding Golden Buckskin breeding Blood Bay Skewbald Pinto breeding Piebald Pinto White Black breeding Gold Brown Grey Hell Horses Molten Shadow Cinder Envious Pestilential Ash Bisons Bison breeding pairs can be ordered, but most likely only S-2 and more. Sheeps (Black), Chickens, Cows & Bulls for sale as well. Location:
  6. WTS Bisons contact me for speed and price WTS 5 speed Horses (20c each for old colors 40c each for new colors) GREY BROWN BLOODBAY JET BLACK PINTO no pinto atm
  7. (x16, y35) The village is at the south shore of Mercury Lake. Items for sale: (Will trade for Seryll lumps) Weapons: QL 70 weapons for sale. - 40c. All weaponsmithing items available Everything always in stock. There are QL 50 shields available for a low price aswell. Tools: Blacksmithing tools and also carpenty tools like grooming brush, spindle are available. Tools are priced at 35c (QL80). Enchanted QL90 tools available, regular QL 90 can be made to order. There are also misc items such as anvils and anchors for sale. Merchants have a variety of enchanted items for sale. CoC, WoA, Frostbrand, Nimbleness, Animals Demise etc. Low QL skillgrinders are available. Jewelry: Jewelry smithing items QL 70 (pendulums, statuettes, bird cage, metal altars etc) are for sale, or can be made to order. Masonry: Masonry skill 92. Can build stone houses to level 12. Can plan stone brick bridges 33 tiles long. Marble 32 tiles. Stone cutting 61. Can make all items, including both the marble tables. Rectangular marble table (QL60) - 30c Round marble table (QL 60) - 30c High imping service for forges etc can also be done. Horses: We also sell 5 speed horses. These are the fastest horses possible. All colors available. Feel free to come and check out what you want - we'll have it. Price is 50c for any horse. I usually don't keep any gray in stock, let me know in advance if you want that color (usually noone does). All horses are 6 or 7-trait horses (5-speed + Tough Bugger or Strong&Healthy). Of course never any useless traits, ever. Bisons: Speed bisons - amazing wagon/cart pullers. Once up to speed - constantly pulls at full speed (18 km/h - never slows down). No equipment necessary. Bisons are the best pullers for wagons. Once you go speed bison - you don't go back. All bisons have 5 speed + Strong&Healty trait. 5-speed bison: 50 c Also selling wagons and carts. Wagon - 1s. Cart - 20c. Hides, Cotton & Wemp: Hides: QL 10 - 1c per 100 hides QL 60 - 20c per 100 hides QL 25 - 1c per 100 hides QL 70 - 50c per 100 hide QL 35 - 2c per 100 hides QL 80 - 2c per hide QL 45 - 10c per 100 hides QL 90+ - 5c per hide QL 55 - 15c per 100 hides (1 hide = 3kg) Cotton QL 75+ - 1s per 1k. Wemp QL 85 - 1s per 1k. All other crops also available QL 80+ - 1s per 1k From time to time, there may be some cows and other animals for sale. 30c. These are pickup only Mailbox available for other items. Inside Fortress of Linkoping there is a trader for public service You may also visit and admire the beautiful Colossus of Vynora Welcome! Have a look and have a sightseeing at the same time! Jukkken Mayor of Linkoping
  8. We all take advantage (rightfully so) of the unique name identification of bred horses in this game but what about cows/bulls and bisons? I do not ask for individual names, all I ask is for SOME sort of unique identification (like a eartag that you can craft out of wood or metal where you can write something on it and attach it with say, a branding iron or some other tool (maybe a new tool as well?)) to uniquely identify them and show what is written on the tag when you examine them: This bull/cow/calf/bison was tagged and belongs to the settlement of <settlement name>. The tag reads: "message" Why? Well say you want to breed some good traited bisons: you mate an aged fat bison with an adolescent fat bison and you get a young bison as a result. As long as you have just one pair all is good as you can sepatate the pair from the offsprings. But in order for the offspring to be able to breed you need a second pair. How will you know which offspring came from which pair? Theres no way (unless you make countless pens) to prevent inbreeding once you get more livestock. Same goes for cows (although less important but why not show some love to the bowine driven cart?) and even first gen horses! It might not be very simple to implement, or it is - but it is really sad not to be able to do something as simple as tell which animal is which. My implementation suggestion (the tag) can be replaced with other ideas, but the scope remains the same. Hope you consider this, Best, Thor
  9. Hello there I am locatet at Ravens Bluff, this town is located on Celebration at X24/Y36 For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM Exania, Xanadia or Aarbi ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic. I am breeding Horses,Cattles,Dogs and Bisons.(Husbandary skill 71+) Figthing Horses i only sell in Ravens Bluff:) Armors and Bardings . FO Service Livestock in TDM Livestock in Ravens Bluff