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Found 68 results

  1. Hey, thank you for visiting, and I hope you have a great day! I am located at Raspberry Hill on Cadence. Tile i 18. You can find me on the Highway route. Free delivery to those within 2000 tiles away from my place on Cad. Horses Bison Hell Horses Combat Pets Crates of This and Thats Leather Working Tailoring Fine Carpentry Jewelry
  2. (At the Northern Opening of the Western River Divide) Our Discord Reviews Introduction At Emberwynn Harbor we aim to provide a more personalized experience with Market Trade. We aim to offer a wide variety of items and do so with both a Custom Order function as well as Merchant Sellers found on site. Unlike larger Markets who may produce in bulk and only offer their services based on Supply rather than Request, we're looking forward to working with each and every customer individually with their needs and requests. You are our Top Priority and we aim to make sure that you are not only pleased with your transactions with us and you are rewarded for your repeat business with our Loyalty program. Place an Order on our Discord for Live-Order tracking! Many items can be created upon request. For a complete pricing list Click Here! Loyalty Program Our loyalty program provides 10% Discount to Total Order at entry level as well as other Perks to frequent/regular customers! Due to Merchant behavior we are unable to respect our Loyalty Program perks when Merchant Purchases are made. Merchant purchases are not counted towards our Loyalty Program qualification or rewards. Take advantage of our Loyalty Program by using our Discord to place a custom order request at a Discounted Price and Order Priority. Animals Our animals are born and raised in a free roam paddock and retired at 'Old' from Cart/Transportation labor. We care about our Animals, you can trust that we care about yours too! We will never sell anything with negative traits, guaranteed! We do not deliver animals! (If you've place another order, we can bring animals along in which you wish to purchase. However we do not solely deliver animals) Trait Key: Horses: Bison: Untraited/No Speed-Traits: 1s Speed Trait: +1s (Per Trait) Certain Spark/Unusually Healthy: +10c Self-Serve Stock: Trade-in Recommended: Sunbury Stables - Can't find what you're looking for, or the trip to the West Coast just not feasible? Contact Carla for your East Coast Horse needs.
  3. Oak Hill is temporarily suspending sales of all animals until after the coming update patch on breeding. I will update the site when sales resume. Lyndee Oak Hill Ranch Changes coming soon to Oak Hill Sales Bison Sales area being built and soon to come.... Deer Sales for those wishing to add venison to their menu! I will also be updating this posting with a new look and easier Animal viewing. Keep watching! Now with Self Serve Animal Sales Located On the South side of the deed Located at N17 - West of Harmony Bay Just a short trip up the road on the top of the bluff! Selling Horses and More! All Horses guaranteed to have been born with only good traits, other animals available on limited availability at this time. (Please ask about availability on Bison, Sheep, Cattle, Pigs and Seals) Edited: Delivery may be available at this time, easy highway access required,please ask for further information. Meeting in Harmony Bay for transfer is available. Contact Lyndee or Mumin for further information Prices are as follows: Horses with no traits: FREE!! Free Pen easily accessible at the North East entrance to the deed - right up the road from Harmony Bay HORSES with ---- Any number Normal Traits AND 2 Speed Traits = 10C 3 Speed Traits = 20C 4 Speed Traits = 1 Silver 5 Speed Traits = 2 Silver SPEED TRAITS Fleeter Movement - +10% speed Strong Body - +10kg weight limit. Lightning Movement - +20% speed. Carry More - +20kg weight limit Strong Legs - +10% speed, +10kg weight limit. Other Speed Enhancement = Ebony coloration - +2.5% speed. OTHER TRAITS Fight Fiercely - Higher fighting skill Tough Bugger - Withstands more damage Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer Strong and Healthy - Higher resistance to disease Keen senses - Able to sense when on a water tile Limited Availability Animals: (Please ask about availability if none are listed!) Bison 1 Silver Male or Female Cattle - Sheep 1 Silver for Females/50C for Males Pigs 1.5 Silver for Females/1 Silver for Males Seals 2 Silver Female or Male ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Available Animals Horses - Bison - Cows ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FREE PEN HORSES & MORE (May have neutral or removed negative traits, have 1 or no speed traits) Westflea - Female Venerable Gold Ragesilver - Female Aged Gold ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self Service Pens (Other horses not listed yet may be available - feel free to inquire!) Two Speed P1. Pickventure - Male Aged Skewbald Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P2. Coffeedog - Female Aged Blood Bay Tough Bugger/Lightning Movment/Carry More/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++ P3. Eastcaine - Female Old White Strong Body/Carry More/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/4) P7. Ebonyrun - Male Adolescent Buckskin Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++ P16. Licopper - Female Aged White Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++++ P17. Sweetcloud - Male Aged Blood Bay Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P22. Ironbear - Male Aged Brown Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P25. Hardstark - Male Mature Piebald Pinto Fight Fiercely/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P26. Annaclip - Female Mature Brown Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P30. Strongpick - Male Mature Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P37. Copperclip - Female Aged Black Fleeter Movement/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++++ P41. Raidhunting - Female Aged Black Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P14. Northbrisk - Male Aged Brown Strong Body/Strong Legs/keens Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P4. Coffeethunder - Male Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tpugh Bugger/Lightning Movement/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P42. Sweetvanilla - Female Aged Brown Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P40. Callrun - Male Aged Piebald Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Carry More/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ Three Speed P6. Wingcloud - Male Mature Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++++ P24. Sagecoffee - Female Aged Brown Fight Fiercely/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark +++++++++++++++++++++++ P10. Erikbrisk - Male Aged Gold Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P11. Westcaine - Female Aged White Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P12. Wildcoffee - Male Aged Piebald Fight Fiercely/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ P13. Eddance - Male Old Gold Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P15. Ochowar - Male Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P18. Walkingala - Female Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P19. Sweetsouth - Male Mature Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P23. Westdog - Female Aged Black Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P28. Wingcloud - Male Mature Gold Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Carry More/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P5. Haltballet - Female Aged Gold Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ P32. Kissyahya - Female Adolescent Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P34. Westflea - Female Old Gold Fleeter Movement/Strong Body/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P33. Adara - Female Old Gold Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ P27. Goldhunting - Male Aged Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ++++++++++++++++++++++ P36. Goldli - Female Aged Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P43. Ironpaddy - Male Mature Brown Fight Fiercely/Fleeter Movment/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P45. Westgage - Male Adolescent Piebald Fight Fiercely/Tough Bugger/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy +++++++++++++++++++++ Four Speed P29. Strongnafa - Male Mature Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs ++++++++++++++++++++++ (added 5/6) P31 Honeyflea - Male Old Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More +++++++++++++++++++++ ( added 5/4) P35. Hardwalking - Female Adolescent White Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Carry More/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy ++++++++++++++++++++++ P44. Huntingcloud - Male Aged Gold Fleeter Movement/Tough Bugger/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Carry More/Keen Senses ++++++++++++++++++++++ Five Speed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cows Bulls and Cows are both available for sale on request. If you need some for breeding or pulling just let us know and we will find you what you need among our stock...JUST ASK! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bison Now with 20 breeding pairs, we will have more soon! Check back if none are available! Bison are not Horses, some of the speed traits related to Horses to not count towards speed in Bison. Bison cannot be ridden so "carry weight" speed bonus traits do not affect its pulling power. Suspected speed traits in Bison are only Lightning Movement and Fleeter Movement with the possiblity of including Strong Legs. P38. Garth - Mature Male Fight Fiercely/Strong Body/Lightning Movement/Strong Legs/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark P39 Jordan - Mature Male Tough Bugger/Carry More/Strong Legs/Keen Senses/Strong and Healthy/Certain Spark ( Bison not yet listed may be available - Please inquire on availability) More to come soon Thank you for looking! When on deed, please contact Lyndee or Mumin in local with any questions.
  4. Black Lodge Speed Horses Located in P/Q 18/19 Harmony, will deliver. I will price match. I will deliver and I will throw in free saddles. My prices are so crazy low they should lock me up and throw away the key. Ebony foals coming soon, never over 15s Horses for sale: 5 Speed 4 Speed
  5. Bellevue Horse Market is located in G24 on Cadence in the Northern part of the deed Bellevue Sanctuary. The horse market is self-service. Each pen is locked and labeled with the corresponding key being sold on the merchant nearby. You only need to buy the key to the specific pen in order to access the horse. You can drop the key(s) in the bucket placed by the stalls or the small barrel by the docks after you no longer need it. Our horses will never have any Negative Traits. The ages will vary between Foal stage to Mature. You will need creature cages to transport horses across server borders. You can unload your creature cages at the end of the slate brick dock. The perimeter starts with the slate brick paving and the two horse statues on the dock. We cannot accommodate delivery at this time (unless you are very close to G24 on Cadence). ** Bellevue Sanctuary is connected to the Highway system now! ** Any questions or issues please contact (in-game) Foira or Lilybel ** The dock area and other wings of our market are still under construction, so excuse the mess : ) ** CURRENT STOCK [HORSES] Merchant Seller : Duncan Idaho 1st Wing (Right of entrance, North on compass) Pens # 01 - 16 Restocking . . . SPEED TRAITS OTHER TRAITS
  6. NO negative traits on any animal! (Animal Husbandry skill of 50+) If interested in any animals, you can contact me ingame @Baeowuf or reply here, thanks for looking! Willing to deliver to any coast on any server for 1s, or can be picked up for free at The Lakeside @ K25 Cadence! Delivery via land on Cadence also possible, willing to negotiate on land delivery to other servers. Limit 5 animals per order. NOTE: Only FM, LM, SL traits work while pulling a cart (hitched.) Legend: (Horses/Hell Horses are adult unless marked otherwise) Speed Traits: CM = Carry More - MAJOR bonus to mounted weight limit. FM = Fleeter Movement - MINOR speed boost. LM = Lightning Movement - MAJOR speed boost. SB = Strong Body - Bonus to mounted weight limit. SL = Strong Legs = MINOR speed boost, and bonus to mounted weight limit. NON-Speed Traits: FF = Fights Fiercely - Higher fighting skill. TB = Tough Bugger - Withstands more damage. KS = Keen Senses - Able to sense when on water tile. UH = Unusually Healthy - Higher resistance to disease. CS = Certain Spark - Lives 50% longer than normal. Horses: Traitless: One Speed: Adolescent (foal) Haltecker Male FM -Gold (20c) Young Goldenwing Male CM, KS -Gold (20c) Young Warriorwild Male FM -Gold (20c) Young (foal) Swiftrock Male SB, FF -Gold (20c)) Young (foal) Eaglewing Male LM -Gold (35c) Young (foal) Southgrey Male FF, SB -Gold (20c) Young (foal) Clipsad Male FF, SL, KS, UH -Gold (20c) Non-speed: Hell Horses: (Please note you do NOT have to tame hell horses to lead, breed, or hitch them. HOWEVER: They will become unhitchable at last stage of Aged.) CAUTION: They bite, but the are MUCH faster than regular horses. Traitless: Aged Hell Horse Male -Ash (20c) Non-speed: Young (foal) Raidpaddy Male FF -Ash (30c) Adolescent (foal) Billyebony Male UH -Ash (30c) Bison: Traitless/Non-hitched speed traits: Non-speed: One Speed: Young bison Male FM, SB, KS, CS (80c) Young bison Male FM, CM, UH (80c) Adolescent bison Male TB, LM, CM (80c) Mature bison Male SL, CS (80c)
  7. Emberwynn Harbor & Stables Harmony G9/G10 We currently have 8 Horses and Bison on deed that we're just giving away! There's not a Bad-Trait on the lot and many come with a single Speed Trait! We have both Males and Females ripe for the taking. A wide variety of colors to choose from too! Grey, White, Brown, Gold, Black and even a few Pinto and Bloods are up for grabs! While we do not offer Delivery on our Horses, you're welcome to come by Emberwynn Harbor and take as many from our Free-Lot as you please! There's no limit to how many you walk off Deed with! Supplies are limited though so it's a first-come first-serve deal, there will be no reservations made, no exceptions! You can find our Free to Walk horses located at the South-Eastern section of the deed behind a wooden fence. Feel free to come on over and have a look! Check out our other details here:
  8. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team. Current Observations: It seems as though 90% of the Wurm Population will use standard Horses for the majority if not all of their needs. Those who choose to use an alternative method typically choose Hell Horses as their main mode of transportation whether it's by Horse-Back or Cart/Transport pulling. Bison seem to receive very little love when it comes to much of anything! Bison are unable to be equipped with any sort of equipment and because Horses are more popular they are rarely Bred for their Traits, making them equally hard to obtain for those of us who do prefer to use a Bison for one reason or another. What I propose: Expand the Bonus a Bison receives from pulling a load to other "Large Transports" from just the wagon to also include Ship Transporter, perhaps even the Large Cart too. Bison are huge, durable beasts and should be able to pull larger loads much easier than a Horse or Hell-horse for that matter. Grant Bison other Colors Many new Horse Colors were added, making collecting all of the different coats an achievement for many Horse Breeders. Everyone appears to have their preferred Horse Coat and prefers to obtain that particular coat when obtaining a Horse for themselves Providing Bison alternative colors such as White, Black, Deep Brown, Light Brown, Grey, etc; would give Bison a variety and help add to their appeal Allow Bison to be equipped with even basic equipment Horse Shoes don't make a whole lot of sense on a Bison Bridles would be just as helpful on a Bison as they are for a Horse or Hell-horse. Bison are the only original intended Transportation Creature that cannot use a Bridle. (We're not counting the Bull here only because they are still "a cow") Give the Large Saddle a purpose again! Allow us to put a Large Saddle on the Bison! Allow us to ride Bison I was surprised to learn that Bison could in-fact not be ridden, they aren't even an option no matter what your Body Control is! I believe this also makes Bison less appealing to many players as Horses (of any kind) are a Swiss-army-knife of the Wurm World's transportation. Why have a Bison when your Horse can do everything a Bison can and then some? Conclusion: Bison were a wonderful addition and a great idea to be paired with the Wagon of course! Currently the Wagon bonus is barely enough reason to make them a viable option and as is hardly worth obtaining for that purpose alone. I feel our "Fluffy Cows" need some serious love to make them a viable option and a loved and welcome member to any Deed. Even half of these proposed suggestions I feel would allow the Bison to "claim more real estate" on Deeds and in our daily lives than they do now. We have a member of our Deed who has been playing Wurm with us for many years now and he loves his "Fluffy Cows". We are all saddened to see that he is only able to use them on his Cart and not able to be excited as the rest of us are when a new color appears in our Herd, his Bison just don't have that to offer him. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team.
  9. Self Service Horses, Hellies and Bison Available 24 hours, just buy the key from the Merchant and lead off your new horse. Directions below. No stock at the moment - taking a little break from chores Pens have a sign at the back with the number, the keys on the merchant have the pen number and the name. I am located a little East of Linton (map grid L12): Coming from Linton follow the Waystone a little North of Linton through tunnel and the horse pens are at the end of the sandstone road on the left. If coming by ship come to the North West of Hammer Lake and take the canal shown as blue line up to a dock where you can load/unload, the horse pens are just up the ramp from the dock to the West. I can also summon if you catch me online. The settlement token is East side of the deed, go down the gravel road turn East over the bridge and it's in front of you. Pricing is based on colour, single name, and spark as a preferred trait along with 5 speeds.
  10. Auction starts at 50s and bid increments of 5s - will run for 14 days or will sell outright for 1.5g Deed on Harmony Memento Mori located at F15 - water access at posting 66 days upkeep Deed size is 61 x 40 Level 43 guard tower on property Large Magical Chest included 2 clay patches on deed Mines: 19 Iron veins 2 Copper veins -Average 1 Lead Vein - Normal 1 Silver Vein - Utmost Animals: Bison - at posting most females are pregnant (many with speed traits) 26 male 25 Female Wild Horses - at posting most females are pregnant 20 Grey - Female 1 Gold - Male 1 Gold - Female 1 White - Male 1 Brown - Male 1 Brown - Female 1 Black - Male 1 Black - Female 1 Gold Buckskin - Female Named Horses at posting most females are pregnant (many with speed traits) 5 white 2 Piebald 19 Grey 1 Gold Buckskin 5 Gold 1 Chestnut 9 Brown 5 Black Property also: comes with 2 wagons, 4 large carts, 5x5 building, 2 larders, 5 forges, 2 ovens, ship transporter, unfinished corbita, 3 rowboats, 1 active beehive also included: 600 cotton meats herbs vegetables leathers
  11. As much as I enjoy Enki's re-naming of animals - this one seems to have miscarried somehow: A bunch of bison, renamed as Rudolphs, is stuck on Exodus - they don't move, cannot be lead or attacked. Bison are in short supply and it would be good if this lot could be "released". http://
  12. I have a selection of 5 speed horses and foals, hell horses and foals, and bison for sale. All animals are clean, no non-speed traits. Bison 40c ea. Nightshade, Shadow and Molten - 1s ea. Cinder, Ash, Envious - 50c ea. Ebony Black, Blood Bay and Piebald Pinto - 50c ea. Black, Brown, Grey, White, Gold - 25c ea. Skewbald Pinto Females 1.5s each. Appaloosa, Chestnut and Silver Black soon(tm). I am located in the Crystal Canal, Independence Server. Free Delivery available to coastal areas for orders over 2s. Gems under 30ql accepted for payment 50i/ql, under 10ql 1c/ql
  13. I am located at Lorien near Tap Dance Market on Cel 20 c each 5 speed Horse in normal colors 50c for new colors 3-4 speeds 1s for 5 speed new colors more pens and some more colors will come soon xD self service pens Traits: FF - It will fight fiercely. Higher fighting skill FM - It has fleeter movement than normal. Minor speed boost TB - It is a tough bugger Withstands more damage SB - It has a strong body Bonus to maintaining top speed LM - It has lightning movement Randomly increases speed for a short duration CM - It can carry more than average Less penalty to speed due to high load SL - It has very strong leg muscles Less penalty to speed due to slope KS - It has keen senses Able to sense when on a water tile UH - It looks unusually strong and healthy Has a higher resistance to disease CS - It has a certain spark in its eyes Lives 50% longer than normal Name Father Mother Traits Gender Age Color Comments Heartwarrior Earsecker 'M Tammyhappy FF,FM,SB,LM,CM,SL male Aged Piebald pinto 15c Bloodchaser Hardcoffee 'M Tahugolden 'F FM,TB,SB,LM,CM,SL,SH male Mature White 15c Northwarrior Ragekiss Idamountain 'F FM,TB,SB,LM,CM,SL male Mature Piebald pinto 15c Dancecoffee Swiftwild 'M horse 'Exxie' FM,SB,LM,CM,SL male AdolescentFoal Gold 20c Clipswift horse 'Ayaan M Eckerpie 'F FM,SB,LM,CM,SL female AdolescentFoal Brown 20c Eckerbaron Pienotch horse 'Exxie' FM,SB,LM,SL,CS male YoungFoal Skewbald pinto 50c 50c Kiakiss Northeast Idaosio TB,LM,CM,SL female YoungFoal Appaloosa 50c 1 Privat merchant contracts 6,5s (only Pickup) 9 Sleep Powders 90c each
  14. Just throwing a wish out there, well aware that a lot of the player base is more apt to upvote functional stuff and downvote this. But the artsy people is a player base as well and we like our "decorating" options - including animals So with the ridiculous animal colorations being gone, can we ask for something a little more realistic to spice up some pretty lame, tame, but actually useful animals? 1. Extra colors for cows - Let them behave like horse colors? Ie. special colors is a chance thing when you breed the wild ones - and is likely to pass on to offspring. Just throw in a "Fjällko" and a "Jersey" and I would be more than happy. () 2. White bisons - Only on animals bred in captivity - maybe let it have a small chance to appear only on "x amount of traits" animals or something to make it even rarer? Ie. only 5 traited animals have a chance to create this color to start with - but it should be hereditary like with horse colors once it shows up. With bisons now pulling the wagons - I think this would be most awesome.
  15. Since a tractor is too advanced for the tech of the Wurm, could we have a animal plow to tend the fields in the farm? Horse plow, Bull plow and so on. E.g.: You just have to lead the horse with the tool behind it or you can push the tool behind the animal (or animals).
  16. So I think I 'discovered' a bug (that I think someone semi-directly warned me about, but didn't tell me what the bug was about). I'd be logging in after waiting for Sol to rise, and groom my bison. Since they're 5-speed (and I make sure they're well fed), I expect them to go their top speed of 18.73km/h. Instead, I'm seeing 13.67km/h (much like hitched wild animals would do). This seems to last for up to (guesstimating) 30 seconds to a minute, then suddenly they're back at 18.73km/h. This even happens when loading certain things into the wagon. Just asking, if this is a known bug. And if it is, is there a way to work around it?
  17. Sale of 50x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Cow Sheep and Bison milk, for sale as 1 lot 26x barrels Sheep Milk 10x barrels Cow Milk 14x barrels Bison Milk Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message me, Muse in game If you need a different quantity - just ask!
  18. Looking to buy 1~2 pairs of bison on Deliverance, will pickup. Open to offers.
  19. Lothlorien Meadows Stables = Under New Management = 4 and 5 Speed Horses of All types for Sale new colors (piebald, blood bay, and ebony black) included 5 speed hell horses for breeding Prices 5sp horses old colors - 35c 5sp hell horse for breeding - 75c 3sp blood bay, pie or ebony - 50c 4sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 95c 5sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 1.25s FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE Contact belacane / dindrane / herzeloyde / sarai in game OR VISIT OUR 24/7 SELF SERVE PENS Located at F22 on Independence @ Lothlorien Meadows Just purchase a key at the trader to for your desired horse. Then retrieve your horse and place they key in the large chest next to the trader. Also available at the merchant Yule Goats - 1s/ea Snow Lanterns - 1s/ea MR banners - 50c/ea Various skiller tools Thank you for your business!
  20. Last edited 2015-08-25 Major revamp - merging this deed with our other deed, Lothlorien Meadows. Self service pens are out of order but we still have stock to sell - just PM Seancarl in game for assistance. Welcome! We are located at Lothlorien Meadows, at 49x, 13y. Everything here is 5 speed (usually with added bonus trait) Cows, bisons, horses, hell horses 5 speed horses: Females - 50c Males - 40c 5 speed bison: (will pull a wagon at around 18km/h on flat ground without gear) 4 bison - 2silver (2 males + 2 females) 5 speed hellhorses: Any gender - 1silver 5 speed cattle: one pair (cow+bull) - 40c
  21. Sale of 48x full sealed cedar 45kg barrels of 100ql Cow Sheep and Bison milk, for sale as 1 lot 29x barrels Sheep Milk 11x barrels Cow Milk 8x barrels Bison Milk Buyer to pick up from Southport U18 Deli at a time to be arranged, or barrels can be mailed at 10c extra per barrel. PM offers please, or message me, Muse in game If you need a different quantity - just ask! [SOLD early 09/03/18 please CLOSE]
  22. Bison permissions are incorrect. In the animal permissions dialog, there is a Can Ride tick box instead of a Can Lead tick box. When I selected this box for a young male bison I get this: [18:27:25] You Changed Name, Added Allies(+Can Ride, +Manage Equipment), Citizens(+Can Ride, +Manage Equipment) So far I haven't managed to ride it.
  23. I like that bison have a speed bonus for wagons. It makes the game more interesting if there are different optimal mounts for different things. Unfortunately, the speed bonus isn't enough to make bison on wagons faster than well equipped horses and hell horses, which makes the wagon speed bonus a bit pointless. I suggest we either allow bison to be equipped with horse shoes and saddles, or increase their wagon speed bonus so that they're better on wagons than equipped horses and hell horses. If none of this is going to be done, the speed bonus may as well be removed, as it's a little pointless otherwise.
  24. Astoria Mercantile Animals Type Special Features Price (each) Price (Breeding pair) Price (any set of 4) Chickens/Roosters Provides eggs for cooking 5c Pigs 10c Sheep White Provides milk and wool 20c Black Provides milk and wool 25c Seals 25c Crabs Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Tortoises Hostile, rare to find in wild 50c Bison – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Faster wagon pulling 50c 90c 1.8s Cows/Bulls – 5 speed 8 trait Provides Milk, Ridable 25c 40c 80c Hell Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Hostile, Ridable Horses – 5 speed 8 trait Original Colors Ridable 50c 90c 1.8s New Colors Ridable 75c 1.4s 3.8s Unicorns – 5 speed 8 trait Ridable, 2 Seater 1.5s 2.75s 5.5s Fierce Ridable, 2 Seater 1.75s 3.25s 6.5s Champion Ridable, 2 Seater 2s 3.75s 7.5s Dogs Champion Endangered 1s Deer Champion Endangered 1s Cats Champion Hostile 1s *Extra traits: Tough Bugger – Withstands more damage Fight Fiercely – Does more damage Keen Senses – Sense danger in water (unconfirmed) Strong and Healthy – Higher Resistance to Disease Certain Spark – Lives 50% longer All Crops 1s/1k Crops Quality Amount Available Barley 93.03 7,134 Cabbage 92.75 6,038 Carrot 93.30 7,630 Corn 91.99 4,751 Cotton 90.84 3,996 Cucumber 93.10 5,346 Garlic 91.37 4,934 Lettuce 92.48 5,117 Oat 84.17 5,326 Onion 91.13 5,158 Pea pod 92.40 5,073 Potato 92.85 5,395 Pumpkin 92.84 5,284 Rice 92.69 1,042 Rye 93.02 6,186 Strawberry 93.41 4,769 Sugar beet 92.17 4,893 Tomato 92.86 5,345 Wemp plants 92.87 6,347 Wheat 92.46 6,866 *** Delivery only available on Deliverance *** *** All Mailable items require standard COD costs *** *** Any Items not listed may be available upon Request ***
  25. WTS Bisons contact me for speed and price WTS 5 speed Horses (20c each for old colors 40c each for new colors) GREY BROWN BLOODBAY JET BLACK PINTO no pinto atm