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Found 4 results

  1. It'd be great to have some more tameable birds in Wurm! I'd particularly love to see the following: Phoenixes Lair Sunstone, appears high on mountains, tame phoenixes have the chance to randomly heal minor wounds Flamingos Lair Flamingo Hideout, feathers make hats Doves Lair Dove Perch, tame doves can carry small items to players like a mailbox, without charge but light things only. I'd particularly love to see them carry and deliver sleep powder. Ducks Lair Duck Pond (appear in water) Swans Lair Swan Lake (appear in water) It would be great if these birds could fly, but it the programming would be difficult to that, earthbound like pheasants and chickens would be great too. If they can fly, anyone keeping them as pets would need to keep them in a house with a roof rather than just a fence pen to stop them flying away. For breeding, you can breed them by taming and leading like any other animal, but if the breeding is successful, an egg is produced immediately, that can be examined and seen to hatch in 6 days, etc.
  2. I do not know if this has not already been posted or are already features of the game. I thought it would be nice if it were as real to the birds flying in different heights depending on what will be going for the weather, for example, when the weather will be bad so they fly right low and vice versa when the weather is nice.
  3. This is suggestion list of creatures that would bring a new experience to the game. As you can see these creatures can lead to more crafting, farming, and provide even pvp fun. In addition I also suggested these creatures traits, spawning area's, and ect. for us to be able to indulge in our imaginations a little. Military Macaw or some type of a Macaw (Spawns in Forest)(Strength approx of large rat?) (Produces Small weight of meat and colored feathers) (Can be Tamed) (Non Aggressive) (Reasons + could lead to: a bird cage, pet retrieving small items, messenger birds, decorative feathers, first actual flying birds besides spirits) Emu or Ostrich (Spawns in Steppe or grass area's)(Approx strength of a wolf) (Can be tamed) (Can mate) (Aggressive Creature) (Produces eggs while living, butchering = large weight of meat, fat, leather, claws for alchemy) (Reasons: Egg for different meal type, Another type of farm animal, another avian type of animal) Polar bear (Spawns in tundra and grass lands?) (Slightly stronger then crocodile) (Produces large weight of fur and meat, also claws and teeth for alchemy) (Can be tamed but hard to tame) (Mountable) (Aggressive Creature) (Reasons: Allows for a different fur type, adds to variety of bears, useful as a pvp pet due to strength) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Cave Lion (Spawns in forest, steppe, marsh lands and mines)(Approx same strength as Hyena) (Produces meat, teeth of alchemy, fat, and fur) (Can not be tamed to aggressive) (Not Mountable) (Aggressive creature) (Reasons: More cats , dedicated to spawning in mines and marsh lands, produces different fur type) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Poison dart frog (Spawns in forest and marsh)(smaller in size but strength of a chicken) (Can not be tame) (Produces Poison, and frog legs for alchemy) (Can not mount) (Not aggressive) (Reasons: New type of creature, can come in variety of colors, good for pvp due to poison) (Could Lead to: blow dart weapon, poison tip spears, poison tip arrows, pet container for small animals) More Animal Barding types: Type: Leather and cloth Animal types: Bears, Bulls, and Bison (Reasons: Another item for crafting, provides protection of animals that could be used in pvp events) (Could also lead to: Different type of bridles and saddles for Bears, Bulls, and Bison) Please support if you like any of these creature ideas, I love to see one or two of them make the game! Kind Regards, Kernel Leonessar The Ubuntu Guy! P.S. Excuse my grammar and spelling please! XD
  4. With the recent mention of bird cages I thought it would be nice if we could go a step further - Aviaries. My deed is near the steppe and there are plenty of hawks flying around and I can hear owls in the forest. But at the moment they are merely scenery. How about making them collectible animals such as the cows and horses? We would of course need to be able to keep them somewhere and that's where the aviary would come in. They would have their own skill lines of course. They could produce feathers to use in arrow fletching or down creation, even blankets or clothing perhaps. What do you think?