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Found 7 results

  1. Got bored decided to make a Xanadu size map, liked the look, figured I would release it to the public. Created in World Machine. Includes all image files, and actions file. Download Link
  2. Biggest map I have made to date. Probably best to have a decent server to run this beast. If not expect lag, much lag. Comparing with Xanadu superimposed Download
  3. I wear curved shoulder pads because they are (usually) quite neat and small, but just today I noticed they are somewhat out-sized (left picture normal, right picture 80's style)
  4. Looking to buy 10g looking to buy 1g or more at a time pm Myself or @Rudie
  5. Anyone watching BB16 in the States? I don't know why but i am really into this years big brother so many things going on idk it just pulled me in more than previous years, lol
  6. Hello I am selling my old deed called Montcastra. Its located at x32 y15 on Release. Its 23x41 and has no additional perimeter. Two guards are hired, less than a month upkeep ist left (see pictures below) On the deed are a few unfinished house (townhall just needs last floor, a church with only the firstfloor built... ). The "downtown" is nearly complete fenced (just some tall walls are missing where a unfinished house used to be). Sadly there is only a gold vein ondeed but zinc, copper, iron, lead, silver and more gold is close. pen/farm (horses are most likely not included) View from the upper part of Montcastra View from north Village info (further informations can be provide via PM) The deed is coming with all the writs and some additional bulk stuff but not much. Selling it for just 10s as the structures have minor damage on it Higher offers are kindly accepted.
  7. HURRAY FOR PROJECTS! The plan... Level all the dirtBuild the palisades at the perimetermine down the mountain facebuild stone walls on inner perimeterBuild castle on leveled mountain facePROFIT This deed is a friend of mine's, and I agreed to move in and help. Skills skills skills. And where the tunnel is up there is right before where the deed ends. -UPDATE 5/17/2013- I have decided that the perimeter thing will go, this is what i have so far. going to to the outside in all stone walls and the dip to the right in the stone walls I am going to make a completely seperate section off deed for my taming animals and such. Only way to access it will be through the deed itself though.