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Found 1 result

  1. “There are basically two kinds of people in this world. The living people, and the dead people. So what the hell is that?” - Sir Wheatley at the abandoned village of Trese Save the date! Today we are nearing the very end of the wait until the launch of the major update, including the valrei overhaul, epic skill system, transfers, wagoner, and a few more things! What are they? You'll just have to wait and see… On November 2nd That’s right, we’re getting ready for the major launch next week and it is going to be huge, incase you've missed anything coming we have Two new skills - Archaeology and Restoration Really cool wagoners Overhaul of the Valrei system Launching of the new Epic skill system Lots of tweaks, balances and fixes More Additions and Surprises you’ll have to wait and see, K?. That's not all though, there's a ton of minor changes, fixes, and balances coming out with the update too, and we'll be including all of those on the launch of the patch notes. Premium adjustments One thing we'll be introducing with this update is a few new options to premium purchases ingame. First time premium cost Ingame for new players Currently, purchasing premium from the shop or ingame gives the same bonuses, with a referral and 2 silvers cash back for your first time purchase. We’ll be adjusting this system so that if your first purchase of premium is from in-game it will only cost a total of 2 silvers, however you will not receive any of the referral or cash back bonuses. This means that the initial hurdle of earning first time premium is reduced drastically, and while they don't get the referral and 2 silvers, they can earn future coins as a premium player, as opposed to needing to earn 10 silvers as a non premium. Purchasing first time premium from the shop will still give the referral and 2 silvers back, along with the usual sleep powders. Please note - This only applies to your first time purchase, if you purchase your first time premium from a token you cannot get a referral when purchasing from the shop later. 15 day premium option We'll also be introducing an option to purchase 15 days of premium from a token for 5 silver. Meaning if you don't have the full month to play, or cannot find a referral, you can still buy in small increments! We hope these make it a bit more flexible for both starting out and paying your way ingame. Valrei showdown So with the addition of the new valrei system, fights between gods will be a lot more interesting! When gods meet, they will duke it out in a smaller board, and you can review old fights to see how they went! This was taken prior to the removal of the player gods from the board, so ignore nathan, he did not fare well in the fight. Libila is quite the powerhouse, with strong range and spell abilities, though a little weak in melee, the other gods all have their strengths and weaknesses too Community Content This weeks community content is the Summerholt Fall Festival! The NEXA alliance has been hard at work preparing for an awesome festival, with games and competitions, and of course, imping! One competition is already underway (an awesome idea might I add) and may be filled at the time of posting this, but that doesn't mean there's not lots more to do, including a horse race, musical chairs, and more! The event runs from the 10th of November until the 12th and you can check out the full details here: We'll be busy this week as we get it all in order, and we're definitely as excited as you all are (maybe even more so!). I know you're all keen to get your hands on these changes, but until November 2nd, you'll just have to keep on Wurming! Oh, and have a spooky halloween! Retrograde & the Wurm team