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Found 26 results

  1. Hello Wurmians! Welcome to our shop for all your caffeinated and alcoholic beverages! We offer beer, wine, cider, vodka, whiskey, moonshine, mead, oil and juice. Founded in 1101 Manufactured in Delucia Harmony S18 Coffeine Drinks Kahvesi: 98 QL small Barrel 45L 1s / jug 10L 55c / jar 2L 30c Alcoholic Drinks in Stock Moonshine 8x small barrel's 95QL 1,5s each Vodka 7x small barrel's 88QL 1s each Whisky 9x small barrel´s 92QL 1s each Beer: 4x small barrel`s 89QL 60c each Met 5x small barrel's 64QL/75QL/76QL each 50c Redwine: Year 1101 1x small barrel's 2s Year 1102 1x small barrel's 1,5s Year 1103 8x small barrel's 1s each Year 1104 13x small barrel's 80c each Year 1107 5x 60c each Year 1111 1x 50c each Whitewine: Year 1102 2x small barrel's 1,5s each Juice in Stock 2x cherry juice 97QL 2s each 1x lingonberry juice 85QL 2s each 2x lemon juice 98QL 2s each 2x apple juice 98QL 2s each 2x orange juice je 98QL 2s each 4x green grape juice 82ql 1s each 2x blue grape juoce 95ql 1s each 5x maple syrup 73QL 1s each oil in Stock Oliveoil over 90ql available 0x 96ql Olive oil 5s each Cookingoil 1X walnut oil 95ql 2s each Cider 1xCider 25QL 50c 1xCider Vinegar 89QL 1s 2x Honey Vinegar 84QL/77QL 1s each Honey 50ql+ 50c each barrel Caffein info · Caffeine will give you an increased skillgain while using sleep bonus, the higher the power of the drink the more sleep bonus you will use. · A 1g sip of caffeine drink everyday in the first 10min after first login per server day, you will get 10min extra sleep bonus. · When using caffeine and sleepbonus it will reduce your fatigue (chat command: /fatigue) · Caffeine helps you to sober up on alcohol Alcohol info · It increases item creation difficulty, benefits the skillgain · It refills stamina during heavy duty work like swimming, climbing, digging and mining · It increases cooking difficulty · It increases combat rating bonus · You can earn the title “Drunkard” at a certain point of alcohol intoxication As this is an alliance shop and operated by two players, we can offer you a full range of finished grade caffeine and alcoholic drinks. You can PM Robboeny or Felicitas in game or just reply to this topic. All drinks will be send by COD samllbarrel 10c / jar 2c. Something is not listed? Or do you have a special request? Don't be afraid to ask! Have a nice wurming Day your RobBoeny My recommendations: Kupferlisas Pottery Mandalors high QL Leather-, cloth-, shield- and Blacksmith Achillis wappen 99QL+ und tools 99QL+ “Howling Eagle Brewery” – For all your caffeine & alcoholic drinks Archäologi - StatueFrags/Shafts/Tenons/Pegs/Masks
  2. The last beverage guide is over 5 years old, if we can compile everything here about beverages I would be willing to write up a comprehensive guide. Have we found better grinding methods than 45 bowls in an oven with .5 herbs and water? Does anyone have tips and tricks? Any information the wiki is missing?
  3. Hi Wurmians! Welcome to “Howling Eagle Brewery” Your supplier for all your coffee, tea & alcoholic beverages! We are a starting bussiness, so the ql will increase over time. How to order: 1. Send your request via this thread or by forum DM or in-game to Radulfus 2. Order a beverage that is in stock, if not in stock I’ll check if I can make it for you. 3. I’ll send your drink by COD, just taste and tell me what affinity you get. 4. Enjoy your drink and hopefully a usefull affinity! Established in the year 1105 All drinks will be send by COD Current skill level 82+ Recommendations: Kupferlisa's Pottery and more Shop Mandalor`s House of Armour - All Armour Types and Shields available in premium 95+QL /Blacksmithing 97+ Achillis Weapons 98QL+ Tools 99QL+ Jewlery 90QL and up to 90QL Bowyery Wurmian Vintage & Antique Market - Archaeology Specialist If you wish highest ql beverages, I recommend Robboeny’s “Southern Shore Brews” Info about the extra effects of the drinks: Caffeine info Alcohol info Current stock (updated: 29-01-2023): Caffeine drinks Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) White tea 10c 30c 80c on request Yellow tea 10c 30c 80c on request Green tea 10c 30c 80c on request Oolong tea 10c 30c 80c on request Black tea 10c 30c 80c on request Black coffee 10c 30c 80c on request Black coffee 25c 52 2 Café au lait (on request) 20c 40c 90c on request Kahvesi 20c 40c 90c on request Beer Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) Ale 10c 40-64 18 Pale ale 10c 45-54 2 Brown ale 10c 45-54 2 Pilsener 10c 66 1 Stout 10c 67 1 Beer 20c 60-70 8 Liquor & spirits Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) mead (year 1105) 40c 50-54 1 cider (year 1103) 5c 15-19 1 cider (year 1105) 40c 50-54 1 mead (year 1114) 50c 65-69 11 mead (year 1114) 60c 70-74 1 Wine Price per jar (2kg) Price per meas. jug (10kg) Price/ small barrel (45kg) ql In stock (small barrels) red wine (year unknown) 1s 85-89 1 red wine (year unknown) 1s 80-84 3 Caffeine info Alcohol info
  4. I aspire to get 100 in beverages. A lofty goal, I know. But I'm looking for tips to obtain this goal. Edit: I realize now this post should have gone in Community Assistance, my bad.
  5. A number of people now are arranging copper stills in 'rosettes' or other patterns on their deed to take up less space. When it comes to refuelling them, it's sometimes difficult to know if each one is lit or not, and which need refuelling. Perhaps the name of each still could show the word (lit) in brackets after it when lit, and (low) when fuel is needed? I only have one still, but this would really help me too as I don't have the fire graphics activated in my client. Happy to hear input from others that have rosettes of stills - would (low) make it easier to see which stills need fuel? Would (lit) and (low) be useful on forges and ovens, kilns and smelters etc? (I'm thinking especially at impalongs!) Thanks Team Examples: Copper Still (lit) - currently lit Copper Still (low) - needs fuel Forge (low) - needs refuelling
  6. Welcome to my Coffee Shop, I'll let you taste what I got, Go 'head now don't you stop, Keep sipping 'til it hits the spot Kahvesi is currently the most caffeinated drink and will give you 20 power per 0.20kg sip. Your hands will be shaking after a mere 5 sips and you will receive the full benefits of 100 power caffeine effects! Kahvesi gives the most bang for your buck, so this is my focus for now. Currently serving up Kahvesi On the menu for delivery now - just PM me! 92+QL (56+ min timer) 2kg jar (1c COD) - 20c 10kg Measuring Jug (2c COD) - 40c 45kg Small Barrel (10c COD) - 1s COD - Postage paid by buyer - container is yours to keep. 98+QL (58+ min timer) made to order 45kg Small Barrel (10c COD) - 2.5s COD - Postage paid by buyer - container is yours to keep. Basic overview of caffeine effects/advantages (currently): Extra Sleep Bonus daily! 0.20kg sip of coffee within 10min of first login per server day gives you 10mins extra sleep bonus. Increases skill gain 300% while 100 power caffeinated using SB (SB gives you 200% without caffeine buff) Sobers you up fast from alcohol effects One 0.20kg sip of kahvesi (currently most caffeinated beverage) gives you 20power, 1kg/5 sips will get you to 100 power. You will stay caffeinated for the amount of time listed above (directly correlated to quality). To keep the effect active, you must drink again before the timer runs out or your caffeination will decay and require more sips to boost back to 100 power. At 100 power caffeine: 2x sleep bonus usage rate while boosting skillgain. Caffeine skillgain provides 2x the benefit of sleep bonus at 100% caffeine (300% skillgain total). It doesn't effect some skills such as faith, meditation, lockpicking, and shield bashing. 4x Alcohol decay rate. (sobers you up fast!) Restlessness develops up to 5 hours maximum (only develops while SB is active) before caffeine become ineffective. Restlessness Breakdown: Upon reaching 5 hours, caffeine will stop providing its extra skillgain and sleep bonus drain. When logged out regardless of bed, restlessness is reduced at the same rate that sleep bonus is gained. Sleeping in beds does not affect how restlessness reduction performs. Restlessness and Alcohol Decay Rate can be found in the Spell Effects window. If you are a casual player (like me), caffeine will make your limited grind time much more rewarding and allow you to progress through some of the more tedious skills needed to have some real fun! Great for skilling things with limited materials, such as restoration, farming, nat subs, channeling, cooking, panfilling, skilling alts and priests etc. as these won't eat up your SB and gain restlessness as quickly as other things. Grind focused players can still benefit from caffeine use in some specific skills as well. Skilled Actions Need bulk quantities of high quality juices or oils? You provide the fruits (quality of fruit will effect the max output quality), and I will squish them into high quality juices. You can either send crates/barrels/amphoras/whatever via wagoner, sail to me, or I can come to you depending on your location (I'm in S11). If you want to run a test, you can mail a couple fruits and I will juice and return. 1s per 500 actions (1 fruit pressed = 1 action produces .27kg juice) Coming soon: Teas & Other Coffee Brews - if there is something specific you want, just let me know! I have the supplies to make small barrels worth of most caffeinated beverages in high qualities.
  7. Hi, looking for information about brewing and beverage making for affinities. I know there’s a lot accounting for meals but would love to get my hands on info on making affinity booze and teas. Let me start off with the things I know: Aging Wine and Alcohol: Oak barrels give a small boost to aging distilled alcohol and wine. Being on deed, underground inside a building gives a major boost to aging distilled alcohol and wine. Changes to end Affinity: Rare stills add +1 to the affinity of alcohol made inside them. Green grape juice adds +13 to a recipe for affinites. Salty Water adds +16 where as water adds +6 for affinities Pre-fermentation Alcohol affinities follow normal cooking rules for affinities When adding ingredients the amount of water doesn't change the affinity but each other ingredient extra does. When filling a container with several different batches of gin, It always takes the affinity of whatever was inside the container first. I assume it works this way for all drinks but have not tested beyond alcohol. Rare barrels do not affect fermentation end affinity. Beers, ales and the like have a set affinity each one gives.
  8. So in the process of making alcohol in real life most beer comes from a process called Malting which ferments grains before being used to make beer. What I suggest is that Wurm take up this process in addition to it's current recipes and here is how it might work: You would add in the item to be malted. Common ingredients to be malted would include: Barley, Rye, Oat, Wheat Pumpkin, Corn, Potato, Rice Any Starchy Veggie. Depending on the ingredient it could be treated in one of several ways to produce one of three new kinds of malt, for our examples we'll use grain but that could be replaced by any of the items listed above. Base malt. - Would appear as 'Grain, base malt' - Made by using normal ingredients as themselves. Fermented in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 with water for about 3 ingame days. Caramel Malt - 'Grain, Caramel Malt' These Malts are created by the same process as above but also including sugar in the barrel. Crystal Malt - 'Grain, Crystal Malt' Crystal Malts are created in a similar process as above, These are roasted wet with a 2 - 1 ratio of malt to water before being sealed in a barrel to ferment. Toasted Malt - 'Grain, Toasted Malt' Using unfermented malt in a baking stone to 'dry' them before fermenting them in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. Roasted Malt - 'Grain, Roasted Malt' Made by first roasting the unfermented malts in a roasting dish dry then fermenting in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. The process to make one of these unfermented malts would be as follows: Player would activate press or fruit press and 'crush' the item to be malted. This powder or Unfermented Malt would be used in the next step of the brewing process. Once malted, you would begin the process of making beer. First by mashing your chosen Malt, then boiling it with sugar and water to create the intermediary type of alcohol to be fermented in the normal way. Assuming we only use the 8 directly listed ingredients, and each malt could be made from any of those ingredients it gives a possibility for about 800 different affinity possibilities using the 20 known kinds of wood scrap. - This is if we assume only the existing system. I would suggest that beverages be slightly different. It's all about brewing after all. My system is as follows. There would be 8 new recipes, Lager, Ale, Stout, Porter, Pilsner, Bitter, Beer and Sour. The ingredients chosen from among the malts, would look something like this: Cooker: Oven Container: Cauldron, Sauce Pan Must have: Malt (any of the malt types) (one or more) Sugar (one or more) Herb ( Exactly one ) (this would determine which recipe is produced.) Optional (zero or one) Fruit (zero or one) Berry (zero or one) (This would give an added affinity list possibility but is not necessary) Finally, when the recipe has 'cooked' into it's unfermented alcohol, it's color will be determined based on which malt had the most influence on it. So you could get: Pale, black, brown, blonde, golden, clear... (for example) It would need to be sealed in a barrel for 3-5 days with a woodscrap. I really wish the booze remembered the ingredients through fermenting to the affinity wasn't tied to the woodscrap used but there are so many possibilities. Why this suggestion? The problem with the current beverages alcohol system is that the final product lacks any complexity in it's recipes with the exception of moonshine. The end result is that no matter how good or bad you may be at the skill, you're limited to how useful the beverage is because the timers just don't go above 1-2 hours maximum. I feel this is a way to begin fixing that problem by adding in complexity to the recipes without needing to rework the entire system. Please, give me your honest thoughts and opinions towards this idea. What do you like, what doesn't make sense, what seems broken. Would you start doing beverages skill if it was implemented? Thanks for reading.
  9. There is so much missing from this profession to make it used by the people that it needs improvement, these are my ideas and additional ideas by Eleraan please if you have any more great ideas to tag into this as well let me know! New items: Glass (made with sand and ash mixture when both are glowing) Pliers, Scissors Spatula and Pelt, for improvement tools. (would use metallurgy for it's skill) Small Glass Bottle - 2kg Variant of the jar. Large Glass Bottle 10kg Larger version of the flask. Wooden Tankard - 2 planks, 1 small nails, 1 ribbon 1kg Yeast made from mushrooms, fruit and berries, (and potatos) used in tandem with herbs and woodscrap to increase the complexity of a fermenting beverage changing it's affinity and timer. Beer Tap, Using a carving knife on reed fiber to create. Used to 'tap' a barrel for dispensing a set amount of liquid using the 'fill' option, similar to a measuring jug. Once tapped a barrel would not be able to be opened until it's contents are gone. the tap is used up after one use. Herb Drying Rack - Made with 5 planks, 2 small nails and 10 pegs. Would be used to dry herbs and spices for use in brewing and beverage making. Tea Bag, made with dried herbs, and a satchel to steep tea and make more complex teas. New Herbs Green Tea - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing Black Tea - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing Ginseng - Grown in a planter, found while botanizing New Crops Chili Peppers, used for cooking as a spice (only grown in a planter box) Black Peppercorn Used for cooking as a spice (only grown in a planter box) Edit- Trellis' could work really well for this as well. New Tree Coconut Tree (season is the hottest part of summer) - High difficulty tree for forestry New Alcohols Pineapple Flavored Everything Fruit & Berry Flavored Vodkas Fruit & Berry Flavored Whisky Fruit & Berry Flavored Moonshine Fruit & Berry Flavored Rum Coconut Flavored Everything Using the Drying Rack, and the ability to pick seeds from existing herbs to make lots of different flavor profiles to be used in beverages and have this be the determining factor of what beer becomes instead of what woodscrap is used to do, and have it be more complex recipes or even new recipes for our alcoholic beverages.
  10. Good morn' my friends. Bartender Aetheria here from Cadence. I have been blessed enough to have a high BEVERAGEMAKING skill, toiling day and night to bring you the very best in fine beverages, and now I am able to bring you the sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods! Below you will find the means to get your very own beverages, hand-crafted for you with love and care you won't find anywhere else! I offer access to the goodies below, where you will find the general pricing and turnaround time for these goods. *****NEW ADDITIONS***** After slaving away for months on end, Aetheria came to a revelation... I am now able to create *TARGETED AFFINITY DRINKS* My average timer per 0.20kg sip is 24 Hours. This means a small barrel will get you 5,400 Hours of affinity, that won't decay like pizza. (Most of my batches come out with a 27 hour timer, meaning 6,000+ hours!) *Please seal barrels with a peg when not in use to guarantee freshness. I have an opened barrel in my cart on deed for the last 3 weeks with no decay, but better safe than sorry!) I am currently only selling these barrels by custom order, and only by the small barrel. Each small barrel costs 10s. I do these orders one at a time, and as such cannot guarantee a turnaround time, but please be patient, as each order required me to manually crunch a lot of numbers. I will generally try to get to an order within 24 hours of receiving it; however, I may need to stop taking orders temporarily to catch up. If you wish to place an order for an affinity beverage, please leave a post below. Currently limiting to one affinity type per person while orders are backed up. Will allow larger orders once things calm down. I will need to send you a custom tasting package which include multiple items (Taste, do not eat/drink these). Please update me via forum PM with your affinities once you receive these items so that I may keep better track. I will then need you to send the items back to me so future orders can be made. Thank you! *** I will not be giving out my method for targeted beverage affinities, please do not ask as it is the result of a lot of hard work by me. Thank you*** Current affinity barrel orders in queue: 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open 4. Open 5. Open Orders will stop at 5 to give me time to catch up. Skill Based Beverages: (And Oils for Cooking) {All Orders here need to be run by me first, as they vary wildly depending on the QL of my current stock} Olive Oil Fruit Juices (For Transmutation) Maple Syrup Walnut Oil Fennel Oil Corn Oil Cotton Seed Oil Distilled & Fermented Alcohols: Turnaround time here is 1-2 Weeks, as beverages need to ferment, then distill. I likely can get this to you sooner, but please be aware of the immense time these take. Gin - Can be straight Gin, or a Berry/Fruit Gin! (11 different choices!) - 2s/Small Barrel, (Grape Gin 2.5S/Small Barrel) Vodka - 2.25s/Small Barrel Moonshine - Choose your ingredients, or leave it up to fate! (A minimum of 4 vegetables are included in my recipes) - 2.5s/Small Barrel Whisky - 2.25s/Small Barrel Rum - 2.5s/Small Barrel Distilled Beverages currently on hold. Fermented Beverages: Turnaround time 4-10 days, depending on fermentation process. Cider (Custom order, tends to be more expensive, as apples are harder to source) Mead - 1.5s/Small Barrel Triple hops - 2s/Small Barrel Stout - 1.5s/Small Barrel Root Beer - 2s/Small Barrel Porter - 1.5s/Small Barrel Pilsner - 1.5s/Small Barrel Pale Ale - 1.5s/Small Barrel Ginger Beer - 2s/Small Barrel Brown Ale - 1.5s/Small Barrel Bitter - 1.5s/Small Barrel Vinegars: Turnaround time 4-10 Days, Depending on Fermentation Process Cider Vinegar (Custom Order Only) Malt Vinegar - 1.5s/Small Barrel Honey Vinegar - 1.5s/Small Barrel Vinegar - 1.5s/Small Barrel (Many varieties available) (3 in que) Other Beverages: Hot Chocolate - Send me Cocoa/Cocoa Beans, I'll make hot chocolate! Need 25 to make 1 small barrel. You supply the cocoa beans, I supply the labour. -50c Honey Water - 1s/Small Barrel Teas - 50c/Small Barrel Currently not offering: Rice Wine/Rice Wine vinegar
  11. TL;DR Alchemy mechanic for producing 'spirit of salt'(liquid) mineral water-> +heat-> aqua salt-> +heat-> oil of salt-> + hot salt-> spirit of salt TL;DR Beverages affinity transfer mechanic: portion of food-> +spirit of salt-> (affinity retaining) chyme-> +unfermented [beverage]-> affinity-offset fermented/distilled [beverage]. beverage affinity timer ignores affinity timer of offset starter-product. TOO COMPLICATED; IGNORE TRADITION Affinity-retaining generic-beverage recipe: any stew +any veg/any grain +sugar/syrup +optionals -> unfermented mash-> undistilled weverage-> Weverage
  12. I've noticed that I don't get any passive beverages or cooking skillgain when distilling moonshine, although Wurmpedia says that I should. Does anyone know if this is a bug, or is Wurmpedia just wrong?
  13. Hello Wurmians, I like a job or work, Skills(old) : Let me know what you need and what you will pay me. If i need to travel thats ok too plz have a bed ready for me:) And if i can,ill take some friends with me to help. I have ql85+ Tools a rare knarr with a cart on board. I Have a Fo priest :100 faith 70 channeling Mag priest :100 faith 85 channeling Hope to hear from you soon. Pm Aroma or leave a prvt msg. Greets hugs.Aroma Forwoman of Amore P15 Xanadu.
  14. I'm selling Raldon. He is a Vynora priest with a channeling affinity, Saint of the Path of Love (refresh+love effect), 51.5k marks saved, around 3k karma You are currently known as: Raldon the Saint [Greenthumbs Druidkin] You have a total of 87 titles. [00:12:14] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 1 of the starfall of the Saw, 1015. That's 3168 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes ago. [17:22:48] You have been premium a total of 69 months since Dec 2013. [17:22:48] You have been premium a total of 19 months until Dec 2013. [17:22:48] You have played 469 days, 19 hours and 57 minutes. He is somewhat of an oldie (but goldie💛) Finished benediction from journal only, picked the channeling affy for him already. Transfer available. Favor-wise he is self-sufficient since he can farm 99 ql crops and make HQ cordage with 75 ropemaking (with an imbued ropetool you'll be golden) Skill dump: Important skills: Faith:100 Channeling: 96.6 Farming: 99.9 Forestry: 99.7 HFC: 91 Beverages: 85 Fight skill: 83 Soul Depth:59.9 Total of Affinities: 14 (mind 1, misc 1,rake 1,body 1,soul 2, soul depth 1, channeling 1, forestry 1, fishing 1, sickle 1, nature 2,farming 1) Will come with enchanted tools and a weapon in inventory, nothing special but to cover basics. In case you are wondering-he is a looker (with a supreme green wool hat on top) Can deliver him anywhere (comes with a small sailing boat) If you have any questions PM Zoranah or send a msg on here. Considering offers in EUROS only.
  15. As things stand now, there's little reason to pursue beverages, whether as a producer or consumer. It's far easier to level hot food cooking and far quicker to make high-quality affinity food which will give far more total affinity time than, say, a barrel full of beer. My suggestion is simple: separate temporary food affinities from temporary beverage affinities (meaning, for example, you can get a 10% buff to mining skill-gain from your custom affinity pizza and another 10% buff if you find a beverage that gives the same affinity, for a total of 20%). This will take beverages out of competition with pizzas, etc. – where they are hopelessly outmatched – and create a gameplay reason to make the extra effort that brewing, distilling, and so on requires.
  16. To me, the biggest gap in the new cooking system is the lack of complexity and variety in drinks. Most of them are relatively straightforward, and some of those can be flavored/distilled, but... that's about it. It just seems like beverages got the short end of the stick here, aside from the basic fermenting/distillation mechanics. There's so much more that can be done with this! Liquor cocktails Non-alcoholic mixed drinks (e.g. Arnold Palmer) Sangria Mulled wine Wassail Various forms of fruit punch Flavored lemonades Masala chai and other more complex tea varieties Horchata New drink components, such as nut milks I'll also take this opportunity to mention, as I did during the cooking update's development, that alcohol is still sort of broken. It still hydrates you (even though stronger liquors definitely should not), so you can't drink much before being too "bloated". This means that not only does the reed pen/measuring jug exploit still exist (taking smaller sips for the same alcohol content), it's basically required. It's hardly ideal when a system like this requires the use of counterintuitive, buggy behavior in order to function, but from a game design and player QoL perspective.
  17. Given that there are certain variants of brandy and gin, why not also include the same variants for vodka? it's an odorless, colorless spirit so it would make sense. Also, moonshine lends itself to flavoring as well. lastly, just to change it up, would it be possible to include spice variants of rum? A certain amount of wlogic would have to apply, but I think it would be interesting.
  18. I was doing some beverage testing with some red wine sealed in a rare barrel I created. Today I unsealed it to test the affinity and said affinity was the same as if it was fermented/aged in a regular barrel. Is this an oversight? many other things in the process such as fruit presses or stills will modify the affinity, while one theory I have is that the affinity for most beverages is static during the fermentation stage. Can we get confirmation that this is either intended or an oversight?
  19. Coming soon to the Isle of Wonders on Xanadu (G18), the Fox and Hellhound Inn & Tavern! Featuring: 24 Rooms - 4 sq. tiles each, single and double beds! Outdoor Biergarten Shore & Highway Access Fresh Fish Daily, Affinity Foods, Beverages, & More! Thanks to a brand-new partnership with the genius behind Weird Wonders, The Fox and Hellhound will soon be a reality! We hope that travellers from all over Xanadu will come to our Grand Opening, currently slated for late November. Each of our 4 sq. tile rooms will be furnished with single or double canopy beds, a large chest, wardrobe, alchemist's cupboard, as well as miscellaneous furniture, decorations, etc. We will be updating this post from time to time with photos, news, and anything else that might be of interest to the community. We welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or other comments, so please don't hold back! Current Status The site has been cleared. Initial design plans for the site have been completed and approved, and we are preparing the materials and resources that will be needed for a project of this size. We expect to have the first floor Planned soon. There is ample parking space available as well as space for mooring ships & boats. Below are some teaser pictures of the design. Please note that plans may change along the way, this is still early stage development. View from the highway running through the Isle of Wonders View of the front entrance, from the road branching off of the main highway. The Biergarten and side of the main building. Taken from the perspective of the driveway/parking lot and right next to the southern shore of the island. This is the current (basic) plan for each of the 3 floors with rooms. Green walls are doors. The smaller 1x3 room at the bottom of the image is currently planned for staff use, leaving 8 rooms per floor that will be available to rent, 4 singles and 4 doubles. Interior design pictures coming soon. We are very much looking forward to serving the fine Wurmians of Xanadu and beyond!
  20. My crafter, Handsomestranger, just got the pale ale recipe added to his cookbook. The problem is, he didn't make it. I made the wort as Vroomfondel, and as Vroomfondel I sealed the barrel. All Handsome did was move the barrel from the floor to the wine barrel rack. It seems you have it set so the last char to touch the barrel gets the recipe, not the one who did all the work.
  21. Mead is a fermented beverage, pretty similar to wine. EDIT: Yes, I know there is mead in the game, I'm just suggesting how mead should work in order to make it simple, more realistic and able to age like wine. We should be able to use water + honey to make mead, which can be stored indefinitely and, like wine, would reach higher quality over time and have the same effects. We have the bees, mead could be easily implemented as a kind of wine, only with a different recipe. Please upvote, let's make this happen!
  22. Steps to reproduce -activate woodscrap -right click on a stack of barrels that contain unfermented drink -create fermenting drink Expected result -create the first fermenting drink -stop further actions as your woodscrap has been used Actual result -create first fermenting drink -actions continue and produce the fermenting drink barrels from your unfermented drink barrels despite you no longer having the woodscrap Priority/risk -Low - All this does is save on woodscrap and make the fermentation process a bit quicker for the user
  23. Birch sap is collected only at the break of winter and spring when the sap moves intensively. When fresh, it is a clear and uncoloured liquid, very similar to water, often slightly sweet with a slightly silky texture. After two to three days, the sap starts fermenting and the taste becomes more acidic. Birch sap may be consumed both fresh and naturally fermented. Birch sap collection is done by drilling a hole into its trunk and leading the sap into a container via some conduit: a tube or simply a thin twig: the sap will flow along it because of the surface tension. Birch sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring it becomes bitter. The collection period is only about a month per year.Tapping a tree does not harm the health of the tree. Concentrated birch sap is used to make birch syrup, a very expensive type of syrup mainly made from paper birch in Alaska and Canada, and from several species in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Various types of birch beer made from birch sap are available as well, distinguished by color. The color depends on the species of birch tree from which the sap is extracted (though enhancements via artificial coloring are common presently). Popular colors include brown, red, blue and clear (often called white birch beer), though others are possible. Tasty !!!
  24. My suggestion, after a year of building a Winery... Can we give some value to Wine? Beverages in General??? I'm so disappointed to find there is little to no demand for wine. SuperFly Be great to see them compliment a meal, or casserole or some food item.
  25. Hanging around Celebration i notcied that fruit trees are mostly usless or purely decorative use. Only one that have real use is grape. So forth idea is as follows Lemonade - fruit juice + water (yes yes water). Wine - grape juice + maple syrup ---> Strenght bonus Cider - apple juice + maple syrup ---> Speed Bonus Cherry (Burbon) - cherry juice + maple syrup (cherry juce + wine) ---> Healing bonus ?? (until first healing tick) As im making mead, (but wine has the same process and most ingredients) on my own and studing recipies it is said if u cant find wine yates fertiliser You can use lemon juice instead. So when it comes to alcohol formula could be as follows Juice + syrup = alc(wine Cider, cherry) adding lemon juice should increase initial ql of new beverage or as in RL speed up "fermentation process" [faster ql gains] This would make all fruit trees usefull in terms of gameplay, as for now we can live without them. Wasted Potential IMHO.