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Found 7 results

  1. Lots of ways it could work. What do you think? New function/use for bell towers if it gets added. while enemies are in local & guards alive ring bell tower every 15 minutes end the code already exists for the 'a strange feeling overcomes you...' message and teleport blocking for whether enemies are in local. just need to figure out how to apply it to within local of guards or deed edge or perimeter, etc. a less useful version would be to only ring the bell when enemies are on perimeter, like catapulting.
  2. Hey everybody, I have been playing Wurm for about 10 years now, it is my favourite game. Here are some ideas for items that I would love to be able to craft: A large upstanding mirror, showing my character the way other players see me. I know there is the character window, but I also want to be able to look at myself riding interesting mounts and do other stuff like emotes or sit down. A small clock, to be carried in the inventory. It would tell the time without having to type the comand. It could open a small display, similar to the compas or underneath the speed bar. Maybe the bell tower could also have an option to automatically give a short ring twice a day, 1 wurm hour before sunrise and 1 wurm hour before sun down. This way it would give a warning, that it soon will be dark or light again. Oh, and these hitching posts, that are available in some mods, are so handy! Could they be in the main game as well? Anyway – developers, you are doing a really great job! I love the bell towers and the halter ropes and the larders and especially the lunch boxes. Thanks!
  3. -Bell Towers sound is affected by quality not wood type. -Every 20ql is a different tone. example: 1-29.99ql bell tower will sound the same and a 30-49.99ql bell tower has a different tone. personal note: A 90ql bell tower sounds the same as a 70-80ql bell tower. First two rings is a 1-29ql Bell Tower. Second two 30-49ql, Third two 50-69ql, Fourth two 70-89ql and possibly 90ql+ Wiki - Bell Tower
  4. Maybe 2 months ago was added a feature: U can upload across an opening a heavy item using a rope. I tryed that and worked, but I don't remember what item I uploaded. Today I crafted a bell tower on a 4th floor and I dunno why appeared on ground. I tryed to upload the bell tower with a rope across an opening but didn't work. Make that work plz. Load a bell tower in a wagon or a ship could be nice too.
  5. I just heard my first bell tower play and love it! Here is my suggestion: 1. Either make an exception and allow us to make a bell tower ringing macro controlled alt, or.... 2. Create a feature we can enable to have our bell towers ring like clock towers. I DESPERATELY want to have them go off every hour, while I am working away. Not Wurm hours, but RL hours. Would be so cool. If a game feature, have the different tone towers stagger their start time, so you get each tone after the other, rather than 3 at the exact time. Silly feature? Yes, I was kidding about a macro, but come on, we need this feature! Immersion is everything.
  6. There's a suggestion about this over in the suggestion section but I feel like this is something that needs to be addressed more as a bug than a suggestion. Please fix this, it can't be that hard to add the load/bash function in for the bell towers.
  7. I think it'd be awesome if bell towers would ring automatically every in-game hour. Having read recent commentary about Spirit Templars using Huge Oil Barrels to refuel Street Lamps, I think it would be clever if they rang the bell every real-time hour (server time). Some people may not like this, so I suggest a toggle option upon right clicking bell-towers. User suggestions are: Local bell towers ring for players when their custom timers run out. Since this is client side it wouldn't be a form of harass. I think this would add a great atmospheric feel to player-owned deeds with Spirit Templars. Please discuss what you like or dislike about this suggestion.