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Found 6 results

  1. A little bit of fun and games here. I'll explain after but I invite guesses as to what happened here! When the new guy moves in and two screenshots capture two very, very different moods... without jumping to conclusions.. what happened here? lol DAY 1 DAY 2 What happened lol
  2. Hi all, I am getting rid of my lower end pelt stocks and instead of just putting them in a trash heap I decided to 'sell' them to beginners that need them for a basic price. Conditions: one per person you will get a random pelt of 80-90ql cost is 9c per pelt (+1c for mailing, so 10c total) Only have a limited amount of pelts, so make sure you PM me in game (/tell Thorakkanath your_message_goes_here) or reply to this thread with your in-game name Be sure to tell your friends as well, I would like for this offer to reach as many beginners as possible PS. to receive the mail you need access to a mailbox (one of the four existing models: spirit house, spirit mansion, spirit cottage, spirit castle) that has a courier cast of any power (when examining it you see the message: Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [xx] ), that is empty and you need the 10c in your bank. It does not matter if the mailbox is on a deed or in the middle of nowhere.
  3. New players do not have carts and the tent only holds one horse (and only lasts a week). Old players may have a cart, but would sometimes like to have a third horse just for riding around camp. If an old player decides to set up an out post or go on an adventure, it can be difficult to have a "camp" and keep the three horses needed. These reasons are why it should be added for other people. Personally, I am just starting a settlement (with nothing but my starter items) and have not found iron yet. I found two decent horses wandering about and can only keep one horse tied up without taming. I already lost a tamed horse because of a troll sneaking into my camp. I need iron to build a fence to keep the horses. It would be nice to be able to tie them up to a hitching post. A post can hold up to four horses, but would not be "safe" as any player can walk by and take them. Please consider this as a new addition.
  4. Howdy, my name is Randell im looking for people interested in joining my village - it's a nice spot on the deliverance, at 36x 41y - you can find it on the map by looking for new port side im just infront. The deed size is 51 x 21 so it's a nice space it does have lots of iron for smithing and plenty of room for animals and farming. It's right next to the water so it's a great place for the aspiring boat builder. you dont need to be a advanced player to be a villager though having skill and some knowledge is helpful . i just ask that you plan on playing the game for awhile and log on every few days at least to do a few things around the village and up your skills. The village is still quite uncompleted meaning there is a lot for you todo and you can also get a lot of skill ups from helping around the place with things like building buildings , making storage containers - farming, cutting down trees, and pretty much anything and everything. Here are some screen shots of the village There is a lot more to the village than these pics stuff like the mine and another few farming fields and the forest's on either side of the deed. Village of Hope is a really safe place for the new player we dont see much bad mobs around due to have a guard tower up the top and a guard tower down the bottom plus a templar running around as well so if you want a fight you just have to take a short walk to the massive steeps just behind the deed where you can fight a number of low and higher lvl creatures. Come check it out if you want to help shape a village in it's early stages yet dont want to take on the responsibility of running your own deed then the village of hope is for you. P.s i dont get on the forum often but im in game on deliverance server almost everyday so just do a /tell Randell or /tell Aussie and i'll be glade to have a chat. EDIT........ I closed this deed and moved right around the corner from Green Dog if your interested in the new deed and joining my new village just message me...
  5. Original post found here: http://forum.wurmonl...shores-academy/ Thorakkanath
  6. The community of the southeast peninsula of Deliverance recently founded Port Naltatis. This new settlement is supposed to provide a home for new players looking for a place to stay. So if you joined Wurm recently and are still looking for a friendly village to settle down, Port Naltatis may be the right place for you. There will be friendly and professional help from experienced players, but besides advice, training and coaching, newbies will be encouraged to accomplish things on their own - helping them to learn how to become successful Wurmians. (So, no free high ql tools, people! ) The players in the area are friendly, mature and helpful people; in return we expect you to be a well-behaved citizen and a good neighbour. As this village is meant to be a kind of "beginner's academy", we do not expect people to be permanent citizens. We would rather encourage you to find and build your own place eventually. There is currently room for up to 5 villagers, but we would like to start with 3 new players to see if the concept works out. Port Naltatis is on the southeast coast of Deliverance, next to Serendipity Bay. The community map coordinates ( Map.png) are: 40x, 35y. You may also wish to check the detailed map of the area: http://forum.wurmonl...ipity-bay-area/ If you are interested, please send a PM to Tekari, Turiel or Yaga - or just contact us in game. ----------------------- EDIT: Most of the experienced players in our alliance are online during European evening hours (~17:00 -22:00 UTC). This could mean that, depending on your usual playing time, you might experience a slight problem getting help and advice from us if your time zone is considerably different from GMT. This is NOT meant to discourage non-European players from joining the village - it will just be easier for you if you also use to play during European evening hours. .