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Found 14 results

  1. Hello! I have 2x 75QL Cedarwood Active beehive's for sale - 2s each. Possible coastal delivery. Pls contact me in game or post your order in forum. Pastor
  2. Bees that are on deed, would not leave messages in the event window...its just plain annoying
  3. WTS 70ql Inhabited Bee Hives 2s
  4. Just some enchancments I think we should have for bees. First, we should get more honey from hives that are near any flowering plants or trees. This would include roses, oleander, lavender, oleander, and camellia, orange trees, lemon trees, and cherry trees. If we place them near our farms this should also work too, except for near grains, as they are pollinated by the wind, not bees. I would also like to see clover added along with the flowers, so we could have clover honey. Lets hear everyone else's opinion now.
  5. Bees

    Where is the Bees ? Has any one saw the bees? I found them on the test server. I really looked for 6 hours.
  6. Get ready to chop, slice and dice your way into the cooking update with your brand new Rare Iron Knife! You'll have so much fun carving up vegetables you wont know what to do! 2x Rare Knife, Iron - 80ql - 6s each
  7. The Initial Buzz Our devs spent time and effort implementing bees and beehives, and we waxed lyrical and swarmed out to grab them. These furry insects captured our imagination, and got us all out and about building hives and hunting wild colonies, to get our share of the sweet honey and useful wax. Unfortunately after this initial buzz, keeping bees has lost it's appeal for many. Why? Here's the stinger - there is little economic benefit in keeping bees. Folks don't need honey, and wax has limited uses. Barrels can be sealed just as easily with a peg with minimal effort, and candles can be made with animal fat. Of course there are other uses, but at the end of the day - who needs bees? The Honey Trap. What we need are more gameplay and hence economical reasons to keep bees. So lets make a start - I am sure you can add to this list. Scented candles - yes I know, interest in candles thus far has 'tapered' somewhat, but by rolling the wax in rose petals before making a candle, you could produce a powerful and useful Scented Candle, which exerts a short term calming aura on aggressive mobs, or reduces your aggro range to that of a new player. By using lavender you could instead create a candle with a healing aura proportional to your candle ql. Add fruits, herbs or spices and the list of possible beneficial effects grows. Furniture polish. Yes we love our furniture and effects, but - and here's the rub, they all start to look the same after a while. Why not press beeswax into a jar and rub it on our wooden possessions? To slow decay? Maybe! To produce a short term glow or colour effect? Possibly. Why not? Switchels. What on earth is a switchel? Cider vinegar has long been known for its medicinal properties, and by dissolving cider vinegar and honey together in a jar of hot water, and drinking it regularly, many people have come to believe in the powerful properties of this traditional health tonic. What are these health properties? We won't know until we get some! So Bee It Whether you're a firm bee-leaver, or the idea of keeping bees brings you out in hives - why not jot down your ideas for improving the bee-economy? Thanks!
  8. Hello I would like to offer these items for sale, curently at glashollow market on Xanadu Mailing from 100 courier box, so probably will take one minute. Can be either mailed or pick up Bee hives are pick up from Black Sea on Celebration at Black Sea at Y38 X43 Tools Bee hives Active bee hive 2s ea 60+ql Empty bee hive 50c ea 50+ql
  9. With the introduction of bees and the fact that they need flowers to produce honey, I have noticed that the countryside is becoming devoid of flowers. I suggest that you make them spawn faster so we still have some to collect. After all, once you make a field of flowers around your hive, trees start to spawn and you have to cut them down and replant flowers .
  10. I had a 70+ql hive sitting near my work area where I build my hives, maybe 4-5 tiles away, my deed is covered in hives because they have to be spread out so much so the things are everywhere. Last week the bee's decided they rather live in a creation ql hive rather than the 70+ hive. This is a problem as you can not store very many hives in a cart, and they can not be stored in a cave, or in a building. This was not a noisy hive, the bee's simply migrated. According to the google doc the domestic bee's are not supposed to head over to a lower ql hive.
  11. A bee farm should not be formed from a single hive, but it should be an agglomeration of multiple bee hives, all together.. So my suggestion would be a bee farm rack, just like the barrel rack where we can stack a maximum of 10? bee hives, and each hive quality adds to the radius of the area covered by all the hives, without any problems of overlapping or domains. The base radius of the farm can be set to the radius of the highest quality from the farm, and the rest adding extra 1,2 tiles to that radius based on the quality they have, let's say, 1 tile for below 66ql, 2 tiles over 66ql hives. What the rack will do : - allow for multiple bee hives to coexist all together without having to spread them over a huge area - all bees share the same area, flowers, farms, trees - secure your queens inside the rack so there is no way for an empty bee hive to 'steal' a queen What the rack will not do: - bee hives that are placed in a rack will not give any queen the ability to migrate, so you still have to remove the ones that you want to transfer queens from and do it the same as you do now, with separate bee hives Just an idea... open to any kind of feedback and/or improvement. As i was looking for the actual radius for single hives, i saw that @Zigozag already mentioned something similar in the Town Square Bee thread, so kudos to him
  12. The Wurm Cooking update document says the following; And further; Can someone confirm that these statements are true? When a wild hive has two queens, the quality of the empty domestic hive does not matter for the second queen to migrate. Also, that migration is guaranteed. Thank you for your time.
  13. One of my hives I had planned to just use for production due to a higher ql (80) went noisy today with under 0.4kg's of honey, it did have 2 sugar in it though, which had 5 sugar in it yesterday or day before. I had been taking the honey out of it daily. Okay not sure why, but looking at it again after imp'ing up the new hive to put next to it, it is now just active.
  14. I love the Spring time in Wurm as all my apple trees are out in blossom however it would be much better if there were some wild flowers growing in the apple tree tiles at the same time as the apple tree was in blossom, would look much better. And bees as well as butterflies. Small things I know and not priority but a nice enhancement to consider, thankyou.