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Found 7 results

  1. 5000 Hops Seedlings 97+ql Offers in a pm please, or to Muse in game - if you want a different quantity or different type of seedlings or sprouts just ask Start your own hop garden! UPDATE: Will split and sell any amount - if 5000 is too many!
  2. Welcome! What'll it be, friend? If you've never been to my brewpub before we have 50 different beers on tap, so why not try them all? No need even to buy a flight of brews anymore. On your request you will be sent a single flask on the house. Taste and let us know what affinity you get for it and our beer extrapolation sorcerer will send you a link showing what affinities you will get from all 50 of our beers! Once you've decided what draughts you like best(based on the flavor or affinity granted), please order kegs by number. Kegs cost 2s each. All my beer is over 80ql** - 200g(use a measuring jug) will grant a bit more than 50 minutes of affinity. This means each keg(45kg) contains over 187 hours of affinity. Beer does not improve with age and it will take damage. Unseal the barrel, fill your measuring cup, beer stein, or goblin skull cup, then reseal the barrel with a peg. This will stop all decay and your beer will be as fresh as it was the day you ordered it. Please order flights or kegs by responding to this post, by PM, or by /tell Kalafast in game. Cheers! **80-89ql beer is my older beer. Fresh beer is being brewed at 90ql. If you prefer 90ql beer please ask. Note that it may take 1 RL week for the beer to ferment.
  3. (Recipe under spoiler tag) The above recipe turned into Pale Ale. The description for this is: The recipe for this does not involve hops, but hops are mentioned in the description.
  4. Birch sap is collected only at the break of winter and spring when the sap moves intensively. When fresh, it is a clear and uncoloured liquid, very similar to water, often slightly sweet with a slightly silky texture. After two to three days, the sap starts fermenting and the taste becomes more acidic. Birch sap may be consumed both fresh and naturally fermented. Birch sap collection is done by drilling a hole into its trunk and leading the sap into a container via some conduit: a tube or simply a thin twig: the sap will flow along it because of the surface tension. Birch sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring it becomes bitter. The collection period is only about a month per year.Tapping a tree does not harm the health of the tree. Concentrated birch sap is used to make birch syrup, a very expensive type of syrup mainly made from paper birch in Alaska and Canada, and from several species in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Various types of birch beer made from birch sap are available as well, distinguished by color. The color depends on the species of birch tree from which the sap is extracted (though enhancements via artificial coloring are common presently). Popular colors include brown, red, blue and clear (often called white birch beer), though others are possible. Tasty !!!
  5. Ok after seeing a few posted items about beer, and being a home brewer, I couldn't help but throw this out here. Original German Beer Law -Reinheitsgebot In the original text, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley, and hops. It has been replaced by the Provisional German Beer Law, which allows constituent components prohibited in the Reinheitsgebot, such as yeast, wheat, malt and cane sugar, but which no longer allows unmalted barley. Hops are added to beer to impart flavors but also act as a preservative, and their mention in the Reinheitsgebot meant to prevent alternative methods of preserving beer that had been used before the introduction of hops. So for WURM the ingredients should be Hops Water Barley or Wheat, or Rye. Since microorganisms were discovered much later than medieval times, open air fermentation would be used. Special Note - *** Honey is used to make Mead. While mead is quite tasty, its not beer, its mead and its ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is generally quite a bit higher than your standard beer. A good Belgium Triple will run about 13% to 17% ABV while just about any mead is going to be at least 25% ABV and up, at least the ones I sip on are, and generally run about 50% ish.*** Hops are a wondrous flowering bine (yes its a bine, not a vine) and part of the cannabaceae family. They need a trellis system to grow on and are often dried in an Oast House. So in game terms in order to make beer we would need to build a house to hold / dry the hops in and need to be able to build a trellis system to grow the hops on. A maypole setup would work well or just a bunch of large poles in the ground for them to climb up would work. Once ingredients are available we need to cook up some wort and place it into open barrels to allow fermentation.(Outside of any structure of course) End result - BEER...mmmm mmmm good. Oh might as well add pumpkins as well for a good Oktoberfest Brew mmm like me some pumpkin beer.
  6. Note on new containers listed: similar operation to trash heap or cooking vessel; tick occurs when contained items change state based on hidden timer and criteria. Cider - not a complex process according to DIY guides. Cider barrel Put apple juice into a cider barrel. Leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) for apple juice to become cider. Quality of cider affected by quality of cider barrel and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality. Beer from scratch I know beer is oft suggested, but I couldn't find any active references to method or benefits. Producing barley malt Steeping vessel Put water and barley into steeping vessel, leave for 3 hours gametime (24 Wurm hours). Barley becomes barley, sprouting. Malt bed Put barley, sprouting into malt bed and leave for 15 hours gametime (5 Wurm days). Barley, sprouting becomes malt, green. Put green malt in an oven, campfire or forge. Oven + malt, green = malt, pale Campfire + malt, green = malt, brown Forge + malt, green = malt, dark The finished malt should be BSBable Brewing Grind malt, 'colour' into grits, 'colour' with a grindstone. Mix 1 kg grits, 'colour' and 2L of water in a liquid container to make mash, 'colour'. Put mash in brewing kettle and heat in oven at boiling status of water for 7.5 minutes gametime (1 Wurm hour). Produces wort, 'colour' (liquid) and grits, used. Mix hops with boiling wort to produce hopped wort, 'colour'. Pour hopped wort into fermentation barrel. Wort becomes frothing wort, 'colour' within 3 hours gametime (1 Wurm day), of being cool. Leave for a further 36 hours gametime, (12 Wurm days) until wort become brew, 'colour'. Mix boiling syrup and brew to create sweetened brew, 'colour'. Pour into beer keg and leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) to become beer, 'colour'. Quality of beer affected by beer keg quality and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality, alters nutrition value towards 50% but does not fill food bar. Mix 1 kg of grits, used and 2L of water to make mash, weak Boil in oven to produce wort, weak and grits, spent. Do not add hops. Ferment weak wort as for hopped wort. Produces brew, weak. Mix with boiling syrup and leave to mature into beer, weak. When examined, should not include the word 'bitter' in the description. Suggestions of benefits: Alters nutrition value towars 50% but does not fill food bar. Grits, used or spent, can be fed to animals by the same rules governing grain with lower nutitional value.