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Found 13 results

  1. Please close this topic, thank you.
  2. I am playing on a server with no mods other than an increased crop cycle rate, so there is nothing dealing with mods needing input. I have a few questions regarding Bee Keeping. I have read on the wiki that bees feed best on flower tiles, do they also feed on the trees, potted flowers and any tile borders that have been made for flowers? Is there any way to speed up production of beeswax? Out of 2 active bee hives the only one that produced beeswax was the one in my field that I regularly plant crops in, so I am looking for anything that may increase production of the beeswax. /edit. I forgot to post this question as well. Does the type of flower (yellow, purple, white, etc.) have any effect on the Beehive?
  3. Selling bulk order of 5 active bee hives for 10s. All hives are 60+ quality. For this price you get: Free delivery to any coastal location on Freedom Isles. Small supply of sugar in each locked hive. One of the hives is rare, and at least one other has turned noisy (2 queens for price of 1!) All honey and beeswax accumulated since migration stays in the hives. I also sell extra sugar and smokers upon request. Message me here or in-game and, as always, thanks for your business!
  4. WTS 5 active beehives at 2s apiece, or buy all at once for 8s. All hives are 60+ quality, and a couple have recently turned noisy (so you basically get 2 for 1 on those). They come with sugar, and all have honey/ comb still inside. Delivery available, PM in-game or here on forums. Thanks!
  5. Hi. Expected behavior, according to Wurmpedia: Observed behavior: Ouch! I carried a bee smoker (smoking), for sure. Conclusion: Either Wurmpedia is wrong, or there is a bug. Found reason: The smoker I carried was lit, but not by me. Another player had lit it before & handed it over to me when done. Snuffing the smoker & lighting it again myself solved the riddle & saved me further injuries. I don't know if it is desired behavior. If it is, it should be mentioned in the Wurmpedia. If it is not, then - well, then it's a bug ;-) Besides, it seems that the "bees can sting you" should now be "bees will sting you", because they did this (at least in my case) every time since one of the recent updates (I'm Fo priest & used to care for my bees w/o smoker, using the only occasional stings as a source of channeling skill). Have fun!
  6. WTS Rare Active Domestic beehive Seems to produce alot more wax. 15s OBO located at j11 xan
  7. So I have tried adding honey to one of my domestic hives, I have no sugar yet waiting on crops but there seems to be no way to do it. I have tried dragging the honey from a waterskin and measuring jug with no luck. From in the cart and on the ground, and even took the lock off the hive, still no way to do this.
  8. Get ready for the nasty bees with a rare tool that will keep you from getting poisoned Start: 5sIncrements: 50cSnipe: 1 hourBuyout: offerReserve: No
  9. The existing cloth armor could have an additional advantage by helping to protect against bee stings. Don't even need a special hat with netting persay.
  10. Wax

    Initially considered placing this in a bee-keeping thread... Wax or beeswax. Sure it could be used for more aesthetic uses ingame as wax seals (moneysink item) on papyrus. Wax could also be added as a way of preserving prepared food items and raw materials. One possible implementation could be some mix of pottery jars and amphora, sealed with wax. Possibly akin to the current ingame mechanics of attaching locks, unsure how much of that code could be recycled. To balance the advantage of keeping food longer, the food has to be first removed to be consumed or used. As a result, the wax seal is broken, and the container would have to be resealed again to keep preservation. Breaking the seal would also give a slight amount of leftover wax, perhaps lower ql. Can be combined with new wax in the usual manner. EDIT: Heck possibly wooden barrels as well; though, perhaps adding a cork wood tree would make for a better new resource, especially if cork wood comes out with glassmaking.
  11. Honey anyone?

    I seen this today on the YouTube trends page and if you like honey it has never been easier to get. They have invented a new hive that makes extracting the honey easy and it does not disturb the bees during the process with just a twist of a handle. They have raised over 5 million dollars so far on their IndieGoGo campaign but thought i would share it with you incase you have missed it and want to get one for yourself. ;
  12. I love the Spring time in Wurm as all my apple trees are out in blossom however it would be much better if there were some wild flowers growing in the apple tree tiles at the same time as the apple tree was in blossom, would look much better. And bees as well as butterflies. Small things I know and not priority but a nice enhancement to consider, thankyou.