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Found 18 results

  1. Coming soon to the Isle of Wonders on Xanadu (G18), the Fox and Hellhound Inn & Tavern! Featuring: 24 Rooms - 4 sq. tiles each, single and double beds! Outdoor Biergarten Shore & Highway Access Fresh Fish Daily, Affinity Foods, Beverages, & More! Thanks to a brand-new partnership with the genius behind Weird Wonders, The Fox and Hellhound will soon be a reality! We hope that travellers from all over Xanadu will come to our Grand Opening, currently slated for late November. Each of our 4 sq. tile rooms will be furnished with single or double canopy beds, a large chest, wardrobe, alchemist's cupboard, as well as miscellaneous furniture, decorations, etc. We will be updating this post from time to time with photos, news, and anything else that might be of interest to the community. We welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or other comments, so please don't hold back! Current Status The site has been cleared. Initial design plans for the site have been completed and approved, and we are preparing the materials and resources that will be needed for a project of this size. We expect to have the first floor Planned soon. There is ample parking space available as well as space for mooring ships & boats. Below are some teaser pictures of the design. Please note that plans may change along the way, this is still early stage development. View from the highway running through the Isle of Wonders View of the front entrance, from the road branching off of the main highway. The Biergarten and side of the main building. Taken from the perspective of the driveway/parking lot and right next to the southern shore of the island. This is the current (basic) plan for each of the 3 floors with rooms. Green walls are doors. The smaller 1x3 room at the bottom of the image is currently planned for staff use, leaving 8 rooms per floor that will be available to rent, 4 singles and 4 doubles. Interior design pictures coming soon. We are very much looking forward to serving the fine Wurmians of Xanadu and beyond!
  2. Need about 90 Cedar Beds. PM prices per bed please can buy in smaller quantities and really could use delivery. Thanks
  3. I recently planned and finished building a lodge for hunters on the Grand Steppe. The area I used is small, so it doesn't take up too much steppe space, and it isn't too deep into the steppe to find. I'm not entirely certain how often people visit the Grand Steppe to hunt, but the lodge is intended for the use of the public. I haven't fully furnished the lodge yet, however when I do it will have an oven, a forge, some storage, and several beds. In the front of the lodge is a small 2x5 fenced area, which will have enchanted grass so that you may loose your horses or whatever animals you use on hunting trips. I would, however, suggest branding your horses to your deed/alliance just to be certain no one can take them. The beds in the lodge will be set at a very low fee of 10i, or no fee at all for members of my personal deed and alliance. There will also be a merchant placed in the lodge. The merchant will be stocked with various weapons/bows for use in hunting. So if you are out hunting on the Grand Steppe and are far from home, or just don't feel like returning home quite yet, you can come to the lodge. Feel free to cook your meats, improve your weapons or buy new weapons, and log off in a bed to build up sleep bonus. The Grand Steppe Hunting Lodge is located here in the map below with it's own deed, Haven. Happy hunting!
  4. Supreme Cedarwood Bed [14:21:03] A cosy bed with furs and sheets. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 29.939255, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 12s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: 20s
  5. So if you use a bed in a house, or log out and are not added to the building writ, even if the building writ is set for alliance you will wake up outside of the house. Most case's this is not a big deal, but if the house you log out in is located on the side of a mountain the consequences could be fairly traumatic such as instant death from the falling damage bug, or simply finding yourself plunging off a cliff.
  6. bed in cave

    like to see added to ability to sleep in beds in caves come on coders this one shouldnt be hard
  7. Beds now have permissions - yea! Permissions on beds need to be set in person unlike boats, carts, buildings, fences etc - YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME if it's got a permission on it make it so that that permission can be managed remotely PLEESE
  8. Beds

    just used the permissions>Manage Bed to set a bed to 'Everyne' +May Use +Free Sleep and saved, then used Bed>Rent 10 silver. I then went back to permissions and it shows it is still free for everyone. Something ain't right here
  9. I feel silly asking people if they have the 10 iron, to be honest. And for newbie wayhouses, we can't stand there 24/7 to explain the "forage something and sell to token" As per posts below, ignore the "guests only" message, you can set to free and it'll work.
  10. Can we get a new flower bed that is large like tile size and can go inside or out and be movable? Something like the one below but full of nice flowers with a medieval look to it. I guess you can even make it functioning too like plant flowers or herbs and then you can harvest them for flowers or more herbs but i am wanting it more for indoor decorating.
  11. Beds, that are upstairs, seem to make for problems - when this character, Baloo, gets out of bed on start up, 9 out of 10 times, it is stuck can't move at all - so have to relog and then ok - not just this character, but also my alt, Bagheera, as well. GM suggested putting my bed downstairs, which did to see if this makes a difference... which it has - don't get stuck and have to relog when awakening downstairs. But surely, we should be able to sleep upstairs without an issue? Look forward, Anshar, to seeing this fixed when you have time - as now sleeping on my veranda with ivy and grape trellises for privacy is not ideal... Thank you, very much, in advance!
  12. Yes i know this has been suggested before though i think in a different way. First make it so we can craft doube beds and bunkbeds and diapers and cribs. Now to create the double bed need is 2 regular beds and you have to have em side by side, next you have to add both to a crafting table and then you can make double bed which just looks like a bed cept 2x as wide with 2 pillows on it. Now the use for it would be that 2 people could log out in it instead of 1. Now if a married couple logged out in it they would receive half sleep bonus but have the option to "mate" while they were offline. When they log in depending on their soul stats the female would be pregnant and would deliver in 8-10 months in game. Now when child is born it should be a baby which basicly just cries and makes dirty "cloth diapers" which need changing to keep it healthy. When baby hits 1 in game year it can crawl and get bigger animation at 2 in game yrs it can walk and at 5 it can run around and just needs a meal once a day to live. Now the benefit of having babies would be not only a immersion aspect but also improves village productivity, tamed animals happines/loyalty, and when they become 21 you can give them gear for fighting and they can be set a village guards with FS of tower guards. Now to keep them from being OP they will be a pain to raise as children are lol and require attention. Now as for the bunk beds mentioned they are same as double bed when crafting but reuquire some planks shafts and small nails. Baby cribs will need a bed a bunch of shafts small nails and a couple toys. Cloth diapers are just made with needles on square pieces of cloth.
  13. It's been a long day of adventuring, you've slain a dragon, your priest lost an arm and your knight will never walk again, until he enters an inn where the magical cure-all of the RPG universe awaits. Yes, your bed. It would be a nice touch if beds acted as a QL/5 power healing cover for people sleeping in them, granting one healing tick per hour offline. Rest and relaxation is important for healing! You know, sometimes inspiration comes to you while you are asleep? Dreams can answer questions you never knew you had... Once sleep bonus reaches the full amount if the player spends another 8 hours in bed (offline) they have a chance depending on bed QL (QL/5)% (and maybe modified by their soul stats?) to wake up with a skillgain buff in one random skill for 30 mins. 2x (80%),3x (18%) ,4x (1.9%) or even 5x (0.1%) skillgain during that time. There is nothing quite like breakfast, it's the meal that keeps you going until lunch and then some! After sleeping for 6 hours (regardless of sleep bonus) the next piece of food you eat will give double nutritional bonus. Because breakfast is important and it's likely a bonus most players will see once, maybe twice, every 24 hours of wurming. Finally... Well someone already beat me to it!
  14. 1. Sleeping bags/swags: I often travel by cart or boat and need to log out in the middle of nowhere. I was wondering if we can get a feature of portable swags or sleeping bags? These could be made from fur and sheets and be rolled up and carried in inventory or in carts and wagons, for those times you have to log out somewhere off deed. Handy also if you see the 'server shutting down in ...seconds' come up and you are half an hour from your deed. 2. Portable ovens for ships. These could be handy if you want to live on your ship, together with the sleeping bag mentioned above. 3. A way to secure your horse in the field, e.g. using a staff or other peg type device, this can be placed on a tile with the horse roped to this peg, while you log out. Nobody can remove this but the person who placed it. You can only ever only have one animals pegged to the ground. Pegs decay in three irl days. This is handy if you need to log out due to server shut down. Also handy if you can do this on someone else's deed while you visit them. You can log off and log back in still being able to lead your horse. These are just a few ideas for travel and making it possible to live on boats and ships.
  15. I've always kinda wanted for the beds to show that someone is sleeping in them, it would really make a inn-like structure more lively and roleplay, like it would be nice to see someone sleeping in the bed while its occupied. Also dual beds for couples would be nice
  16. I've been thinking that long distance travel is boring and efficient while just waiting around, so what if with a little more work you could add cots to the ship or boat, for the bigger ones more preferable, but as doing this may take 2 seats on the boat instead of one, but yet you would stay longed in and it would do as good as the beds because of the movement ships give off. This would give players more reason to travel in packs more if they need to go AFK they could, maybe while your asleep you couldn't do anything, such as talking or building. But this is just a thought or two i had while logging off in my boat.
  17. When a person goes to sleep they should actually be shown on the bed. This way you can see who is sleeping in what bed and make it easier to choose one that is unoccupied if needed.
  18. Currently you cannot sleep in a fully enclosed house if there is even a single arched wall somewhere outside those walls as part of the building. This prevents us from making cool doorways and the like. The game tells us it is too windy to sleep inside, which is nonsense of course. According to some recent staff posts this won't change anytime soon, therefore it'd be nice if this buggy feature would have the sleep restricted lifted until it is properly in place.