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Found 27 results

  1. Wall of house is lifted since update, part is poking through the roof and there is a space now at the bottom I can see through to the grass since my wall is up. another bug may be in regards to item placement, thinking it is inside building when it is infact outside. Case in point, I had pickup perms on a neighborr deed. I could pick up items from Pile of... boxes, say meat in this case. This box was not near a wall or fence/gate. The box near a wall kept saying I didn't have perms, while having perms. And another is I couldn't brush my horse hitched to a hitching post because "the gate's in the way" that is obviously not in the way, as I just literally brushed the other horse also hitched to the same post. Possible bug: You can add same player multiple times to settle roles despite them already on the roles. Also, log off by sleep in the normal bed apparently is having issues logging me off. Sorry, no pics/vids!
  2. Self-delivery Harmony R16
  3. A bed that sleeps two would be helpful.
  4. My sleep bonus is capped at 5 hours 0 mins 0 seconds because I was sleeping in a bed throughout the most recent hotfix. I understand this was supposed to have been fixed in an earlier update. I think the problem may only be with the most recent 5 hour sleep bonus gift, as the earlier 10 hour gifts were unaffected by sleeping in beds.

    Auctioning a rare bed, north-west release. [10:58:37] A cosy bed with furs and sheets. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from pinewood. You notice some notches you must carve away in order to improve the bed. Ql: 21.500546, Dam: 0.92499053. B/O: 5s
  6. In Wurm Unlimited when one attempts to sleep on a bed, the message says ", Are you sure you want to log off Wurm Online?" instead of "Are you sure you want to log of Wurm Unlimited?" It's only a minor text correction but just wanted to let you guys know.
  7. PC: Supreme unfinished birchwood bed I havent built in footboard yet so could change wood type.
  8. I have up for auction a rare unfinished pinewood bed. I am selling due to not having materials to finish. "Rare Bed allows multiple people to sleep in the same bed" Source: Will need to pick up at J16 on Inde Starting bid: 3s Minimum bid increments: 1s PM offers. Best of luck to all bidders . PM Offer received and couldn't refuse PLS CLOSE.
  9. Rare Bed 5s Rare High Bookshelf 6s Will deliver for 1s In game Contact Keenobambeano
  10. I recently tried an experiment on sleep bonus / beds..... If you have a toon logged off in a bed, it will automatically remove said toon upon 5 hours accumulated sleep bonus, thus freeing the bed for use. EXPERIMENT / RESULTS I have an alt that I had logged off in a bed with 4 hours and 50 minutes of current SB. I logged her off in a bed and after the 4 RL hours it would've taken to accumulate the remaining 10 minutes, I tried several times over a 24 hour period to log a different toon off in same bed..... still says it is occupied. The same alt, with 5 hours current SB was then logged off in a bed. When trying to log this toon off in same bed, same result..... still occupied. Seems whether the 5 hours is current or accumulated during log off, the bed is not able to be used. Just thought I'd post the results for anyone else trying it or having wondered it as well. **If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies Perce
  11. WTA Rare unfinished bed Starting bind: 4s Increase: 1s Buyout: Offer Sniper: 1h Pick up Xanadu F15 /Vrock Landing Good luck!
  12. Both sold for buyout...thanks Note: Items will need to be picked up at H9 on Pristine sold #2 - 32ql - Rare Low Bookshelf, oak Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c Buyout: 4s No reserve, 1h sniper #1 - 19ql - Rare Bed, olivewood (the small one) Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c Buyout: 4s No reserve, 1h sniper
  13. Rather than clicking on a bed to see if someone is sleeping in it, how about a graphic that shows the bed is in use?
  14. Heya! What happened: Did tear down an old villagers house, was not used for nearly 2 years, the bed was on the second floor, dunno if that player did use that bed bevore his vanishing. So i started to use that bed. What you expected to happen: Did dual client with my main + priest, and ended up logging out my main and my priest in the same bed, did realize that the next day since both were in the same house when logging in. I did test, drain both their sleep bonus, wrote down how much they have, the ammount after sleep, both received the same ammount of SB from using this bed. When a char uses this bed, the message, that its spirit is using it, wont show at all. Loading/Unloading didnt "debug" the bed. Steps to reproduce: No idea. It is located on Indy: Moonlight Marina, S18 at coast, in the Inn, the one bed with the sign "unlimited people can fit in". What should i do? Just chop it up? Keep using it? Lock it up? -Kamie *edit: when using other beds, Kamie does use the beds and blocks them for other to use **edit: it takes dmg when used like normal beds do, i didnt check if the dmg doubles if more than 1 person uses it
  15. WTS Rare Low Bookshelf Not Mail able But you can pick it up where it in your inventor so no loading required. Free Delivery for this piece. on Xan Very Beautiful piece asking 6 silver Anywhere else 50 copper fee unless you order more Furniture Below for a free delivery charge. Thanks Selling Normal Furniture as well. Now Open For a Trial Run Furniture Store Summerholt area... High Book Shelf's Low Book Shelf's Wooden Benches Tripod Tables Coffers Small Bed Side Tables Beds Large Carts w/t lock and key Chairs Tables Ect... Questions ? just commend below. 60 Copper Each Free Delivery with orders with 5+ pieces of more.
  16. I was not sure where to post this at but there are a few things i think needs to be addressed on the new furnishings that are coming out. I have been making a bunch of the new things on test and the biggest trouble i am having is with the hodgepodge of different colors and wood textures. I was thinking it would be a set and all the wood would match at least if we could not have it showing the wood we choose like barrels. The bed, wardrobe, and bedside tables all match but then the bookshelves and chairs are all different and the two bookshelves don't even look like they match all that well. I know they are not in the game yet but lets hope they get a makeover...granted the chairs and bookshelves look better i think so the bedroom set needs to be changed to match more with them. Also the chairs and bookshelves do not have any move function to them and the bookshelves are extremely hard to get lined up trying to drop them in the right spot. I have not even started with tables but if we don't have any new tables then the ones we have are not going to go with any of the new chairs...lets just hope they give us a set and not this hodgepodge job. Edit: I don't want to seem ungrateful but i have just been waiting for this kind of stuff to be added to the game for a long time and want it to be good.
  17. Want to auction: “Supreme Unfinished Maplewood Bed (Requires 2 cotton sheets to be completed)†Starting Bid: 3s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: 20s Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr *Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here. The winner can pick up from Mythykyl Mountain, (E15), Celebration, Or by mail, C.O.D. Happy bidding!
  18. For Auction is a Rare Cedar Bed Starting Bid: 2s Increments: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 5s Snipe Protection: 1 hour Edit: This includes free delivery to anywhere on Release and anywhere that is a coastal area on Pristine. If you are inland you must provide transport from the nearest coast to your deed.
  19. Sb bugs

    I'd like to report 2 distinct bugs with sleep bonus. 1st. I logged off in a bed last night. [21:20:24] You start to go to sleep. Then I log on this morning ~14 hours later and have the exact same amount of sleep bonus (23 minutes). There was no server reset. Having logged off in a bed in a house like I've done for 2 years (same house) I'd expect to gain sb. #2. When I used sb during mining yesterday I did not gain more ticks as I would have expected. I asked around and Tekada, Hogwash, Asdf all confirmed that for 48 hours using sb on mining did not affect the skillgain rates. When I asked in Kchat I was also told that it did not affect farming as well (I didn't try this). I did however note that sb continued to double the gains in meditation rates. Thanks! Feel free to contact me for any further info I can supply or I forgot to put.
  20. 1. Sleeping bags/swags: I often travel by cart or boat and need to log out in the middle of nowhere. I was wondering if we can get a feature of portable swags or sleeping bags? These could be made from fur and sheets and be rolled up and carried in inventory or in carts and wagons, for those times you have to log out somewhere off deed. Handy also if you see the 'server shutting down in ...seconds' come up and you are half an hour from your deed. 2. Portable ovens for ships. These could be handy if you want to live on your ship, together with the sleeping bag mentioned above. 3. A way to secure your horse in the field, e.g. using a staff or other peg type device, this can be placed on a tile with the horse roped to this peg, while you log out. Nobody can remove this but the person who placed it. You can only ever only have one animals pegged to the ground. Pegs decay in three irl days. This is handy if you need to log out due to server shut down. Also handy if you can do this on someone else's deed while you visit them. You can log off and log back in still being able to lead your horse. These are just a few ideas for travel and making it possible to live on boats and ships.
  21. I love my deeds and i will always have them. But a little part of me has always wanted to go nomadic in wurm. I have tried on alts but its pretty tough. What i want to discuss here is the ability to go nomadic now enabled because of a wagon and loading beds, forges, and crates full of water, bsbs, fsbs. To me this now seems like a possible option or at least significantly easier than before. Please give any problems and potential solutions for this idea, jsut brain storming hear and seeing how the idea goes over. only problem i see is that you would have to create a small enclosure every time you stop and set up camp but that's not that bad.
  22. I've always kinda wanted for the beds to show that someone is sleeping in them, it would really make a inn-like structure more lively and roleplay, like it would be nice to see someone sleeping in the bed while its occupied. Also dual beds for couples would be nice
  23. Rare Bed

    Sold, close pls.
  24. Prevents building a bed above another bed on the next floor. This is easily fixed by removing the dumb limitation of 1 bsb/bed per tile. Thank you.
  25. Let us choose whether we get sleep bonus or favor when sleeping in a bed. A similar option would be to convert sleep bonus to favor. The later option would give us more control, I like it better, either way. The favor regeneration rate would need to be slower because your not online. I don't know exactly how much slower the rate should be. Similarly, a SB conversion would convert time slept to favor. For reference SB is 1 min. given per 24 actual min. slept. When calculating the conversion of SB to favor we would have to apply favor regen's expodential curve. I dont' know the formula. Its enough to point out that 10m of SB trader for favor would result in differnt favor amounts depending the toon's current favor level.