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Found 1 result

  1. The original Rolandt... I believe you're reading this, because you might know Rolandt. Some of you might have a bad relation to the highly experienced pvp'er, and some doesn't. In fact most people have heard about him, if they have ever set foot on the lands of Chaos. But, when it all comes down, do you really know, the real personality behind the character, Rolandt? Well, if you are curious about, this post, keep reading! I'm gonna start from the top... My name is Jonas, and in wurm, I'm known as Giblet - actually I was used to be called Giblet. I sold my character half a year ago, and thought I would never get back to Wurm Online due to real life problems... But as most people might be able to relate to, that's not how things turn out in the end. In occasion of my return to Wurm Online, I'd like to share a little story with you. A story about a young, man, who had just learned the English language. If you haven't guessed it, that's me... I started playing Wurm Online back in 2010, and loved the slow gameplay. I was only 10 years old back then, which might seem kinda odd for some people. But anyways, as the years went by, and I started to develop some English skills, which made me able to communicate with other players... Wuup... Wuup... I was mostly just minding my own business, but that was soon about to end...! One day, during the hot summer of 2013, I went looking in the chats for pvp. I was curious, and filled up with questions like, how Chaos worked, who's in control, what happens if you died, which weapons should you train, how should you fight, and etc... So what happened next, was me typing in the kingdom chat, that I was looking for advice and tips for pvp, even though I lived on Independence. There was a lot of chat, in the freedom tab and I had started a discussion. Course as you all might know, there's a billion ways to fight, and a billion opinions of what to do... But one private messaged me, his name was Rolandt... (To make this story easier to tell, I'll let you know that the original Rolandt, is named Brian.) So Brian told me that he wanted to answer every little question I had about pvp, course "apparently", he was very experience... (which I didn't know back then...) But anyways, Brian and I spend hours, and hours typing to each other, about the fascinating world of pvp. As I was about to head to bed, I asked him if it would be okay to type to him again? It was a relief to me, when he agreed to it. As we had talked for a couple of days, he asked me, if I wanted to help him with his project; a training- & recruiting facility on deliverance. Brian had a huge vision of making a great spot for new players, to train up their skills, before heading to Chaos to join Jenn-Kellon. During a couple of hard working weeks, we had set up the first recruiting facility. Brian had also talked me into Team Speak, even though I wasn't too exited about it, course my pronounce of the English words wasn't too good. But Brian is a salesman, and he convinced me. I'd had found a true friend that was online every day, and was making such a huge effort, to make me feel welcome. He and I, started to share family stories, political interests, etc... And what I remember the strongest, is his honesty and hospitality. It's not a secret that Brian traveled back and forth during this period - even with his limited time. Anyways, in the following month, I went to join the Jenn-Kellon for the first time. This event, was my first time on Chaos, my first kingdom and might first sight of Chaos. Brian brought me to North Star, where he gave me a spot to settle. No surprise, I was scared as ######! I didn't dare to go outside, since I didn't know if enemies would come by etc... But as I started to get used to it, and my training of pvp began, I got used to it. Brian spend several hours a day, telling me stories and showing me tricks of how to play pvp. Although, I ended up going back to freedom, course I liked the play of crafting and selling better... Luckily, that didn't end the relation between Brian and I. We kept on talking, and even added each other on Facebook - Looking back on this, i'm pretty amazed that we managed to keep contact, with my regular month-length breaks. Anyways, we started to joke about me visiting his family in the US - which actually became reality during this summer! During this period, I had a break of Wurm, and was focused on playing Elite Handball in Denmark. But we decided that it was time. The scheduling of this trip started! I found plane tickets, Brian promised me a free stay at his gorgeous home and told me that he had bought 2 tickets for the Football Hall of Fame! so all that was left to do, was to buy the plane ticket to Ohio! On the 23rd of June, I went off with a plane from Denmark, and was about to meet this guy, that I had never seen in real life... Who should have guessed!? Brian meet me at my arrival in Ohio, and brought me back to his house, where I meet his family. To be honest, never ever have I meet a more open minded friendly family! This day was the start of a 3 week vacation in Ohio, at Brian's house! As I have now been back in Denmark for almost 2 months, I've got to admit, that it has been the best vacation I have ever had! I got see the true american dream. I got to see how much family means to Brian, who much he cares for people, how much he works to make sure that everything gets done in time! So you might ask yourself, why share this story. Well the answer is very simple. I want to let everyone know, which kind of person Brian is! - Never, in these 4 years, have I every seen Brian patronize or let down people. Never have I ever seen a more honest, reliable, open minded, friendly and helpful guy like him! Also, I want to let everyone know what Wurm is capable of, and how it connected me with a stranger, that I'm now proud to say, that I feel like a part of his indescribable family. I want to let everyone know who, the real Rolandt is - regardless of any rumors! - Jones out