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Found 1 result

  1. The House of Thunder of Thunderstorm Keep, the capital of Stormshield Alliance -- is recruiting! At the beginning of Xanadu we had a lot of neighbors, friends of old. Now we are the only ones left and it's quiet. Don't get us wrong! We like quiet, but sometimes the game is just boring if you don't have others to work together on projects or just chat. So we are opening our deed to three people! There are a few things we look for in people wanting to join: Players that have some Wurm experience under their belt (not much needed, but please not complete beginners) People that want to stay as part of a community rather than just stay here until they have enough funds to get their own deed Due to the configuration of our deed, some light form of roleplay is recommended in order to have fun (the nobility of the inner keep and the aspiring knights/ladies living in the outer keep (you)) English as preffered communication language EU/US location recommended Mature players that don't take things personal. Due to cultural differences it can be easy to get your feelings hurt, even when other people did not intend to offend anyone (include here bad jokes...) SOME form of neatness. As you probably will notice from the pictures, our deed is pretty clean of junk and stuff laying everywhere. We would like to keep it like that as much as possible ...onwards TO THE PICTURES! ...the plots Plot 1 The innermost plot, closest to the Inner Keep 12x4 tiles overall 46 tiles effective Plot 2 At the eastern side of the Keep, next to the Customs and Trading Center building 12x5 tiles overall 56 tiles effective Plot 3 At the southern part of the Keep, next to the South Gate, this plot has beautiful views on the keep and the surroundings 10x7 tiles overall 65 tiles effective ...the small print about deed rules no taking stuff that does not belong to you without asking please, no buildings higher than 2 stories (has to do with the light roleplay we were talking about earlier and the overall deed design) do not harvest Inspira's crops (she wants them to wither by themselves) How to contact us by replying here by messaging Thorakkanath here or in-game by messaging Inspira or VItrelle in-game through smoke signals or by shouting really loud We look forward to welcoming you to our Keep, Thorakkanath and Inspira, King and Queen of Thunderstorm Keep