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Found 6 results

  1. Presenting you Libila enchants brewed with hate, deceit, and blood of slaves. We also accepting barter (especially with referral or sleep powders). Custom casts no longer available. Explanation of our unique enchants: BotD or Blessing of the Dark: woa and coc in a single cast. A 100 BotD is the same with item with 100 WoA + 100 CoC. They are best for improving items or getting a fast job done. WA or Web Armor: slow down both movement speed and attack speed of attacker. Useful cast for both pvp and pve, on pve I would recommend web armor on leather barding to slow down those pesky spiders that bite your horse. RT or Rotten Touch. Increase damage of a weapon, but make weapons damage faster. The damage also have infection wound, which get worse overtime. BT or Bloodthirst. Increase damage of a weapon based on it cast power. 10000 bloodthirst is 10% more damage. Need to shot player to raise this enchant power but it also the only damage-enchant you can put on bow. Costs for enchants: Cast costs for BotD: 1- 79 power : 1.5c per power. 80-89 power : 2c per power. 90-99 power: 4c per power. *not available on custom casts Cast costs for CoC or WoA: *not doing custom cast on this 1- 79 power : 1c per power. 80-89 power : 1.5c per power. 90-99 power: 3c per power. Cast costs for WA, RT, and BT: 1- 79 power : 2c per power. 80-89 power :3c per power. 90-99 power: 5c per power. *not available on custom casts Tools 78 BotD 70ql Iron Saw 1s 17c 83BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 66c 83BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 66c 74BotD 70ql Iron shovel 1s 11c 90BotD 69ql pinewood mallet 3s 60c 82BotD 68ql pinewood mallet 1s 64c 71BotD 70ql pinewood mallet 1s 7c 70BotD 69ql pinewood mallet 1s 5c 73WoA 85CoC 54ql iron needle 2s 1c 78BotD 70ql iron needle 1s 17c 76BotD 70ql iron needle 1s 14c 91WoA 91ql iron hammer 2s 73c 76WoA 70ql iron hammer 1s 14c 79CoC 84WoA 82ql iron hammer 2s 5c 77CoC 14ql iron hammer 77c 72BotD 66ql willow spindle 1s 8c 70BotD 68ql willow spindle 1s 5c 96WoA 39ql pinewood spindle 2s 88c 50BotD 71ql small iron anvil 75c 81WoA 63ql small iron anvil 1s 62c 73BotD 70ql iron leather knife 1s 10c 75CoC 68ql iron leather knife 1s 13c 77BotD 70ql iron awl 1s 16c 81BotD 90ql iron awl 2s 80BotD 70ql iron file 1s 60c 73BotD 70ql iron file 1s 10c 77WoA 91ql iron file 1s 16c 91BotD 70ql iron scissors 3s 64c 91BotD 70ql iron scissors 3s 64c 80BotD 70ql iron scissors 1s 60c 75BotD 70ql iron scissors 1s 13c 77CoC 71ql iron scissors 1s 16c 82BotD 70ql iron trowel 1s 64c 77CoC 20ql iron stone chisel 1s 16c 48CoC 57WoA 33ql iron stone chisel 1s 5c 89BotD 28RT 70ql iron rake 1s 78c 86BotD 70ql iron rake 1s72c 84CoC 14ql iron pickaxe 1s 68c 89CoC 95ql 3.89dmg Large rat pelt 1s 34c 70BotD 0.40kg 82ql 0.07 dmg mountain lion pelt 1s 5c 88CoC 0.80kg 98ql 0.78 dmg wild cat pelt 1s 32c Weapons 90RT 70ql Iron longsword 84RT 70ql Iron longsword 77RT 60ql Iron longsword 74RT 70ql Iron longsword 73RT 71ql Iron longsword 70RT 71ql Iron longsword 96RT 73ql Huge iron axe 91RT 72ql Huge iron axe 90RT 73ql Huge iron axe 95RT 72ql Large iron maul We also supply these items: - Unfinished HotS guard tower = 1s or FREE (check here!) When finished in freedom isles, it will show HotS tower texture but spawn freedom guards, can be mailed How it looks like: ​ - HotS wagon = 5s pick up 6s delivered (it is big and fill almost all room in the knarr) How it looks like: ​ - HotS purple banner = 60c (can't be mailed) - HotS purple flag = 60c (can't be mailed) All items will be mailed, COD paid by buyer. Exception for un-mailable items like banners then it can be picked up/delivered per case basis for a fee. Items also get damaged from storage and my smith are not in the same location with the merchant thus why they are not even counted in the pricing.
  2. Want enchanted tools, weapons or armor but don't have the silver to pay for it? I got you covered! Located in T13 Celebration, we open our doors for our fellow Wurmians who are unable to pay with silver. In exchange for bulk items, I will provide you with a level of enchants of your choice. Generally, the customer delivers the bulk items, and would be present for the casts if they so desire. Here are the details. With an 88 channeling Paaweeler Priest, I will perform cast trades as follows: 1 spell cast (single cast) of your choice in exchange for 150 agreed upon bulk items*++ 3 spell casts (3 single casts of any tool or item of your choice) for a single large crate of 300 bulk items.)*++ 10 spell casts of your choice for 3 full large crates of bulk items*++ List of spells can be found here: ***LIFE TRANSFER IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!***. Any cast below 20 will be automatically recasted and will not count towards your cast quota. Casts by Quality - Guaranteed casts over the quality indicated. (Varies by bulk offered)++ 50ql+ - 300 bulk items 60ql+ - 400 bulk items 70ql+ - 600 bulk items 80ql+ - 900 bulk items 90ql+ - 1500 bulk items Shatter Protection: In the event of a shattered item, I will waive the whole transaction including price, and you will be granted 3 free item enchants of your choice, 50ql or above each guaranteed. You will then be able to place a new order if you so wish. Items of low quality can be refused, unless the client waives the shatter protection. Traveling Services: For a fee, I will perform at location services (Courier, Genesis, Strongwall, etc). Travel fee can be paid in either bulk or silver at the customer's choice. I have access to both Paaweelr and Nahjo enchants for this service. Contact us for a quote of your project. Pricing generally follows the amounts indicated above, plus travel fee. NEW!! Paaweelr Roulette! For a limited time, send me an item of 70ql or above, and I will cast on it once. What it lands is what you get. 20+ power guaranteed. I will then mail it to you for 15c, regardless of the cast. (Paaweelr Casts Only). Items with no enchants only. * Pricing is for each single successful cast regardless of quality. Failures do not count towards your casts limit ++ I understand that the value of bulk items varies by type and quality. The prices listed above are simply a guidance, and will be adjusted to accommodate the product offered. I reserve the right to reject or adjust any offer. Note: Any unclaimed items after 2 weeks (mailbox returned items) will be forefit to cover expenses incurred during casting. Client is responsible for any mail costs incurred in any transaction.
  3. Hi, I'm Forrest and I live in a Forest. I'm opening a small Carpentry and Fine Carpentry store, supplying creation of new goods and imping of existing ones! So whether you need your old, worn down ropetool imped back into life, need a new fishing rod or just want one of those fancy thrones to peer down over your slaves villagers, you've come to the right place. I can currently do both Fine and Regular Carpentry items up to 90ql+. No quality is too low either... if you want something 50ql, I can do that too! (Can do 95ql+ on request) Pricing isn't set in stone yet, just shoot me a PM here or reply down below and we can work something out at a reasonable rate. Oh, did I mention I also accept items in barter? Currently I'm in need of veggies, creation rares, sleep powders and more... I'm open to a lot of things really, don't be afraid to ask!
  4. Allow a merchant to set a trade in value for an item(s) they will accept as part or full payment for something they have on sale. So for example a merchant in an inn could set a price of 1c on each piece of meat or herbs the owner uses in cooking. I had the idea as I'm building an inn where I want to allow new players to get cheap supplies, so the idea they could toss in some herbs or meat and get something in return might be nice. Added after comments in the thread: Maybe a configurable list on the merchant, a search like the crafting window has and then you add an item from the list with price and quantity you want. ------------------------------------- Feel free to shoot me down or like. Also, does anyone use wurm's uservoice now? I created the idea there, but it doesn't look to be used much, hence the post here.
  5. Hi! So, I have been playing Wurm for quite a while now and I've learned a lot about many parts of it, but one thing that has always completely escaped me is trade, merchants, and the economy. I have heard a lot of people say there is an economy out there and things can be made and bartered or sold, but I just have never been able to have any luck at it. Whenever I have tried asking around everyone seems to be completely self sufficient and to not really need anything. I would love to be able to find something to produce that is needed and put the work in to become very good at it, I just can't seem to figure out what my options are. I also seem to be having a really hard time understanding how the merchant system works. Probably the biggest thing that gives me trouble though is that even if I do find someone interested in something I can make, I have absolutely no idea how to price things fairly. I have heard a lot of people talk about 1 silver for 1,000 actions. That's fine for things like stone and dirt, but I'm completely at a loss for things like horses, charcoal/steel, weapons, tools, boats, etc. If anyone has any advice or links to recent (or timeless) blogs/guildes I might not have seen yet, I would really appreciate it. What I would really love is if someone would be willing to take a little time and chat with me about it and help me answer some of my questions. I am located on epic. Thank you! ~Bree
  6. 22x 29y Holmside independence we are looking to barter for up to 54,000 dirt. We have mass produced lots of items for bartering. minimum sale is 100 please post if your willing to barter, I will pm you I AM ONLY WILLING TO BARTER FOR DIRT, UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO SELL DIRT AT A HIGHLY REDUCED PRICE.