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Found 11 results

  1. wts wine, barrels of oak and other materials. Low QL, Mediocre QL, High Ql, weak and strong White Wine and Red. 40c per barrel of 45l with delivery. 30c if picked up.
  2. Hello Wurmians, are you in need of a cheap delivery for yourself, your sold or purchased wares or your personal stuff? You just found the best place for it! I'm offering delivery by ship. Server Outer Coast* Inner Coast* Close to Coast* Inland Pristine** 50c no inner coast 60c 65c-100c Release 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c Xanadu 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-200c Exodus 50c +10c +10c 65c-100c Deliverance 50c +10c +10c 65c-100c Independence 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c Celebration 50c +15-30c +10c 65c-100c *Coast = Shore with direct sea access for large ships (eg. Cog) **20c discount if start and end are on Pristine I ll upload colored Images soon, if you re not sure about if ist coast, inner coast or Inland, feel free to pm me. Some bulk and containers for sale:
  3. The problem is reproducible. 1. Character A "opens" an empty small wine barrel 2. Character B pours in some unfermented whiskey 3. Character B "seals" the barrel with a peg. 4. Character A's client crashes due to Null Pointer Exception.
  4. I would like to make a suggestion to have the tables have small containers sit on them. My village has created a dye room and it would be nice to stand at a table and create dyes that are on it. Wurm has made a command allowing avatars to sit on chairs..why not do it for certain objects to show on large tables. Instead small buckets, flasks, pots, and other objects like it are strewn all over the floor. What about those forks, spoons and knives and bowls for a supper setting - when is that development coming?
  5. I would like it if the large barrel would work like fountains do and auto fill on water source tiles. When you build your workstation/house over a water tile it would be nice to be able to use a large barrel instead of the fountain because they are better inside decoration then the fountains are. Also maybe the huge tubes can be part of this too. Edit: This would also allow new players to get a water source up and going quicker or at least a new options over needing rope or not being able to carry the rock needed to make the fountain.
  6. WTS rare large barrel [23:50:21] A large wooden barrel, strengthened by iron ribbons. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 38.034412, Dam: 0.0. Server: Exodus J19 Price: 4s No delivery PM Panalik or Aliko
  7. Looking for a new owner of this fine barrel: Starting bid: 4s Min. bid: 50c Buyout: 10s Buyer pays cod.
  8. In this thread, you will be able to buy a finely crafted Knarr, put together with only the better quality parts (60+!), that are sure to have fit perfectly, and are not forced into place. The seats are comfortably lined with the furs of ferocious wolves. The deck has decorational wood carvings throughout, that is sure to catch the attention of everyone laying eyes upon it. It sure is a well balanced ship that will take you through almost any storm, except the one that will sink it (disclaimer). The ship Here, you can buy a QL60+ Knarr, finished with the wood type of your choice (apple, birch, cedar, cherry, chestnut, fir, lemon, linden, maple, oak, olive, pine, walnut, or willow). Please include the choice in your post, so I can finish and improve it right-away thank you The Knarr is an excellent all-round choice, good speed, decent cargo space, and not very much gauge to traverse even shallow waters that otherwise only rowboats and small sailboats can. The gimicks It comes with a boatlock and key, a mooring anchor, and the following collection of items that has been approved by many an adventurer, both alive and dead (where the cause of death was neither starvation or dehydration), free of charge: (Unless you specifically state, that you do not want these items) The extras* Any combination of these will need to be additionally crafted, logs are in stock though: - It can fit one wagon**, QL60, includes large padlock, for 20c. - Small crates for 5c each. - Large crates for 8c each (fits only 4 + wagon). - Rafts for 8c each. *Depends on how much fits in the knarr. **Animals to drag the wagon are not included. The delivery* I will deliver to coastal areas and lakes that are reachable by the knarr itself, most likely during daytime in the GMT+1/CEST timezone, to any server of the Freedom Isles. No extra charge. Must have patience to account for distance and weather conditions. *I might not be able to deliver today (Sunday, June 29), since I partake in the RoS cast meeting in Silent Hill, unless you live in the NE area of Independence and I can finish the order to fit in time. The price The price will be 14 silver coins, plus the price for any extras (wagon, crates, rafts). I will except 1:1 Silver to EUR via PayPal if you'd rather, although I do prefer silver a little more than RL currency. In this case, we would exchange payment details/e-mail addresses privately, please. Thank you, and I wish you happy purchase! ~Ulviirala, Harbourmaster
  9. before i get bombed with tons of -1's or just use a ______ "fill in the blank this is for function and decoration Barrel Rack "insert my crappy copy pate art" Cost to build 4 Large nails - 20 Planks - 12 Shafts Creation Large nail + Plank "Planks are Frame - Shafts to hold the barrels off the ground - nails to hold it together" Function a clean and organized CONTAINER that holds barrels that Looks like it a barrel storage device this is intended for Small barrels but im thinking it would work with small wine barrels figuring they can be picked up, Limits this should not be a container that accepts loose items "tools,backpacks,others" Reasons Dye Storage, Lye Storage, somewhere for your mass amounts of small barrels laying on the ground cluttering the floor and just looks sloppy PLEASE leave comments if you like or dislike this idea
  10. EDIT: I am on Pristine (As we are now a merged market) [23:55:21] A small wooden barrel. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from maplewood. It could be improved with a log. [23:55:21] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Ac.y'. 33.35 QL - collectable item only (cannot see another use for it) but look how shiny shiny it is! COD only (or collect in Foxden) Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: PM Accy in game or pm me here Sniper Protection: 1 Hour
  11. Need extra storage space? We've got what you need! With the introduction of crates we no longer have to buy expensive and inefficient rafts, they are much easier to make. But why do all the hard work yourself, when we from Frozen Logistic can do the repetitive work for you! Crates are our primary product, but we sell all kinds of other bulk containers as well. We aim to be the cheapest storage provider around, so if you find anyone with cheaper prices, let us know and we will change our prices accordingly! All of our products are made of cedarwood, so your containers will last longer. Carpentry Small crate - 5c Large crate - Coming soon BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Fine Carpentry Small barrel - 2c Large barrel - 8c Delivery We can deliver to all PvE servers, orders of 2s+ receive free delivery regardless of distance. Celebration: 10c Exodus: 25c Deliverance: 50c Independence: 75c Current stock: 6x small crate 3x small barrel We work on order/stock basis, but feel free to shoot a PM if you are in desperate need of some storage, we'll see what we can do. Prices are subject to change. Frozen Logistic reserves the right to change the price at any moment,