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Found 19 results

  1. We can currently withdraw coins at any token, but can only pay coins in at *one* - our 'chosen' bank token. A lot of people have mentioned how inconvenient this is, but so far little progress has been made to find a solution. Problem 1: The current method of depositing coins, opens the Bank > Manage window so that coins can be dragged and dropped into the bank. This window also allows 5 items to be stored. This, item storage, I believe, is the main reason, why only one token has the ability to pay in. It's the fact that physical *items* can only be stored at one place, rather than any logical limitation on paying in coins anywhere else. Suggestion - New *Roaming* Bank Manage Window: We need another more flexible way to pay in just coins, which is completely separate from the stored items. Perhaps all tokens other than our 'chosen' token could use a different *Roaming* bank window which accepts coins, but does *not* accept items. Problem 2: Sometimes we need to pay in coins when we are far away from a deed token. Tokens can not be placed underground, and some deed owners have their tokens locked away from public use. Any of these scenarios may mean a long trek to the nearest token. We, therefore need a *portable* banking solution so we can deposit coins when out and about. Solution - New *Portable* Banking Tokens Thanks to my brother for suggesting that *Archaeology Mini-Tokens* could be used for these portable deposit boxes. Right clicking a mini token would bring up the option to open a Roaming Bank Manage Window allowing us to drag and deposit coins (but no items). No-matter where we are we can then deposit our coins. This is from a PvE perspective, I would need more info on how this would affect PvP. I think it takes someone to think outside the [money] box! Please let me know your ideas.
  2. Just a quick QoL addition, mainly for the many steam client users, but would also be useful for any client. A way to check bank balance from client, a button or command that can be used to check bank balance, instead of having to find a deed token, especially when way out in the wilderness where deeds are few. Yes Wurm client users can use shop to see their balance, but Steam users cannot do that, and frankly, it should be easily available for any character really.
  3. Post a screenshot. Make me jealous. Cheers.
  4. Would anyone be interested in knocking up a small mod to adjust how many items can be stored in a bank? (Or make it size/weight based.) -- I've not noticed any existing configuration to adjust this. Reason: I'd like to stash original keys, more than 5.
  5. Every attempt to deposit a hundred iron coins (dragging from an inventory pile of 4600+) into bank on both stable and unstable client results in a crash and the client reloading. Unsure if client or server persay tbh. EDIT: Occurs when trying to drag into any container window, not just bank. Also found having shift down to toggle shift drag helps avoid the crash.
  6. I've searched and only found references to an old post about the login server being down. "failed to contact the bank. please try again later" I've been playing for about 3 days and I've had this since start. I've googled and searched the forums here for the solution but there seems to be no explanation to the issue. Thank you in advance.
  7. The spirits that inhabit the mailbox have no trouble accessing money from your bank account. It should be possible to use a mailbox in order to request for coins to be delivered to you by mail. Just like the function of a foreign token, this will enable a mailbox to serve as a means to withdraw coins but not deposit. Unlike a token, the spirits would charge a fee and there would be a delay in the retrieval of coins. -The spirits would not return coins to the bank -Delivery would have to be received by the owner of the bank account -The strength of the mailbox's enchantment would affect delivery time This idea is a solution to the issue behind the topic in this thread: Merchants deduct funds from bank account
  8. It could be interesting to allow players to build a bank, set up an NPC banker and allow other players to come buy silver ingame, rather than over forums. The King would get a minor tax for each transaction. Also, for the risk taking bankers, we could allow for loans, interest rates and all. To get even more interesting, pay back of loans could come in the form of simple materials/goods: veggies, meat, bricks, mortar, logs, etc. Player/banker can set the acceptable payment options. Could also be used to manage WTB transactions for simple goods like those. Very important feature: Transaction Ledgers. We need reports PLEASE. I would love to put my Wurm silvers to work, rather than just cashing it out on PayPal.
  9. Folk would spend more. It'd be great for the economy. I've seen some very cool merchant setups, which the game isn't ready for because first the customer has to find a Token to get money out of their bank.
  10. Hello Wurmians, not sure if i m doing it wrong, but if i try to withdraw money from a settlement token it tells me i can't. Yes, i ve got a bank account there and yes i ve also got money Thx and save travels, Simju
  11. Hi, can we add the ability to right-click "sell" to a merchant while mounted? Currently when I try to sell while mounted I get. [15:54:46] You need to be on solid ground to do that. [15:54:51] You leave the old fat Dancehop. [15:54:56] You receive 11 irons. Your bank account will be updated shortly. Is there currently a reason why we cannot sell while mounted?
  12. Since trading via CoD is a big thing in Wurm it really is time for a better bank management. We need a window where you can see the transactions of the last 30 or 50 days (or more). Having to note the amount you have in the bank before you CoD something to be able to check if the buyer paid is a pain in the lower end. Even more when you sell a lot of stuff constantly. BTW this was suggested years ago already but I couldn't find the thread.
  13. This is not a big deal at all but i thought i would post about it anyway. I went to put some money in my alts bank and it was positioned at my mining deed so it gave me an option to move the bank but the deeds name was not all there. It gave the name "Sutter" but the name of the deed is "Sutter's Cave" so i am not sure if it just shortens all the deeds names up or if maybe the apostrophe is causing an issue.
  14. Like the title says can you interact with a token through a window? I am wanting to put the token behind the wall in a secure area but use a window to allow players to reach through to make bank withdrawals..etc Will this work does anyone know? Edit: here is a pic so you can see more of what i am after here the spot of sand is the token tile..
  15. with 3k+ iron coins, I could repeatedly "flash crash" my client. It wasn't a full crash to desktop, just a 3 second crash and auto reload. I would just open bank and try dragging all coins at once to make it happen. To get coins in bank, I just started dragging smaller selections (about 30 at a time) until I was down to 1800ish coins, then tried dragging them all again and it worked just fine, doing the normal 100 at a time. I never dropped coins on the ground, remembering the server crash from a few months back
  16. Not sure what the deal is. Is anyone else seeing this issue with the banks? I went to check my mail and collect a few items and i got this message.. [08:31:05] Failed to contact the bank. Please try later. Edit:This is on Deliverance server so not sure about the others.
  17. When withdrawing money from your bank via a token, the default amount is automatically set at the maximum possible which means for the 99% of times when you don't wish to withdraw your entire bank account it's a case of individually setting each coin amount. It seems to me it would be far more efficient if the default value is set at 0g 0s 0c 0i and then we can quickly enter the exact value we wish to withdraw. We could even add a "withdraw full amount" button for those rare cases when we actually do wish to withdraw the full amount. Cheers
  18. It would be wonderful if you could see your banking transactions when examing your bank, similar to the village history at the tokens. This would allow people to see who paid them what for COD items or when they sent to what player. Mail history would be great too.
  19. Wana make one place for all what is going on right now in WP. WTS: 1k cotton at 40+ql 4 speed traited aged horses with saddles. Horse shoes 40+ql WTB: 50 Torch lamp heads 1 sac. knife Jobs: Diger on highway, aprox. 3k dirt to dig. Miner in marble cave, aprox. 2k marble shards. Builder with 50+ skills, aprox. 150 walls in difrent floors. recruting pearl markets buy or sell coins sell referal