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Found 1 result

  1. Bandits, when I first started to play Wurm online. I was a little shocked to see that they have never been implemented into the game and it is something that I would see as a improvement to the game overall, adding into a new non-player faction/group. that could improve itself slightly without making them impossible to kill or clear out. For my idea the bandits are rather simple, like other creatures in the game give them a spawn point to start off in like everything else in the game, however bandits should have a wider aggro range to be able to spot players and NPCs and other hostile NPC. they could attempt to raid a small town or village, a guard tower or even attempt to attack another spawn point of a nearby creature, giving them a chance to steal items that are laying around the ground or an unlocked containers, or even from player and animal corpses. Bringing them back to their own spawn point storing the items inside the more items they have a stronger they are. attempting to attack an bandit that is within the range of another bandit should call for aid, bring other near by bandits, but unlike guard towers it should not signal everyone that it on it should be only a matter of 10 tiles in any direction from the bandit that it's being attacked. Below I was given some simple ideas on what kind of bandit and things you can get from either butchering and/or looting them. An bandit berserker, pretty much a heavy hitter on a more visual scale the size could increase to just over the size of regular players models, either wielding a double handed weapon or two years believe each hand. make them be able to bash fences or attack large carts, wagons. loot/butchery products: cloth, broken 'type' armor (can be melted into lumps) and (chaos server human meat), whenever possible items it has stolen and if inventory. An bandit archer, the common range NPC method must be able to attack players and other hostile NPCs from an distant of least five to six. pretty much a hospital support unit for the others of its faction/group, it should a an attempt to flee if players or hostile NPCs get within three to two tiles from it. loot/butcher product: cloth, broken 'type armor (can be melted into lumps) broken bow ( can be scavenged for scrap wood ) small chance of finding intact arrows, broken arrows ( can be scavenged into scrap wood ) (chaos server human meat), whenever possible items it has stolen and if inventory. An bandit thief, should be able to pick the locks from average to poor without a problem . More rare versions of this type should be able to handle more advanced ones, the feet should be rather fast yet poor quality fighter. loot/butcher product: cloth, torn leather armor (can be combined with other leather) broken dagger ( can be melted into lumps ) lockpicks, broken lockpicks ( can be melted into lumps ) minimum chance of low quality. leather armor (chaos server human meat), whenever possible items it has stolen and if inventory.