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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, The collection of snowballs is becoming increasingly tedious and an irritating waste of time. It is not as if there is any skill involved in collecting snow, thus: 1. Why do all tiles not have snow? - tedious to go around clicking on each and every tile to find "collect snow" 2. Why are not all snowballs 99ql? - tedious to have to drop untidy piles of snowballs all over the place, as there is no point in collecting snowballs under 90ql, else the damage until next winter would be too great for larder to be effective. Suggestions: 1, either make this activity skill related, e.g. foraging, gardening, digging; or 2. adjusted to make it less tedious, i.e. all tiles to have snow and all snowballs to be 99ql; or 3. have 90+ql snowballs at least 90% of all snow collected, rather than the current 10 to 20%. On the positive side, however, the decay rate of snowballs in the icebox of the larder is now much better. Hoping that the new and wonderfully enthusiastic Dev team will give this a little bit of attention before next Wurm winter... Thanks, Baloo