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Found 5 results

  1. Have the free players simply gain skill slower so they can still get there but have to work harder. And make it easier to earn silver. That way, hard work has as much influence as money and free players could be as valuable a addition to any group as premium players. Have the free players gain skill slower instead of the hard cap at 20, so that skill and time have as much influence as money. Alternatively, have the skills stay the same when off-Premium, instead of decaying towards 20 when you don’t have premium. That way, people would be enticed to buy at least one premium and another when they need it, rather than being forced into it because otherwise they might lose all their hard work and time. In addition, I would suggest making silver easier to earn in-game. I understand that to maintain a game like this, money is necessary, but I really think it can be more balanced without the makers losing out on money. It’s a great game, I really enjoy it, this is just a suggestion.
  2. Right now you can embark and disembark from 3 tiles away, It removes you as a target also, and you can just keep doing this as long as your horse or cart was the last thing you click. Or MAYBE JUST LIKE A LIL TIMER **mounting** 2-3 seconds, quicker if you have a saddle dependent on ql?
  3. I am not sure if Wurm Online has native support for SLI or not. However, I discovered that the following settings in NVIDIA Profile Inspector seem to work. I verified with GPU-Z that the load is being spread across both of my NVIDIA GTX 970s as they both have around 50% GPU Load. What you need to do is create a profile named "Wurm Online" and find your j2plauncher.exe file from Java since this is what the game uses and add it to the new profile. Once you apply these settings, you can restart the Wurm client and verify with GPU-Z that the load is being spread across both video cards. It works for me! Keep in mind, you need to select the number of GPUs to use in SLI rendering mode. I only have two (one GPU per card) but some cards have dual GPUs, etc.
  4. Hi Folks , we are currently running a small PVP Server with all Four Kingdoms and the next days with a PMK. Now we have had several Valrei Scenarios completed and we are struggling with the strength and/or Numbers of Valrei Mobs (Drakespirits and Spirit Eagles in special). Thosw guys are far to strong for small pop servers. Deathcrawlers and Uttachas are ok from the point of fighting them Nogums havent arrived yet. Now to the Question/Topic. @Keegan : Are there any possibilities or plans for tuning those mobs down a little for smaller servers or some kind of Menu/server settings for adjusting them. Right atm it is impossible for other people than our JK inhabitants to journey half way save cause Drakespirits are way to strong. Eaglespirits in small numbers are doable but only with LT weapons and really high fighting stats
  5. Hey everyone, As a lib priest Ive noticed that we dont have many options when it comes to enchanting. For weapons we have Rotting touch and Bloodthisrt but they cant be stacked so that leaves us wit only 1 spell to put on weapons. White-light priests have the ability to stack the different enchantments from all WL priests on weapons, thus giving them an advantage over BL weapons. I only want to bring this up to gather the opinion of our community. There's two polls attached to this thread, please take you time to answer the questions.