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Found 9 results

  1. 🐎 Frost's Leatherworks🐎 Hello everyone, thanks for being here! My goal here at Frost's Leatherworks is to. supply simply made products to my amazing friends in Wurm. This text is an informative pre script to get the word out that my Business is soon to come Currently I am level 32 and leather working and around the same in black smithing if that is needed I will be making a more detailed list of prices And availability when I I am able to do so do not worry it will not be long before I get the show on the road in the meantime if you need anything you need anything please reply here and I will try to make What do you need Thanks again
  2. There are other threads that mention spidersilk and I wanted to revive the concept, plus add some specifics I'd like to see with it. First off, there are different types of spiders: Giant, Lava and Fog. I think each should drop silk of different characteristics in armor crafting: 1. Giant drops the strongest silk, providing the best overall physical attack resistance. 2. Lava silk is less for physical, but high flame resists. 3. Fog - you guessed it, bonus to dodge and stealth (those bloody bast...). Spidersilk by default should weigh than cloth and provide the same movement and no impedance to combat or spell casting, but be as protective as leather armor. It should also require it's own skill, under tailoring. "Wurmhole, you jerk! That would ruin all my years of work skilling cloth and leather crafting!" Well, to answer: not if we limit the silk drops to only rare rolls when butchering. Also, we need to make spidersilk behave like leather imping, where the silk QL can be lower than the crafted item. Please consider drake hide armor. Did it kill the leather armor market? Nope. Why not have spidersilk craftable by CT skill? Because I want everyone to have equal opportunity to raise themselves up to master crafter levels, at the time it is introduced. How do we skill this, with it being so rare? We also add a coin pouch. This tiny little pouch can be crafted from a single drop of silk and imped for days on a second drop of silk. In fact, the super stretchy qualities of spidersilk make using it to improve have an almost imperceptible amount of loss over time. - Coin pouch would have the special quality of combining all coins into larger amounts & auto gather coins from praying. - Imping coin pouches raises QL VERY slowly, due to the incredibly intricate nature of the materials (yes, so we don't have to make 100 pouches and have them all taking up inventory space, or using up too much silk to level the skill). I detest the wastefulness of wurm's current craft grinds, making 100 needles, 100 butcher knives, 100 rope tools, 100 ores, etc. Finally, we have to have spidersilk packs! Weigh half as much as a satchel and carry as much as a regular backpack. By the time this is released, I'm sure the excitement of the 10yr knapsacks will have worn off and everyone will be itching for the latest packs to show off. Appearances are everything!! Make the armor and packs reflect the spiders they came from: - White - Orange - Somewhat greyish/foggy/smoky looking, without looking like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown cartoons. I think that covers it, but please add more suggestions or changes to keep this viable. PvP? Not sure how good or bad this will impact it, but I imagine it would be similar to the release of drake hide armor.
  3. WTS Rare Satchel 45+ QL Glows on your back 4 silvers + cod from Xanadu Or pickup @ Summerholt Thks
  4. 99ql - Bag of Keeping, leather (0 damage) Starting bid: 75s (no euro only silver..sorry) Increments: 2s Buyout: 85s (SOLD buyout) No reserve, 1h sniper Note: Pick up at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. Bag of Keeping - If you don't know what this is have a look.
  5. This is the absolute best i can do on this item... 99ql - Bag of Keeping, leather (0 damage) - 85s Note: Pick up at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. Bag of Keeping.. Moved to auction ..
  6. I have a 99ql Bag of Keeping for sale with no damage if you don't know what the BoK does then have a look at the link at the bottom of the page but it keeps items in it on your person when you die like coins, keys and some small tools. 99ql - Bag of Keeping, leather (0 damage) Starting bid: 1g (euro 1:1 rate) Increments: 5s Buyout: 1g 20s No reserve, 1h sniper Note: I am giving a long timer on this so people can get their money together. Pick up at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. Bag of Keeping..
  7. WTB Bag of Keeping or mBoK. PM offers
  8. Like the title says I have two BoK's for sale. They are 99.00 ql, which is how they came. They have 2.85 dmg, and 2.7 dmg. These BoK's are located on Independence at the Freedom Market. For people who may not know these bags are great for storing small trinkets you may need, but don't want to have to worry about such as the keys to your chests. They also can hold things like first aid kits to go hunting with, or to help keep the rot of your meals when out traveling. Here is a picture of both bags. The spyglass in the picture is not included in the sale. You can get one for 60E or both for 110E.
  9. 99QL, 0 damage. .25kg [15:31:57] A small non-descript leather bag with a strap. [15:31:57] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Peo'. Comes with a 70QL .4kg butchering knife, Drunkenrabbit signature. Make a good offer and I may sell. />