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Found 7 results

  1. I've asked around a bit, and I haven't spoken to many people who actually want to change the Epic skillgain system in the upcoming update. Most of the changes being implemented sound good, and I expect will bring some life to the server (already have, in fact!), but I don't recall anyone in the past requesting even quicker skillgain than we already have. And I definitely didn't hear anyone requesting this new system that completely changes how skills are gained; where actions give skill, rather than skill relying on timers. Remember, Epic already has increased skillgain (2x) and the curve to assist new players in starting the game. It has been demonstrated before that you can be completely PvP ready in under a month of gameplay! In my opinion it just makes a legitimate server cluster seem more gimmicky, like Challenge.
  2. A little over a year ago I bought Wurm and joined some friends on a server called Redneck Solutions, we had fun in the beginning learning the game, crafting, competition and comraderie all in one, I looked forward to playing. Then it turned kinddah ugly, you find out on private servers thaty the people who have the server have clicks and they can pretty much do whatever they want, like spawning 15 Nogumps and a gazillion trolls around your property because they want your group to go we did..(And we all did the happy dance when they imploded and disappearred) to move on......So then you get your own server and it is a headache, especially PVE and dealing with new folks and keeping everything lies an oxymoron....friendly game.......well I come and go at this quite steady, really feeling underappreciated for dealing with new people and it is a struggle to have an independent open to the public server and cover all bases. Finally this chapter closes, alittle under duress and some friendships may never be the same. part of the group stayed with Redneck, but the majority left, some went on to the new map in the PVE after a bigh ole fat wipe, and some moved on.....So now we try server hopping, man there are alot out there that have good and bad points, same with some of the people. Tamureil, Mythmoor, Skotopolis, Highborne, and a few other I am sure I lost count...Its almost like feast or famine with this game. Finally settle into Fields of Conquest PVP, play for a while meet some folks, but never a steady stream, never the same....always feel like your just playing to beat maybe to go try something new....Well if you are a noob, do not go to a very active PVP server, more lessons learned over the next couple of days.....then I think did I really buy into this to be this frustrated.....I mean the level of tedium in the game is fierce even on the modded servers, and thats another thing, this server has this mod and that one has this and generally there is no where to find out and the maps are all different does anyone have a link?, It is completely maddening and its not fun anymore....well I guess some people were right PVE is to quiet and PVP if its an active server might not be your cup of tea, for there are surely days when you feel like you have been jumped by the mob. All in all it was great and it was depressing at times...I just can not find a happy medium I guess....any suggestions? there are aspects of the game I like but there are some that are not so nice....
  3. Who is our forum host? I need to contact them and report their abysmal failure to provide usable levels of service to us. Certainly nobody at Code Club is doing anything about it, so it is up to the players to make changes. If we can't get these working properly, I think we should start a user group forum separate from Wurmonline official forums.
  4. (Mostly a WU suggestion until they decide to re-enable tree collision on WO) Currently chestnut trees take up an entire tile. I suggest making them spawn the same way as oak and willow, requiring a one tile exclusion zone around them. Chestnut forests are nearly impossible to traverse due to the fact they take up an entire tile, and if they are side by side, can block a player completely.
  5. No Valentine's gift this year. Seriously? Why not? Don't you like us any more? Time to make up for this oversight. I suggest pink unicorns. Immediately. Or perhaps we can get an egg which will spawn a very cute and very colourful fantasy bird when placed in a bird cage. Not giving a Valentine gift is not nice. Please, rectify this!! It is not too late! We will forgive you! Oh, bringing back rare cart glow would be awesome. And of course, the most annoying bug in game: Please make carts and wagons follow the terrain under it! Or take away sitting on carts, cause that is when it got broken. My little Wurmian legs can hold up standing on a cart as long as I can see the troll running from the back to flick his booger at me.
  6. The champion deer army is building up, the furer lordlouis is imposing his ideology to the deers of wurms. Many races have already joined him! We most unifie , we must ally! To fight against The Wurm national socialist!
  7. Ok so I ran into the problem where I forgot my password However!! I followed the steps to fix this error and when it sent the rest password email I did such actions and then I got a new password (random letters and Numbers) and when I attempt to login it says password or username incorrect? so if anyone thinks they can fix my problem whether its my ignorance or computer error. please help I haven't done a whole lot on my character but I don't have the time to put in to doing it all over again plus my keys are on that said character with my stuff locked in a chest, in my house, and inside a gated town.