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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am here to warn you not to buy from this person or his friend Echo. I put my trust, not knowing his rep, in my kingdom on chaos. He learned when the best time to do his deed was. He stole so much stuff from us. 5 to 6 hota statues, SMC, about 10 high casted COC and woa tools that I put in a LMC for kingdom to use and return that I won in an auction and so much more. I tell and beg you not to buy from him. He is a thief and all he sells is not his. He has stolen it. @Mickaell@Echo you still have time to do good. @Enki I would really like it if you came to my deed on Chaos and look at everything that was taken. Sheer Pandemonium is where it was all taken from.