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Found 5 results

  1. Please give a warning prior the nightly backups, at least for Xanadu Even 1 minute in advance is fine. Please and thank you.
  2. Folks, What is your backup strategy for your server? Can you backup the server files while the server is in operation? Or do you need to take the server down, backup the files and then start the server again? If it's the later, is there any way of automating the process (ie run a batch file to bring down a current server via remote command -> backup the files -> bring up the server again)? I realise this may not be an issue for some servers as the files are sufficiently small that backups would be relatively quick, but large servers do take a while to shutdown and then start again.
  3. I need a command in game or something that I can run to properly backup all character information across all of my servers. For some reason this game does not seem to backup my character data for those characters on my clustered servers. This is a HUGE flaw. Basically all of my characters on clustered servers get rolled back at each restart. This is a huge bug and I do not know why other people have not experienced this, or are not complaining about this.
  4. How often does the dedicated server write to disk? I read somewhere that it keeps things in virtual memory and I got it into my head that it doesn't ever write to disk until it shuts down, but that wouldn't really make sense, would it? The question comes up as I'm trying to figure out a backup scheme for my server and it'd be best if I didn't have to take the server down every time I wanted to do a backup. Thanks! -Llurendt
  5. Hello fellow WU users, LOVING this hosting my own server. I hope you are all too. I have a few questions. 1) What are the important files I should backup in case of computer poof? 2) Where are the character files stored for each member of my server? (ie. Are they stored on my computer with the server or on their computer in steam WU client file folder? ) Please add any questions or answers to this thread. Thank you all so much for being part of Wurm with me. See you on top of a mountain somewhere.