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Found 27 results

  1. After the latest update, items having damage and being located in my worn knapsack don't show the damage colours, despite them having damage. I'm not entirely sure this is intended, however, given that lots of players store their items in a knapsack as well, it might be very useful to have those colours added to items stored in worn backpacks or knapsacks. Added is one screenshot, showing the colours at items in the inventory and the missing ones at items in the knapsack Thorin
  2. As the title says, suggestion to allow TAKE command to work on the contents of an equipped backpack or satchel just as it functions for anything else. I have TAKE bound to Q. Still after all these years, I open up my backpack and try to use Q to move something into my main inventory. IRL, I take stuff out of backpacks all the time. Sometimes even from my own. I don't think this would have any negative effects on how anyone operates currently. Changes nothing except for those who would like to make use of the functionality. Thank you much
  3. Reserve 18s Bids start at 15s Buyouts pm Sapphirewolf or Innominate please
  4. The backpack when opened is always the same default position and size. Is it a bug that it doesn't stay at the size and position you change it to? Stacking isn't working in there. Keybinds don't work on items in there. Why is the backpack equipped so different than all other containers?
  5. This auction is part of a series of auctions for charity. Please read the following thread for more details: Up for auction is a Fountain Backpack Auction ends Wednesday, August 5th, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 50s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Public Offers Considered No Reserve, No Private Bidding 1hr Sniper Protection Will be CoD'ed from Independence
  6. Please update the Wurm wiki on mixed grass To include the following: Grass can be sold to the merchant via the Activate the item, and right-click sell command to earn coins toward your quota. Number of units of mixed grass that fit inside a 6 pottery flask 41 quiver 50 Pottery Jar 50 Fruit press 62 water skin 100 backpack 100 satchel 100 pottery bowl
  7. Auction for this shiny thing here: - can imp to QL70 for an additional 50c to winning bid - CoD from Chaos (20c) Starting bid: 4s Bid increment: 50c Buyout: 9s
  8. Cheers, while I was going to clean up the raw footage of last week's video about big ships and cave kennels canals, which had a mostly positive reception, I found some more from a while back. It's not everybody's cup of tea, but sometimes I really enjoy poking around in containers. Like in Minecraft, so many have taken on the habit to poke through eachother's chests. So when I found out you could see people's backpack contents when they're wearing it, I was filled with glee. I hope you'll enjoy this a little bit as well. Also, dragons. Correct me, or point out my commentary mistakes if you must! (Christmas gifts (soft cap), mixing up people's names e.g.) What are YOU carrying in your backpack(s)?
  9. Hello All! I am auctioning off a Rare Backpack , yes it glows! Starting Bid 3s Inc 50c Buyout : 10s Sniper Protection : 1hr CoD from Release
  10. Auctioning a fountain backpack, a great container for storage that you can no longer make! Starting bid: 50s Ends 24h from now Minimum increments of 1s Winner pays cod or can pickup on west deli 1h sniper protection Happy bidding
  11. Rare saddle Starting bid: 6s Increment: 1s Buyout: 10s Rare ring Starting bid: 1s Increment: 50c Buyout: no Rare backpack Starting bid: 4s Increment: 0.5s Buyout: 7s No reserve 1 hour sniper protection Buyer pays postage And remember, the backpack glows when you wear it!
  12. SOLD. close

    Only Fountain Sauce pan left, great for smelting your ores looking for 70s, willing to negotiate Accepting Euros aswell, veryfied paypal
  13. Selling it. Need to raise some silvers. Price: 69 silver. Can be picked up on Xanadu NE area, coastal deed, or a simple COD.
  14. WTS 60QL Rare Backpack [11:34:35] A backpack made from leather with metal husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. A mallet must be used on the backpack in order to smooth out a quirk. And yes, it glows when you wear it! Price: 10 silver coins I got a 12 hour timer on it. Since if it doesn't get sold by then, I have plans to give it to my friend. I think he has been a little jellous about the shiney backpack i been strolling around with in his face. Sorry for the max price.
  15. You Are Bidding On: Lot #1 - Rare Backpack 90QL: Lot #2 - Rare Quiver 90QL: Lot #3 - Rare Waterskin 90QL: (Can be COD to the winner or picked up at Fort Huntsman Docks, West Coast of Release) Starting Bid: All 3s Increments: 50c Buyout: None Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All!
  16. I am just curious as to what the reasoning is that made the developers make it so a pelt does not fit in a backpack. Is there some kind of unbalancing that would be tipped if they let them be? I just don't see it and i want to keep it with the rest of my blacksmith tools tucked away in the backpack. Anyway i was just wondering... i did not think it merited as a suggestion and wanted to rant about it someplace, lol
  17. Hello! I'd like to sell my rare backpack. I can COD it (buyer pay cod) or can be pickup at Blossom. Starting bit: 1s Min increment: 50c Sniper protection: 3 hour No Buyout
  18. A backpack made from leather with metal husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The backpack has some excess leather that needs to be cut away with a leather knife. Starting bid: 1.5s Increments: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 2s CoD or Pickup available.
  19. WTS 40QL Rare Backpack: A backpack made from leather with metal husks. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The backpack needs some holes punched with an awl. Starting bid: 1.5s Increments: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: 2s CoD or Pickup available.
  20. title explain its self looking for a white drake set/spyglass for trade(sliver will be added either way) or other cool items you think is worth it also can sell in both euro and sliver
  21. There is a test going on with adding the backpack and quiver to the quickbar but you can not make suggestions in that thread so made this. I would like to see this also added to the event window at the bottom for those of us that use that instead of the new quickbar. It does not have to have all the visuals just a simple toggle open option from there would be fine. Edit: Well maybe this should have gone in the suggestions sections but i find it silly that you can not make suggestions in that other thread anyway so...move it if you like. I guess if anyone else has any suggestions or opinions that can not be posted in the other thread feel free to add them here. Original test thread..