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Found 14 results

  1. Lurker in the dark should correctly scale to server size, same as lurker in the wood for finding champions. also Avatars should be possible to find by lurker in the dark, because avatar belongs to valrei, same as traitors (they emits same radiation or something xD ), without that to find avatar is very hard if not impossible, more time from begin of mission=much harder, avatars moves very fast, in 1 hour they can wander to opposite side of map only visual searching is not enough. and lurker in the woods should be adjustable (by right click menu on pendulum) for finding not only champs, but greenish, hardened and others too, that will make more possibilities for missions.
  2. Not sure if this is an issue over multiple servers, we'd need feedback from other players, but I have noticed the recent trend of freshly spawned avatars is for them to start running away from the deeds they spawned at. First one ran about 200-250 tiles away from the deed where he spawned. The next one ran about 300 tiles away from the deed he spawned at. Thought they were supposed to stay near the deeds where they spawned right?
  3. Avatar of fo

    I was on my way to the southern sermon priest party, when I saw the giant fo avatar. This was a couple days ago, South western part of pristine I believe. I haven't seen an avatar for about three or more years. I had seen the vynora avatar, was just a standard default model of a character. White shirt, brown pants, and was a guy lol. I'll get my screen shots on here in a few moments ^^
  4. http:// This is what Bagheera, my Nahjo priest alt, looks like after the update ! lol Edit: It would seem that all characters / players / avatars look the same too! Is this an April Fool's prank by the devs ????
  5. Hi all, I have a question, how the mission process when you have to give avatar something look like. I have this mission in WU, but I have never fullfiled such mission in WO either, so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if there is a bugged mission on my WU server. So i have a request from Fo: Fo wants 1 of you to bring and give iron ribbons to Fo avatar last seen ..... I have createad 2 iron ribbons and brought it to the avatar. I have a "give" option on right click but when I click give, nothing happens. No messae, he does not stomp my head or take the items. Just nothing happens. Does anyone know if there is such request from avatar, whether the items must be of certain quality, certain item or certain rarity to be accepted by the avatar? Or do I have to "give" it in some special condition or settings? (Like midnight, after i eat Mandrake root dug out in agony by dying hellhound? ) Or is my WU servers' mission bugged? Thanks a lot for any hint.
  6. Hello all, I don't imagine this is news to some of you but if anyone cares, the "Venerable Avatar of Magranon Traitor" is stomping around the countryside east of Sweet Island. This is the first avatar I've ever seen... very intimidating... I'm quite happy I'm on a boat!
  7. Myself and Toma caught this thing this morning as it was peeking around my deed. Currently its penned. and
  8. Near Deliverance Harbour if anyone wants to give it a go, bring friends if your going to kill it she hits hard.
  9. Even Libila's Avatar knows how to have fun. Very rough drawing I think, just tried to have fun with it. Screwed up on a lot of things but whatever it was fun. Hours: roughly 8 Tools: Pencil and Artline. Didn't scan it like I normally do so the quality isnt amazing.
  10. My suggestion is pretty simple: Add a "sit animation", it could be as simple as making it like a gesture in "loop", doing that gesture would trigger the animation on and off. Any other animation, like walking, fighting, waving, etc. would stop that "sit down" animation loop. This would serve no industrial purpose, but I think it would broaden the chances of interaction with the enviroment. ----------------------------- O ----------------------------------- Another posibility would be that certain items have the "sit down" option in their menu when right clicking them, and the character could "embark" the item, with a sitting down animation, but I recon this would be more complicated to implement than a free sitting animation as a gesture. Maybe even a "sit on ground" animation that you can trigger anywhere.
  11. mission description was: Name: Everyone: Vynora's lesson Creator: System Started: 30/06/13 15:03 Completed: 30/06/13 16:41 Restartable: No Description: Vynora wants 19 of you to bring and give bracelets to Venerable avatar of vynora.Venerable avatar of vynora was last seen near Cyclone in the northwest regions. from the description, i assumed it would require 19 different people to give bracelets, but i tried and i could give all 19 bracelets myself and complete the mission alone, which is a bug i guess that didn't work on the mission about doing ritual of fog on the symbol of strenght (only the first one i did counted, so that one wasn't bugged)
  12. Only one week after the avatar of Magranon was discovered in the southeast of Deli, I encountered an Avatar of Fo today! What's going on here? This giant, like its Magranon brother, is roaming the southeast (around Iron Acorn, 40x, 36y):
  13. I ran into this Venerable Avatar of Magranon today: Currently he is roaming the area around my deed on the Serendipity Peninsula in the southeast of Deliverance (around 42x, 39y).
  14. So, walking around, minding my own business.... cleaning up the daily deaths at the border of my deed when in the distance I see this "large monitor" walking thing. I had to admit I was somewhat taken aback... the biggest thing I've seen so far in this game is a very large lava spider that was fenced in just south of Tap Dance. So, I casually ask in Freedom chat wtf this thing is. I still dont have a clue other than the advice of not attacking it. I took said advice and fed it some scorpion meat. It enjoyed it heartily but alas, after awhile it was full and wanted no more. I also tried to feed it some Troll meat but apparently, even for its size, it has quite the small stomach... either that or it just thought Troll meat wasn't very appetizing. So uh.... what is this thing, whats it purpose and will it continue to loiter around my property? First saw 01/21/13 in Southern Celebration. PAR