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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I am selling 2 full suits of Studded Leather Armor 75QL All pieces are enchanted with Aura Of Shared Pain with an average cast of 64 and 56 per set. Brown Bear Helms can be exchanged for the caps on request. 7.5s each PM Tahlula in game, reply here, or PM here.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently started playing on Harmony and I want to sell some of the stuff I have currently on Xanadu. I'll mail anything I can, but for anything else, you'll have to come pick it up. Prices are pretty open, just make an offer. I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible! Everything in these images is for sale, but I also have 51 small crates in a rack that I'll sell if you are willing to come get them. Location is close to Whitefay. PM CuteStrudels if you have any questions and happen to catch me on! All tools and armor have the enchants shown in their name. Ex: (aosp 82) = aura of shared pain 82. I have some vanity/seasonal items I'm getting rid of like witches hat and skull mask (and a snowman not shown in the pictures). Make a reasonable offer for these if you are interested, but ideally I just want them sold. Already Sold rare small barrel - sold carving knife (2x) - sold horseshoe (woa 101) - sold snowman statue - sold NOTE I will be updating images when I can to remove sold items.
  3. Simple poll, if you're buying a suit of armour, which enchant would you prefer to have. This is a question for PvE players only.
  4. Set 1 (Dextrome's Armour) 14s SOLD Set 2 (Mittie's Armour) 5s Pickup or CoD (not sure if you can CoD it but I think so...) I'm located at Kaivas Home on Exodus x4y18
  5. Hey all, I'm looking to earn some in-game silver to pay for deeds and thought I'd task it upon my priests. First in line is Henzy - he can cast enchanted grass and do basic vyn spells (anything at 50 faith and below.) Second is Rockeater - he's a mag priest of over 70 faith, meaning he can cast strongwall, mole senses and others like smite. Almost able to do disintegrate too, could do it with another mag linking. Prices are as follows: Henzy: Enchanted Grass (80c/tile) - path of love ability, enchants grass tiles so they give almost infinite food to grass-eating animals such as horses. Castable once every 21 hours. Other vyn spells (e.g. Animal's Demise) are negotiable. Rockeater: Strongwall* (1s/cast) - collapses mined cave tiles. AoSP (negotiable, 2c/power as a rule though that can decrease on larger orders) - adds a whole new dimension to armour, turning it into a weapon that can fight back! PM me for specifics. Mole Senses* (80c/cast) - Detects the depth of rock underneath the tile or border, in intervals of 10 dirt, up to 200 dirt in depth. Great way to find new mines to build. *If you can provide sac items on these casts then I'll knock 30c off of the price per cast (and it'll be a much quicker process) I can travel to anywhere on Indy, Deli, Exo or as a long shot Celebration. I'm based in West Deliverance and in South Independence, anywhere near there is easiest for me to travel to. I don't charge travel fees, feel free to tip for longer journeys but I don't mind. While working at your deed, it would be helpful to have access to a vyn/mag altar. Gives me something to do while waiting on the enchanted grass timer or for favor to regenerate. A bed and even a chest to store stuff in would be very much appreciated on longer jobs. While present I can do altar blessing and converts for free. On larger orders prices are somewhat negotiable, moreso if you can meet some of the criteria in the above paragraph I can accept alternative payments such as gems of equivalent value. PM Me or post here if you're interested.