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Found 6 results

  1. This is something I've long been meaning to suggest. When inside a mine, you can hear two different sound loops: A crumbling sound, as if sand and pebbles are flowing down A soft blowing of the wind through the tunnels The creepy crumbling sound has always freaked me out and made me feel like I will, at any time, be crushed to death by a collapsing mine. I do LOVE that we have it though, so please don't get me wrong. I would never want it removed. I think that sound is one of the things that makes going into a mountain tunnel so exciting and thrilling! But wouldn't it be cool that once you've secured a mine with mine supports, that the crumbling sound stops and only the soft wailing of the wind sound is left? We all know that immense satisfaction of getting those mine supports up there, but imagine how much more satisfying it would be if the mine sounded more secure as well!?
  2. Since day one, I've wished I could change all my volume levels for Music, Ambient, creature, fighting, etc. I also want this to be controlled while INGAME and not something that requires logging to change. I'm sure it is just a Java issue, but by golly, please figure out a way to solve it I imagine a world where I can listen to the Wurm soundtrack when playing casually, then turn it off when I think I hear some sneaky critter near by. Where as I am sailing and need a quick compass heading, I can just disembark, check, embark, then turn down that awful water sloshing sound (because nobody seems to want this fixed?) and keep sailing. Where I can be playing, while in a Webex meeting with work, muting the game, but leaving the webex volume normal, so I don't miss my meeting. Pretty much every game does this. I think our Code Club devs are more than smart enough to do it too. Just need to talk Rolf into letting them tackle it and I know they can figure it out. I have 195 yellow potions I'm happy to donate to any dev player account as incentive, because they are fun!
  3. I rely heavily on sound for my gameplay and am overall quite satisfied with the in game sounds (though I do many times wish they were directional). Anyhow, the eating/drinking sounds positively freak me out. Whether it's my own character eating or one of my neighbors 40 tiles away. Those same sounds in real life would inspire the same reaction..just something that at best makes me twitch and on a bad day makes me want to punch something. Is there any way at all to disable JUST those sounds?
  4. As a new player to Wurm, the fact that animals don't make any sounds during their normal non-combat state, has felt very strange to me. Especially considering how much effort has been put into making the game so immersive otherwise. Something as simple as hearing a horse whinny or snort, a cow moo, a chicken cluck, a cat meow, a dog bark, an incoming wolf pant, a bear grunt etc - could enhance the immersion ten-fold. Right now these silent animals make them feel like lifeless game robots. The other day I tried out a branding iron for the first time and was absolutely shocked to hear the horse suddenly neigh in response to the pain! So the sounds are there, but are only used for when the animals are fighting/hurting? It goes without saying that I don't want the game to sound like a zoo 24/7 - however an occasional sound from nearby animals would enhance the atmosphere a lot! The sounds would not have to be attached to any sort of trigger, hell I'd be happy to just hear them once in a while. However if you really wanted to make things fancy it would of course be super cool if horses for instance snorted or pawed the ground upon grooming, or if one or two whinnied upon approaching the horse pen. This would also make tracking down wild animals more fun. I think back with much warmth to my Ultima Online days and keeping my ears open for a possible horse neigh in hopes to find a nightmare. And while we're talking about sound, it would be cool that the closer you got to the shoreline, the more you could hear the sound of seagulls to accompany the lap of the waves. When inland or on high mountains you could instead hear the sound of a hawk pass over once in a while. These sounds could help you navigate when lost in the middle of a huge forest as well. "Go towards the water, go towards the sound of seagulls"
  5. I have an issue I can't figure out how to fix. I think I may have done this on purpose in the past and now I can't figure out how to reverse it. When I plug in my earphones, all sound is directed into them except for Wurm. I have Windows 7, which from what I have searched does not have options to choose the output device for different programs. I have also searched the wurm forums, and google for wurm/audio keywords and not found the answer. Is there a secret setting in Wurm? My computer is Windows 7, and this happens while running regular wurm client or unstable client.
  6. Just wanted to notify those who need to be notified. When I enable ambient sounds i noticed a huge drop in fps. Seems sounds stack up big time on the ram, at least this is my theory.