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Found 23 results

  1. Located at Port Onody on Independence at M18 or 38x, 37y on player map. Offering a fine selection of bulk specialty products plus Pottery, Carpentry and Fine Carpentry items. Free delivery on bulk items to pve servers on orders of 10s or more. Else delivery charges of 1s apply. All deliveries include limited free tree cutting and chopping, at least 1 90+ ql guarenteed. FAVOR in Cordage 1s per 1,000 favor delivered by mail in low volume--I pay postage. 10k to 25k 0.85s per 1,000 delivered 25k to 50k 0.8s per 1,000 delivered 50k+ 0.7s per 1,000 delivered LYE per Small Barrel, 45 kg Special order at this time 70 ql 0.75s 75 ql 1s 80 ql 1.25s 85 ql 1.50s 90 ql 2.0s out of stock, PM me to get on waitlist LOGS - may take a few days to collect. 5s per large crate of 95+ ql If you need something else, we can work it out COAL 0-50 3s per 1000 in stock 50-70 4s per 1000 special order only 70-85 5s per 1000 special order only 85-89 6s per 1000 special order only 90, very hard to make even with 98 coal making. If making a high ql coal order, I'll let you know if I have any. Coal takes a long time to make. Your special order could take up to several weeks to first collect the wood and make the piles and then wait for them to burn down. RUGS Black Bear and mountain lion 20c each; wolf and brown bear 10c. TILE TRANSMUTATION 1 tile, 1s 4 tiles, 3s 0.75s per additional tile for higher volumes. May require waiting till next harvest season. POTTERY: 90 ql 1s 92 ql 2s 93 ql 2.5s 94ql 3s 95 ql 4s FINE CARPENTRY: 91ql 1s 92ql 1.5s 93ql 2s 94ql 2.5s 95ql 3s 97ql 4.5s 99ql 7s Need something else? Prices aren't working for you and you need to trade for what you want? PM me and lets work it out. Also available for large mortar or concrete orders.
  2. Ash: would be nice if all containers that have the burn option gave ash over time based on how much you burn. Currently you have to build a bunch of coal piles or create an entire field full of camp fires. The reason… Your containers that burn fuel will only produce 1 ash? I think ash should be accumulated over time. So it seems current containers have a burn count down timer of sorts that adds time up to a maximum; then counts down until the fire goes out. Why not add a total burn time counter in the containers that reaches a max time then resets. Every time that counter reaches its max time it produces an Ash (0.10 ash as I recall) in the container. It will slowly fill up until it completely stifles the fire and needs to be cleared out. Now this shouldn’t be intended to inundate a player with Ash so the “Ash Timer” reset time should be… one or one half the max burn time so you only get one to two ash per refueling action. This also improves the issue with players accumulating A LOT of wood scrap from other projects. Speaking of which… Scrap: It also would be nice if coal Piles use primarily wood scrap rather than a ton of logs. It not only makes more sense (I’ve seen coal piles built in RL and you really do use mostly undesirable wood for it) but also improves the overabundance of wood scrap. I would say it would be nice to see a craft list for coal piles to be more like this: 3x Dirt 4x logs (17kg or better) 150x Wood scrap Crafting timers would have to be shortened for the large quantity of Scrap to add or have similar timers and have a requirement that the scrap has to be 10 Kg or better so the player would need to combine it. It would be enhanced even further if you had to craft the dirt into mud first but that would add a whole new ingredient to the game, Likely prohibitive for the devs. Thank-you for any thoughts on these subjects everyone! Happy Wurming!
  3. My ash got eaten on Independence. Hey! I sent some ash a while got bounced back to me, I Waited till I touched base w/ the fellow, then went to the mailbox to resend. I opened the mailbox and saw this... Normal operations here. I can see my 3 ash waiting. So I checked the little boxes marked 'receive', then prepared to click 'send'. My 3 ash got moved to the spirit castle, and I saw the following... All good, I elected to immediately resend. You can see the time upper right corner (23:04:42) << that's EST. No damage on the ash, not a bit, not a tad, nothing. Zero damage at 23:04:04. So I did click the 'send' button to go to the next page. On the next page, I added my prices, then, just a second b4 I clicked that 'send' button, this happened... So, all 3 of my rare ash had no damage at all at 23:04:04, then at 23:04:47, just a few seconds later (about as long as it took me to click the prices and confirm my sending), and, BAM poof decay all gone. In the event tab it says 'An ash crumbles to dust.' I had to pay 3 copper to pull the failed ash out of the spirit castle. Zero damage. Your spirit castle ate my rare ashes.. well 2 of them. Please fix this seeing as I prefer not to have my products deleted during my spirit castle activities. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  4. can be closed.
  5. wts prices as marked, message here or in game Rumble
  6. Since ash has more uses than simply making lye, it would be handy to have some more sources than just coal piles or a dozen campfires A small bit generated inside the fire whenever a fire container goes out or is refueled is one means that stays immersive.
  7. When a forge/oven is lit, ash should store up in it the more fuel you add. Being able to extract this ash from the forge/oven after the fire is out would be a very helpful quality of life addition that would make creating ash much less painful when needing large amounts. Currently it's .10kg of ash per 1.5kg kindling campfire. So perhaps 10kgs of wood fueled to the forge could give 1kg of ash when the forge/oven goes out to make it a little simpler? You'd just right click the unlit oven or forge and get the option to Empty ash or something, which would then sweep it out into your inventory.
  8. Hello all, looking for several thousand ash if the price is right. Would appreciate waterfront delivery to Release although pickup is also possible. Contact Abbynormal in game or here on forums.
  9. Please post your sell price. I can pick it up as long as: the trade point is directly on the water, accessible by knarr, and on a PvE server.
  10. I would be interested in buying some bulk ash so pm me if you have some for sale. (I would want it delivered to north Indy) I found some this can be closed
  11. Coal 2250 50.0ql 9s 205 75.8ql 1s 500 82.2ql 3s SOLD PM me to place an order Ash 2205 45ql SOLD PM me to place an order 228 75ql 446 81ql 6s for all ash, make an offer for the higher ql. Tar 2191 49ql 1947 76ql 397 82ql Tar, make an offer 10k favor in cordage, 20s SOLD PM me to place an order. 2500 bricks, 5s Delivery 1s except not to Chaos, minimum order size may apply depending on distance and what else I have out that way. Pick-up at Port Onody on Indy at M18 in game map.
  12. I'll deliver to all servers coastal location (except chaos) for 1 silver. Pickup is at Port Onody on Indy at L18 on in-game map. 38x, 37y community map. Coal: 2000, 31ql -- 3s per 1000 200, 70 ql -- 1s per 200 If you need 70ql coal or ash, I can do pretty much whatever volume you need in a reasonable amount of time. Send me a PM.
  13. Hey i would like to sell: 38QL Ash 2246x - make me an offer 80QL Knarr cherrywood - 11s Pick up only Independence 28x / 17y map: PM ingame: Ckczk, Vecernice, Pijavice Barter payment: sleep powder 1.2s
  14. I'd like to buy 1000 ash for 1 silver. does anyone have it in stock? /// taken care of by Guruen thank you
  15. Cleaning up my deed and I have some things for Sale potions of mining 74.67ql - 3s potions of mining 46.02ql - 3s potions of carpendry 56.64ql - 2s potions of carpendry 23.19ql- 2s potions of weaponsmithing 46.78ql- 1s potions of weaponsmithing 14.53ql- 1s Seryll lump at 83.48 ql - 3s seyrll plate vambrace 26.11ql - 1s All the above can be mailed for cod cost the seryll lumps will have to mailed in a satchel so the cod cost will be doubled. All will be mailed from Deli. I can also make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli to sell the items above to avoid the cod costs. All items Im selling below can be delievered for free but only to deli. I can make arrangements to meet somewhere on deli for the sale. Message me in game to make arrangements Sanrina 5k total Charcoal 40.08ql - 1s per 1k 6k total Ash 33.53ql - 1s per 1k 100 concrete 23.50ql - 1s per 100 (Pending sale) 1k cotton 90.67al - 1s per 1k (Pending sale) 4k Wemp Fibre ( This is in Fibre not plants still can be used for Cordage) 90.22 ql - 1s per 1k Sprouts are sold 50c per 100 except oak and willow which is sold 1s per 100. Apple - 300 in stock Birch - 600 in stock Camilla - 700 in stock ( will produce medium size hedges) Cedar - 400 in stock Cherry - 400 in stock Chestnut - 200 in stock Fir - 100 in stock Grape - 700 in stock Lavender - 600 in stock (will produce short hedges) Lemon - 600 in stock Linden - 100 in stock Maple - 500 in stock Oak - 300 in stock Oleanders - 400 in stock Olive - 300 in stock Pine - 600 in stock Rose - 700 in stock Walnut - 200 in stock Willow - 100 in stock 4k Bunches of Mixed grass - 1s per 1k 1k Bunches of Thatch - 1s per 1k
  16. Hello people, Due to inactivity on one of our deeds we are selling some bits and pieces we have lying there. There's no fixed prices so just send me a message with a decent(!) offer and we'll see what can be arranged. Below is a list of what we currently have lying around and are hoping someone might find an interest in. Happy browsing! Sprouts - 1200 Lavender sprouts - 100 Oak sprouts - 1400 Camellia sprouts - 300 Grape sprouts - 250 Birch sprouts - 100 Walnut sprouts - 200 Pine sprouts Hides and Leather - 350 Furs at 55 ql - 126 Hides at 45 ql - 70 Hides at 73 ql - 300 Hides at 16 ql Cotton and Cloth - 300 Cotton at 93 ql Lumps and Ore - 600 Iron lumps at 50 ql - 100 Lead ore at 40 ql - 400 Iron lumps at 25 ql - 150 Silver lumps at 30 ql - 150 Copper lumps at 40 ql - 100 Silver lumps at 60 ql Food and Meat - 300 cooked meat at 83 ql - 200 strawberries at 55 ql Coal - 300 Coal at 25 ql Random bits and pieces - 60 ql Toolbelt - 62 ql Great Steel Helm - Construction Materials - 700 Small nails - 400 Large nails - 400 Ribbons
  17. wtb hi ql ash, please contact me either in the forum or pm. thank you
  18. Located at Port Onody, Independence at 38x, 37y Bulk Coal - 4s per 1000, generally about 40 ql Special Order Coal is also available but may take a week or two to put together: 60 ql 5s per 1000 70 ql 6s per 1000 75 ql 8s per 1000 and will definately take up to a month to produce 80 ql, lets talk, but not going to be cheap Note that tar and ash are produced as a by product of the coal so contact me if you want some and we work out a deal. Tar is great to fuel forges and I have about 9000 ash available, but mostly lower ql. Works fine for concrete though. Pottery Items: 50 ql - 20c 60 ql - 30c 70 ql - 50c 80 ql - 75c 90 ql - 2s Not including mailing fees. Tar and ash delivery negotiable Contact Goldfever, GoldMiner or Golddust in game
  19. close

    4355 ash 30.23ql 1348 ash 48.7ql 1448 charcoal 31.58ql 1930 charcoal 50.04ql all ash goes for 2s/1k 31ql charcoal goes for 4s/1k 50ql charcoal 5s/1k delivery will cost extra and depends on place PM me with offers and location edit: updated picture edit 2: i rewrote stuff from pic if u can't see it, also looking to sell these items: 6 of each supreme tar, supreme coal, supreme ash all at 64,41ql supreme lump of lead 54,03ql... 2 potions of acid at 48,39ql i forgot to check separate ql let me know if interested also got 2 sleep powders while we're at it, can deliver with other stuff
  20. I am looking to buy 300 ash and 2k mortar. I'd like to have it delivered to New Bithynia on Celebration (x19y21 community map). PM me your offers.
  21. As title states, I have 500x 15.99ql Ash i'm putting up for auction. Buyer picks up at Vanaheimr X37Y40 Starting bid: 1s Bid Increment: 50c No reserve Buyout: will entertain serious offers via PM Auction ends in 3 days.
  22. Several reports on GL Freedom that campfires are no longer leaving ash behind. I confirmed with a single fire of my own.