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Found 8 results

  1. WTS SOLD Oil of the weapon smith 74,52ql 1,8s Oil of the weapon smith 84,86ql 2s Oil of the armour smith 97,00ql 1,7s cod or pickup on indy
  2. I have some blood potions that are gathering dust, hopefully someone can make better use of them. Acid pots 10c each, WS and AS pots 2s each. Buyer pays CoD or collects from South Release (P15). I may consider bulk offers.
  3. They will be sent by COD from [Xanadu] !!Reduced prices!! Salve of frost 22ql 40c 30c Salve of frost 46ql 50c 40c Salve of frost 66ql 65c 50c Salve of frost 79ql 70c 55c Salve of frost 86ql 75c 60c !!Reduced prices!! Potion of acid 48ql 60c 40c Potion of acid 55ql 65c 45c Potion of acid 74ql 70c 55c Potion of acid 76ql 70c 55c Potion of acid 79ql 70c 55c Potion of acid 83ql 80c 60c Potion of acid 86ql 85c 60c Potion of acid 89ql 85c 60c !!Reduced prices!! Oil of the armour smith 59ql 1.50s - sale All potions are up to date: 18.10.2015
  4. items can be picked up from xanadu L8 or buyer pays COD!
  5. Close please! And thank you! buyer pays the c.o.d. or pick up at xanadu L8
  6. Wts 5 potions of the armour smith 1# 74,75 ql 2# 84,36 ql 3# 85,17 ql 4# 77,47 ql 5# 83,11 ql 2,5s each Can COD for 10c in pristine or 20c to anywhere else. use this post, pm me in forums or in game to contact me. [soulRipperx All potions sold.
  7. For a complete inventory and price list, follow the link in the upper image! For contact and order placement , send a message via the logo below or in game "Kagdish" Delivery Fees: Release NW free Release SW, NE, SE free for orders over 5S Pristine not available atm
  8. Pristine and Release: Fo priests. Channel 50+, SD 30+ Leather workers Cloth tailors Rope makers Weapon Smiths Armor smiths I don't want starters or batteries. I want toons that have real skills. The more complete they are, the more I will offer. Please PM me. Thank you!