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Found 13 results

  1. wts rare 20c each, supreme 40c each
  2. In this tutorial you will learn how to block incoming arrows from enemy archers in 3 easy steps. Confirm that you are wearing a shield Determine the direction of your attacker Turn so that your attacker is slightly beyond the left hand side of your screen Watch this short video for an example of these three easy steps put into practice, so that you know what to do when the time comes to defend yourself. And there you have it, you now no longer need be harmed by enemy archers.
  3. Merchant - Exodus, Sandhill Market (m15; x23 y31) Contact - Tris (in game, forum) Pick up - Exodus, Sandhill (m15; x23 y31) Mail - buyer pay CoD
  4. Price check this little collection: Can be imped to 90+ and casted with 70+ FB on all, eventually Quiver can be imped as well
  5. I've got a supreme cedarwood war arrow and unsure if its worth anything. It's a little over 50ql if that matters. What do people think its worth? Would anyone be interested in buying it?
  6. does it help to practice archery in a fenced in area, will that keep the arrows from going to god knows where? i found some last time i practiced it 22 tiles behind me, and i was using a short bow. too much work goes into making arrows to loose them all in an hour of archery practice.
  7. As the title says, would you cast enchantments on the bow or the arrows? Logic tells me the bow but...
  8. I've been saving my rare arrows... They are maplewood so they take less damage and are less likely to break. Starting bid: 10s bid inc: 1s buyout: pm me
  9. Hi all, I'm fairly new to Wurm, and wanted to get a high archery skill. I have had conflicting views over the type of bow I should be using. People say I should use long bow so that I do not get aggro'd, then others say I should use short bow as I am flexible to any range and easier to fight after I have been aggro'd. So my first question would be... What is the most beneficial bow type to master, short, normal or long? Secondly, the most obvious storage for arrows when you are hunting would be a quiver... is this necessarily true? How many arrows can be stored inside a quiver and are there better options to hold arrows in? Thanks! Kammerz (>")> <("<)
  10. I am located on deliverance near Goring docks 4x 14y. The auction is for the arrows and the bow. Delivery is free anywhere on the freedom isles, but it may be much faster for you to come to me (I only have a rowboat ). Also, the bow is strung with a 90ql string Auction starts at 15s minimum bid increment is 1s PM me a buyout price ENDED private buyout.
  11. Picture will be up soon. It is made from maplewood so it won't break nearly as easily as pinewood arrows. Starting bid 1s Buyout 6s Bid inc. 25c Auction end 4 days from post.
  12. -Very recently placed, in Puzzle Plaza Market: "The Fletching Stall". A trader dedicated to sate your needs of Q50 arrows at an affordable, yet not exploitive price. -For the hunter - Q50 War Arrows at 3c. but most importantly, crafted with love. On the side I take requests for arrows, by unit or quiver, up to Q50 (can imp higher, but its not worth the effort) Q30 - 1c 50i Q40 - 2c Q50 - 3c Free Delivery within the Deliverance west coast, south coast, and Green Dog area. (for purchases equivalent to 1s or higher)
  13. Aki's Fletching Goods New prices! 50I Per 10ql. Hunting/War Arrows. Example 50ql arrow would be 2c50I. Maple & Ceder 100x Arrows Per Small Chest. 5 Chest Max Order. Pickup Only, New Pineview. Exodus. More to come!