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Found 44 results

  1. I need help or clarifications I guess because this seems to be bugged. Made a ballista. Made bolts. Imped ballista to q50+ ...and tried to shoot it >.< -I set a practice target and a pig in front of a wall at 5 tiles away- Bolt after bolt after bolt Everything fails! The darts shatter, hit nothing -not the pig not the target not the wall- and on top of it seems useless to do anything with it!!! If you carry that much weight, do so many slow actions, so restricted by tile distance measurement and angle management, you are basically a fool that moves weights around. What's the point? To hit what? IF something remains on the tile you are aiming at by the time you're done, and IF it worked properly. You see, the winch actions are also bugged. They don't work as described in wiki (1 winch-1 tile, 5 winch-5 tiles, etc) (example of bad winching) [03:53:00] You load the ballista with a ballista dart. [03:53:16] The ballista creaks as you put strain on the ropes. (1 winch action) [03:53:17] The ballista will now shoot approximately 1 tiles with 1 winches and an angle of around 45.0 degrees. [03:53:26] The ballista creaks as you put strain on the ropes. (5 winch action) [03:53:30] The ballista will now shoot approximately 1 tiles with 6 winches and an angle of around 45.0 degrees. [03:53:39] The ballista creaks as you put strain on the ropes. (10 winch action) [03:53:48] The ballista will now shoot approximately 7 tiles with 16 winches and an angle of around 45.0 degrees. [03:54:08] You target a venerable pig. (I thought I might as well have a target too) [03:54:18] The ballista dart shatters. (ofc) Nothing was EVER hit and No dart recovered. All shattered and no dmg was done to anything, even after many tries with correct tile winches and varying angles tested. Either it is bugged or we need better explanation of use in wiki please. Anyone who has mastered this can share info.
  2. Atm siege shields dont see much use if at all. They are slow, ungainly, and afaik cannot be loaded/picked up. Let alone if they even work against pve archery. Granted one rarely needs even a portable shield outside of pvp with archers; though, even in pvp siege shields rarely show. Fence/walls are far easier to throw up. However, the increasing number of pve archery and long range direct fire enchants is going to mean a need for various forms of protection from such. Imho siege shields need to be easier to deploy. Faster drag speeds and/or being able to unload. Perhaps even a little easier to make.
  3. Up for auction is a Rare Willow Bow, currently just over 40ql. Available to be mailed ( 1c COD will be added ) or can be picked up. Starting Bid: 5s Increment: 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  4. All Items can be sell separately Contact me in game always as Luttuosa or send me a PM in the forum Rare Archery Target Rare Armour Stand Rare Practice doll Rare Pole Trap If you will buy the whole bundle, you will receive a Rare Free Gift Happy New Year to all of you!
  5. I propose a new mob type that uses ranged attack. Currently every pve mob is CQC melee-type. It would add a new level of excitement to be ambushed and attacked from a distance while wandering aboot in the peaceful lands of Freedoom. To minimise asset creation work, use the existing goblin. Goblin Archer: Mob asset: Goblin Behaviour: Goblin Attack type: Ranged, melee Equipment: Bow, arrows, short sword Loot: as above - bow, arrows, short sword, low ql and non-impable.
  6. This has been suggested several times before, but I couldn't find the thread with a quick search. Currently the only way to add something to your select window is to left click it, without moving your mouse at all. This will allow you to easily archer the mob by clicking the shoot button on the select window. Problem: Sometimes it can be difficult to get a single left click without mouse movement on a mob in order to use select window archery. This can be especially problematic in pvp. Many people use target binds to add creatures to their target windows, without needing to stop their mouse entirely. Simply mousing over the mob and pressing your target bind will work. This is useful, but there is no archery option on the target window, and there is no equivalent select bind that can be used to add things to the select window. You can right click the target window, navigate down to bow, and click shoot, but this can be difficult and tedious to do during the rush of pvp. Suggestion: There are a few potential solutions to improve quality of life in these situations. 1. Add the archery and other options to the target window: 2. Add a select keybind to make it easier to add things to the select window, regardless of cursor movement. (similar to the target bind) 3. Allow us to click on the mob in the target window to add it to the select window: Please consider one of these options. This issue is very annoying in pvp and would be a QoL improvement overall.
  7. I have never engaged in Archery in Wurm. It's on my list of things to do! It's a long list. I noticed @MordosKulledited the page today, and noted that more work on the page needs to be done. So I figured, "Sure, let me take a look, and with my virgin eyes, and see what makes sense to me and what might not." Generally I find the page informative. It does need a good re-write for style and grammar, and to slightly reorganize a few sentences which may be placed better elsewhere. But for now, I have questions, all intended to help improve the page. "The best bows are made from willow" -- Why? "Quality of the bow string affects hit chance and the chance that it breaks." -- How about rarity? "Quality of the arrow affects hit chance and the chance that it breaks." -- How about rarity? "Quality of the bow affects the damage done." -- How about rarity? The "Enchanting" section contradicts itself. It says that any enchantment that affects damage goes on to the arrow. But then it lists Bloodthirst for the bow. Wind of Ages was quietly fixed for weapons, and works fully now to increase attack speed[1]. Does it now also work on bows? Just my opinion, but Wurmpedia no longer has to "show its work" when making declarative statements. I think we can remove Chrysanthy's 2014 testing data, which are already incorporated into the "Method" section. If anyone has thoughts on these topics, or can help us improve the page, please post here or edit the page! Thanks, Finndar [1]
  8. As a RL archer I'm trying to be purely an archer in-game but it seems very hard (too hard TBH) and brings some questions that aren't answered by the wiki and quite a few searches here. What exactly is the shot difficulty? E.g. "willow bow decreases shot difficulty by 5" - what does it mean? Why are there restrictions on minimal bow shooting distance (instead of e.g. required BS which would be more accurate)? Is it a part of grievers prevention? Will it change with the skill increase? I'm 42 Archery / 31 Long Bow on vanilla server, have 50ql rare willow long bow, using 30-35ql hunting arrows and killing anything above a cat feels like a chore and takes at least 2 quivers when in RL it should take a novice archer one, maybe two arrows in most cases... How do I increase effectiveness (accuracy/damage)? will it somehow noticeably increase with my skill? How exactly? Are there some kind of steps, e.g. will some extra power kick in on 50 Archery? what's the difference between Archery and its subskills like Long Bow - which one is responsible for what exactly? does quiver quality matter at all? Any other ways to increase shooting speed? I noticed increasing the skill helps but I'm looking for a more now solution. I know there's a spell but I hate magic and would gladly avoid it if possible. What is Quick Shot? It seems to be exactly the same as normal shot. Why is there a Shoot but no Quick Shot icon in the Select bar? Is that a bug? Any way to just keep shooting? I tried both, Ranged fighting option and Autofight quickbar's icon (in any combination) but it doesn't work. Is that a bug? Are there any not obvious skills I should train to be a better archer? Other member kindly asked about Fighting for me and according to the answer it's not related. Shooting increases BC but does BC change archer's effectiveness in any way? Does archery increase BS at all? It does in real life, that's how you progress from light bows to the ones with heavier draw weight but it doesn't seem to in-game. Does BS influence archery at all? Higher damage maybe? Every point in BS increases damage by 1%, got it. How do I use Focus when shooting a bow? The game says I'm not attacking anyone. Is that a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Can't use focus with long bow, got it. Do fighting options have any influence on Archery? I have Aggressive selected because wiki says it increases attack to 130% and I don't really need defense as an archer. It's been said on the forums elevation is important. Does it influence anything other than range? How accurate is the model? Do gravity and arrow weight play a role? Elevation affects only damage, got it. Does the wind have any influence on shooting? a. does my character somehow take it into account for better accuracy with higher skill? b. is my range / arrow speed / damage dealt in any way better when shooting with the wind and nurfed when shooting against it? Wind doesn't influence shooting, got it. Shouldn't I hear a buzz of a released bowstring cutting through the air and a whistle of a flying arrow instead of the sound of a draw? Is that a bug? When I want to use Shoot keybinding it requires me to point the mouse cursor at my target (even though the target is active in Target window and in Select bar). Is that a bug? Do I have to / should I / does it change anything at all to actually attack the target when shooting at it? I mean to put it in Target window, e.g. by clicking the Attack icon in the Select bar. "height can affect damage by up to 20%, with every 10 dirt difference being 1%" - does that work both ways, i.e. is that -20% when 200 or more dirt below the target? Can't use focus with long bow, need to be in melee range, can e.g. punch my horse to get it to work. Come on, it has to be a bug, no? Fighting skill influences Combat Rating. Does the Combat Rating influence archery? If you can answer only some questions or direct me to a thread in the forum discussing similar matters it would still be helpful. Thanks to anyone willing to clear these uncertainties for me.
  9. A player recently asked a question on the WU server I play on. The question being does Fighting Skill help with Archery combat? My initial response was yes it does, however I cannot find anything to support my answer. So I decided to ask the question here and have players with a LOT more experience in the game figure out the answer. Does the Fighting Skill increase the effectiveness of Archery Combat?
  10. Like the title, there seems to not be any skill gain when archering rift mobs, i still gain the fighting skill. skill gain when melee'ing is normal.
  11. Is it possible to mod additional key bindings (to use with console command "bind 1 <keybind>") to Wurm Unlimited? There are several missing keybinds from the base game, like Taunt, Archery Shoots, Riding a horse (there is EMBARK_COMMANDER but only works with carts and ships). Also keybinds for special moves don't work properly, DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work, etc. It would be awesome if those can be modded in without waiting for Devs to do it, if they do it. Moved from Unlimited Questions and Confusions
  12. Can anybody explain this aspect of the game, please? I heard it is possible, but all details are usually very contradictive.
  13. Currently when you practice archery, when you reach Archery 40 your ability to gain skill from practice is removed completely, both with archery and all sub-skills (Long bow, Bow, Short bow). A slight change to this would be to keep the skill cut off for Archery at 40, but allow the sub-skills to continue to be practiced to their current practice skill cut off of 30 each. Then the true cut-off would be at 40 archery and 30 in Long bow, bow and short bow. I've been told by experienced archers that one needs at least 30 skill to be useful at all, so allowing players to reach that cut-off would improve the player experience by allowing them to be useful more quickly.
  14. They reduce the archery penalty from medium and heavy armor. QL 75 Curious what they might be worth, since these rewards are a new thing. I haven't seen these yet and I closed a lot of rifts on test.
  15. While shooting shafts at my target (nowhere near water) I noticed this kept popping up in my combat tab in between several messages about the arrows breaking. [04:40:27] The arrow disappears into the water. With a target against a mountainside and not anywhere with water in range, it seemed somewhat absurd. Granted its not a gamebreaking issue in any way, but thought it ought to be mentioned and recorded here.
  16. This topic has been brought up a bunch of times, everyone wants it, so can we have it PLEASE. Shooting a bow would be much easier on a moving target than double clicking it, right clicking it then selecting shoot, or right clicking target window, then selecting shoot. A streamline solution to just smashing a key would be nice. Thanks.
  17. In this tutorial you will learn how to block incoming arrows from enemy archers in 3 easy steps. Confirm that you are wearing a shield Determine the direction of your attacker Turn so that your attacker is slightly beyond the left hand side of your screen Watch this short video for an example of these three easy steps put into practice, so that you know what to do when the time comes to defend yourself. And there you have it, you now no longer need be harmed by enemy archers.
  18. After 8 months of absence from Wurm, I finally came back. Read up on the "2015 review of Wurm updates" that spells got their own keybindings. Well I'm huge on archery in Wurm. Like, that's my thing. From the beginning. And it still apparently doesn't have keybindings. "Shoot" is thankfully a button in the Select box when you target a mob, but every other shot isn't, like the wonderfully convenient Shoot Quickly. Or something you use in PvP, "Aim at Head". I can't see any reason, if spells are considered something to be cast easily, why archery wouldn't be. I also realized when I tamed a horse and forgot to "untame" it, of course it got attacked. After many times of taunting I checked, no keybind for taunt. edit: I realized that even Bash (Destroy) doesn't have a keybind. edit2: There actually is DESTROY_FENCE and DESTROY_WALL that register as a keybind, but at least the DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work properly. edit3: Haven't found a keybind for Riding a horse either, so adding that to the list TL;DR Please add these keybindings to the game, there is no reason not to: "SHOOT", "SHOOT_QUICKLY", "SHOOT_AT_TORSO", "SHOOT_AT_LEFT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_RIGHT_ARM", "SHOOT_AT_HEAD", "TAUNT", "RIDE"
  19. Hey everyone, I was just wondering how using a bow on a mount worked? What are the benefits, restrictions etc? How is archery viable in an offensive pvp compacity? (offensive as in, not in a block off area (such as a deed)
  20. As the title says, would you cast enchantments on the bow or the arrows? Logic tells me the bow but...
  21. I have a rare unfinished archery tower. I just want to try and get an idea what its worth, and if it would be worth trying to figure out how to ship it.
  22. I am shooting using a longbow on 3 targets, using shafts. Archer [38] Longbow skill (13) No obstructions (Walls, water) Range limit on longbow (Targets are twenty tiles away) Three different targets ( Pig, Hell Horse, Troll) All experiments are made using arrow shafts. Skill gain == 0 ticks for longbow or archery. Is there something that I am missing with regards to training the longbow skill?
  23. Hello. I like this game very much, even I play it actively more than one year I always find new possibilities. But the archery here is nonsense. I stay on roof of house, the roof is not fenced, and I can't shoot on the mob one tile far from me? It is higher than me because of rock, but I get message "The wooden double door is in the way." I know, that Wurm is 2D in fact, but this should be corrected somehow (for example by comparing the altitude of archer, wall top, and target), it is very unreal and archery is only chance for weak lonely player to kill the mob. Other nonsense is - I stay in wooden plank fenced area and I cant shoot at mob behind this fence. It is very unreal as well, consider the look of wooden plank fence and imagine, that you cant shoot big mob hidden behind it. :-) I think that this everything could be corrected by quite easy way adding this condition: if altitude of archer eye and altitude of target middle point are higher than fence or wall top altitude, than the wall or fence are not obstacle and arrow could be fired.
  24. Right now, for the most part, archery in Wurm is relegated to killing horses and other uses at long-range ...would be interesting if it were re-worked to make it is powerful in short ranges as something like this.
  25. One type of character one rarely sees in PvE is archers. This is mostly because a longsword is a lot easier to make and a lot quicker to learn. That and you're not constantly having to make more arrows... To balance this extra effort, in PvE (since bows in PvP are essential they already have a function there) why not buff the damage bows to do mobs in PvE? Something that means a player who spends the hours making the arrows actually has a use for them that doesn't involve killing other players.