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Found 5 results

  1. Enchanted Treasures by A.S.K. brings you top quality BOTD tools and much more. We have over 25 years combined experience in WURM and are here to stay. We specialize in high end Blacksmithing (99.99 skill), Leatherworking (99.58 skill), Carpentry (99+skill), Fine Carpentry (98 skill), BOTD (99 skill+ Bene) and LT (92 Skill + Bene) We offer 100+ BOTD casts and instant mailboxes for 5s anywhere, add a size rune for just 1s extra We never up-charge you if we overcast your item or turn it rare, we love to bless our customers with free upgrades. Message us here or pm us in game at one of the following three names: Ashlynne, Saturnfive, Killashandra Our hardworking priests: Libilia Priest - Kiwiroo Fo Priest - Aetheleflaed CUSTOM BOTD CAST CUSTOM LT & Venom CAST 80 + 2s 80 + 2s 90 + 3s 90 + 4s 100 + 5s 100 + 6s We offer Rune Service 1.00s For items purchased from us must be at the time of purchase (non-moon metal only) 1.50s For all other items guaranteed attach (non-moon metal only) FEATURED ITEMS Awl 104 BOTD 95 QL 8s Cheese Drill 100 BOTD 95 QL 13s File 104 BOTD 95 QL 8s Fruit Press 101 BOTD 91 QL 8s Grindstone 101 BOTD 90 QL 8s Hammer 104 BOTD 96 QL 9.50s Hatchet 105 BOTD 95 QL RTV Rune 8s Leather Knife 106 BOTD 95 QL RTV Rune 8s Leggat 104 BOTD 93 QL 8.50s Mallet Oak 102 BOTD 95 QL 13s Metal Brush 101 BOTD 95 QL RTV Rune 8s Pickaxe 101 BOTD 95 QL 8s Press 101 BOTD 94 QL 10.5s Rake 106 BOTD 95 QL RTV Rune 8s Rope Tool 102 BOTD 93 QL 8.5s Saw 104 BOTD 97ql 11s Saddle 101 BOTD 95ql 18s Scissors 100 BOTD 91ql 6.30s Scythe 103 BOTD 80 QL 6s Shovel 102 BOTD 95 QL RTV Rune 8s Sickle 101 BOTD 80 QL 6.00s Spatula 104 BOTD 93 QL 8.50s Spindle 100 BOTD 93 QL 8.50s Trowel 101 BOTD 95 QL RTV Rune 8s TOOLS ARCHAEOLOGY WOODCUTTING NATURE FORESTRY & ORGANICS IMPING SERVICES For FC Imps please contact Ashlynne in game or leave a message here
  2. Hello there! I am selling Statue Fragments at a rate of 15c per piece combined, with some discount it it/they are damaged. I have the following for sale: Goblin 9/40: 1.35s Guard, 1/93, 3.96 damage: 10c Kyklops, 4/46: 60c Mountain Lion, 11/46: 1.65s Rift Beast, 12/46, 1.80s Tich, 2/80: 30c Please Reply in game (Tahlula) or in here. Thank you!
  3. This is my first try to sell something via the Forums, so please cut me some slack, if it doesn't work perfectly at first. If you want to contact me ingame, /tell Nalimar. Archaeology Wood, 10c each: Tenons: 1x grape 1x camelia 1x blueberry 1x lavender 1x hazelnut 1x rose Pegs: 3x camelia 10x grape 3x blueberry 3x rose 10x oleander 3x lavender 12x hazelnut 5x thorn 1x raspberry Weapons: Iron Halberds: 1x 3ql with steel rune of Fo (will reduce decay taken (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%)), 10c 1x 3ql with brass rune of Magranon (will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (10%)), 10c 1x 37ql with lead rune of Magranon (will reduce the quality change when repairing damage (10%)), 10c Iron Staffs: 1x 34ql with seryll rune of Jackal (will increase the chance of successfully enchanting the item (5%) and reduce the quality change when repairing damage (5%)), 10c 1x 33ql with tin rune of Fo (will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (5%) and reduce damage taken (5%)), 10c
  4. 39/40 frags and one rare, ready to go. Pickup in harmony lake, indy or can cod. Pm me a price or post here
  5. You need to look the part if you plan to do archaeology! Send me a message if interested. 25s