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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for a player who needs a place to live and would like to give potter a try as a wurm career. Need not have experience or tools for pottery. Located at Barony of Bones 16y 48x.
  2. I hear quite often new players dispairing over the high barrier to entry for craftsmenship. It sounds like this: This notion is inaccurate, and new players need to be creative and think about what other people need. Not everyone in the game is out looking for a q90 enchanted longsword, and you don't need to have 80 in a skill to turn a profit in Wurm, certainly not on a young server like Celebration, which is still in the midst of a dynamic building boom. I paid a new player in my neck of the woods for unfinished floorboards, frying pans, and lots of low quality stuff that is easy to make but takes a long time, so that I can focus on building things and landscaping. Right now she's agreed to make me a bunch of unfinished barrels, weapon racks, armor racks, bow racks, etc. Since they can't be moved once they're completed, I can't go buy the finished product at some market and push it home. Hiring a master fine carpenter to come out and build me unfinished barrels is probably never going to happen, because they have better work to do. It's a perfect job for her right now, and I'm happy to pay her to do it. I had another friend who specialized in making low quality (around q20) tools made out of steel. Low quality steel is very easy to make, and since it adds durability over iron, these make excellent skilling tools. Low quality tools have longer timers, and as you get to have around 90 digging, your timers are so short that it contributes to very very small amounts of skill gain with each digging action. Therefore, having low quality tools helps lengthen your timers and lets you gain skill faster. Making the tools out of steel gives them a longer working life and makes them more appealing to high end players. Support your local priests! Find a local priest of Vynora and bring them a cart full of q20-30 tools to grind enchanting on, and they'll probably look out for you and see to it that some good tools and armor find their way to your inventory. Mass produce unfinished floorboards and unfinished small rafts. You can put a LOT of unfinished small rafts in a small raft, and sell them to merchants and ship owners (who often have coin to spare) for a tidy profit, and get valuable skill while you're doing so. Some skills let you make high quality items even if you have low skill, as long as your raw materials are good. Find out what those skills are, and get to work on gathering! Get a high quality carving knife a high quality sickle, and a high quality small bucket, and use these to gather hides, healing mats, forage, botanize, and to gather fruit and sap. Wrap the high quality hides and sell them to local leatherworkers. Find a shieldsmith / weaponsmith / armorsmith and offer to imp their low quality, freshly made items up to q20 or q30 for them as their apprentice. Offer to help them build an apprentice shop on their perimeter where they can leave things for you to work on, so they don't have to give you permissions on their deed. They might pay you with high quality tools, weapons, armor, or coins. They often won't buy your low quality goods, because craftsmen like to have their own name on things. By working on bringing up hundreds of items to q30, you gain a lot more skill in the lower tiers than they would in the higher tiers, you'd be helping them churn out more high quality product, and you'd get a lot of skill, experience, and access to high quality raw materials to work with. Plus, you'd be helping them instead of playing alone. Are you training a priest? Find a local up-and-coming armorer or weaponsmith and offer to enchant their q20-q30 tools, weapons, and armor for them in order to improve your channeling. Maybe you break 8 out of 10 items, but if they get to keep the 2 that you don't break it is probably worth their time, and they can sell the low quality enchanted items to craftsmen capable of improving them further. Don't like physical grunt labor? Be a planner. Find out if any villages are trying to expand and would like to hire you to help them plan that expansion. A friend of mine recently made a nice bit of coin by using the Wurm Mapping tool to survey the lands surrounding a settlement and sell the map back to the mayor, who used it in planning his village expansion. The Wurm economy has opportunities for every player, at every level. This is especially true on Celebration, which has a young player base and is in need of so much. If you want to be a crafter, you can do it and make coin at every step along the way. And when the time comes for you to start selling q50 and higher items, people will remember your early days, clawing your way up by helping other people.