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Found 6 results

  1. Dropping apples into a large chest in my cart: [20:08:49] You drop nine green apple. should be [20:08:49] You drop nine green apples.
  2. **************************************************************************************************** Currently working on village project can't take any gather/creating orders Normal service resumed Currently creating 2k clay 2.000 / 2.000 Edtimated completion time 15th Oct 2016 **************************************************************************************************** WTB Referal 6s PM me here or in game WTS Building Materials Rock Shards min ql 20 1s per K Bricks 8,000 min ql 20 2s per K Mortar 4,000 10ql 2.5s per K SOLD Dirt 7,000 1s per K SOLD Marble Shards 1,000 40ql 1.25s per K SOLD Marble Bricks 2,000 20ql 2.5s per K SOLD Colossus Bricks 11,000 20ql 2s per K Concrete 300 11ql 1s per 100 SOLD Support Beams 150 5s per 100 SOLD Mixed Planks 1,000 10ql 1s SOLD Metal Lumps Tin lumps 3,500 25ql 1s per K Iron lumps 3,000 40ql 1s per K Iron lumps 3,000 60ql 2s per K Iron lumps 1,000 75ql 3s Zinc lumps 1,000 65ql 2s SOLD Gold Lumps 1,000 1ql 1.5s SOLD Marble Items Mortar and Pestle 10c each SOLD Fruit, Veg & Meat Onions 92ql 1s per K Apples 500 33ql 1s per 100 SOLD Storage 64 Small Crates 3c each 50 Large Crates Cedar 10c each SOLD (Custom orders can be completed) Tools Working to enchant tools to 50+ woa & coc Rift Items No stock Info I live on Xanadu server R14 Can deliver on any server coast (except Chaos) Orders 3s or more free delivery PM me or Zetzu here or in game Any C.O,D, items will be mailed via our 100 enchant mailbox
  3. [12:41:58] You see an old Apple tree. The apples will soon be ripe. [12:45:40] It is 07:20:03 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1056. Apple season is now over and no apples have ripened on Exodus, Xanadu or Independence... edit: Indy now has apples.... Guess, we have to wait for the nest restart to remove the April fool's mob models ???
  4. Currently each apple tree gives one apple (using apples as my example here). Doesn't seem right considering that they're seasonal items. Then again we don't want to flood the world with them. So, without further ado : Fruit bearing trees/bushes now work differently. They have a fruit "pool" that fills when they ripen. This pool contains 5 fruit. The harvest of fruit gives EITHER gardening experience or forestry (random) If the pool number is 5 then anyone can pick a fruit. (so for people who do not invest in these skills things stay the same) If the pool number is 4 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 20 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 2 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 3 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 40 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 3 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 2 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 60 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take 4 fruit before they have to stop) If the pool number is 1 then you need a forestry+gardening average of 80 to pick a fruit. (so from a full tree they can take all 5 fruit) Thoughts?
  5. As i have started wurm i have discovered many new things. Yet as i have started an apple orchard i thought of all the wonderful things that apples could be made into Apple pie, apple cider, apple sauce, apple butter, apple cobbler as well as additions to other meals. Yet none are available. It is my suggestion that such should be implemented. simple apple+syrup+nuts+handle = candied apple/caramel apple, variants of ingredients. Apple pie could be same, sugar/syrup plus dough and pie pan, plus sliced apples. This could be repeated for all of the fruits as well..i spose. <,< Apple butter is just cooking down the apple with vinegar and spices, lemon juice as well. Apple sauce is just well..pulverized apples. apple stew essentially. Good with cooked boar meat/porkchops. Apple cider would be the fermentation of the apple juice, which would be a shorter fermentation making it a seasonal item as well. Using a sample of these recipes to spread amongst the entire fruity world it would give seasonal foods more flavor. Who knows if we can make dried fruit soon to make fruit cake and candy canes to give that certain season a bit more remembrance. Stat bonuses aside the skill it would be nice to be able to make a various regime of food with a purposed abundance of said cultivated produce. The apple.