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Found 9 results

  1. Tree Collision, really?

    I try my best to avoid the test server when possible, but there have been times where I just had to make sure that I understood how new things were going to affect this game I enjoy playing (e.g. bridges, cooking, and catseyes). Why I avoid the test server would have to be it's own topic, so it's best to stay on the topic at hand. Tree collision is annoying, unnecessary, unwanted, and loathsome. Just some of the adjectives that popped into my head first that can be used here without censorship. On this latest adventure to the test server I literally ran into something I have not missed in Wurm. Tree collision. Why would you want to bring this back? It makes hunting and exploring a pain. Especially with some of the tree models that we have in this game like olive, walnut. and chestnut. Oak would be a problem, but it has a natural mechanism that prevents groves of them from becoming impassable barriers. That being said, if tree collision is coming back, whether we like it or not, can you at least make it so that tree models whose trunks fill most of the tile cannot grow side by side, like Oak trees. For anyone that knows me in-game, when tree collision was removed i was finally able to put down the hatchet and enjoy wurmlife. It now sounds like I really should be sharpening it again. The eradication saga is...
  2. I keep getting an error saying "LoadLibrary failed with error 126: The specificed module could not be found"... How do I stop this issue, It sucks since I cannot access my normal computer and have to borrow my Grandmothers laptop for the next six months, I WANT to play wurm!
  3. Close the door see image, let me close door pls
  4. Captcha for Fatigue

    Add a captcha to add an hour of fatigue or do something to let us keep playing when we hit fatigue limit. I imagine it stops more real people than bots anyway. Don't judge me.
  5. Emote sounds

    So who was the weirdo that thought it would be nice to change sounds on emotes to this bad crap you have added now ? I mean the voices sound so dead it's like you are beating 2 corpses and make them talk, I just hope it isn't two real persons that has made the voices now because i would be feeling really bad for them having a conversation with any other person. Worksounds is annoying to hear over and over, this was annoying to hear once..guess it's time to turn of all sounds in game Please for the love of sanity remove this piece of crap and get the old ones back.
  6. Problem is to huge on java

    I talk to many people in game for like a few mins and they agree java is horrible and keeps doing junk, Why must we have such a thing? And you might as how i stare at the sky sometimes and i am able to stay online sometimes without crashing and if its my video card wich is Geforce 8600M GT Ik its old but this old graphics card has play hundreds of better looking games and not have such horrible detail. Not trying to go on a witch hunt i just wish you not use java because everytime i have had problems with playing a game its all was been directed greatly towards java. And the requirement to have a better graphics card when you use java and if you use something besides java it seems the requirement is lower its just sad, Annoying, Repeatable issues.
  7. Disembarking

    Im trying to sail a friends char down to join me on Celebration. I made it down to the Exodus/Celebration boarder with no problems at all but now Im at the boarder i keep disembarking. I embark again only to be thrown off. Its continuous. I have thought about just sailing my main char back through to pick him up but that boat he is sailing on (and yes it sounds silly) has sentimental value and i dont want to just dump it in the middle of the ocean. Am i stuck in the boarder? Or is this a bug? thought it was a bug about when 1.0 first got released but was fixed. Help?
  8. It's a minor bug, but still kinda annoying.