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Found 32 results

  1. Contact Lebonbon in game. (EST eastern standard times, or message me on forums) (Check back for updated rare listings posted at bottom in newest reply posts) I now have a very nice horse accessory merchant available stocked with bridles, saddles, saddle bags, beautiful dyeable cloth bardings, and lvl 70 horse shoes. I also have a nice selection of quality animal cages available for 1s at the docks for transport. Specializing in Ebony and Molten with additional hidden/passive 2.5% speed buffs Offering You the Finest Quality in lvl 98+ Skill Traits: ~4 Speed Ebony or flashy colored Speed horses~ ~4 Draft Ebony Horses or flashy colors~ ~5 Combat Flashy Horses~ ~4 Draft Molten Hell Horses and colors~ ~9-10 trait Black Sheep with all 5 production traits.~ *Huge selection of 10+ young and adolescents to choose from in each trait type* *Sale pens and stock updated daily* *Buy a team of 4 animals and get one free. (excluding Molten HH at this time)* *Rare traits usually available & are listed at bottom update posts and on the NFI region auction forum.* *Higher lvl animals come with a larger amount of traits. For instance, my 4 speed horses might also come with a draft and combat trait in addition to misc. My 9-10 trait sheep will fill your pasture with free unidentified fragments, seeds, etc, via the "pick things up" trait* Pricing: Flashy Colored Horses: 4 Draft/5 combat/4 Speed/Hell 4 Drafts = 50c Sheep: Black, Grey, or White = 50c (Pure 5 output with 9-10 traits total) Horses Ebony Black: 4 Speed/4 Draft = 1s (Hidden ebony-linked passive 2.5% riding and hitched speed bonus) Hell Horses Molten: 4 Draft = 1s (Hidden molten-linked passive 2.5% hitched speed bonus All of my animals are cleanly bred, have the maximum utility traits avail, and carry no deleterious genes. Most animals are lvl 90 & 95 and carry around 8-10 traits total; sheep have 9-10. Hell Horses are harder to breed and are in the lvl 85-95 range. My current Animal Husbandry level is 98+. Typical examples of my for sale and breeding stock pictured below for those with no Animal Husbandry skill that cannot view max skill traits on animals: Large selection of each variety of stock to choose from; updated daily: Pick up on my off-deed coastal loading dock or delivery on land or coast is available: Delivery Fees: FREE = SE Harmony up to Harmony Bay, land or sea FREE = Group order two teams of 8 horses 1 S = North Harmony 1 S = Off-Server to outer coastlines 1.5 - 3 S = Remote Server Hops with long interior-coastal bays causing excessive travel time *Delivery may take an hour or more one way depending on winds, so be sure to reserve a time when you will be online* *Group orders: I can haul a maximum of 8 horses over server lines or 12 horses on Harmony* *Pregnant animals cannot cross into other servers* Contact Lebonbon in game. Thanks! Interactive Map:,3180 (Please do not plagiarize my ad, sigh, thanks!)
  2. Under any explanation I have seen of the breeding system, this is clear proof that breeding is not working as intended: Regardless of which parent was chosen for breeding, it has not bred for that trait pool, and has not merely tied the pool on the offspring but swapped it completely to a different dominant category. Breeding with 75 AH, it has tossed out both of the 20 point draught traits on both parents and replaced them with low point value more common traits from output, and then added in 2 misc pool ones. Despite this, the offspring has less points than either of its parents, and only used 40 of my supposedly 75 available points. This IMO is not merely not working as intended, it is utterly broken.
  3. So I was breeding some bison and hell horses while talking to my friend about her friend having twin boys yadda yadda yaddda Then it hits me. Why not have twins in Wurm? The offspring twins would have the same exact traits, looks, colors, etc etc. We could play around with the percentages, base them on AH skill, whatever we want. Breeders let's hear it. Have an animal that puts out good traits? Wouldn't it be cool to have a chance at her doubling her output once in a while?
  4. Having a really cute foal born with a slightly disappointing name, I had a thought. What if, when you hit a high level of animal husbandry (say 90 or 100) you gained the ability to change animals' names? So if you get Haltula or Yazmeenpick, or a name you just don't like, you could change it to something else. Either a name you came up with, or picking from a list like the rng does anyway. Haltula could become Penelope or Sweetswift, depending on the system used. To keep things Wurmian, have the ability to change names as an ability with a long cool down, say you could only change names every 18 or 24 hours. It would add another reason to gain husbandry skill, perhaps as part of an animal husbandry overhaul?
  5. So I have been cracking out on the animal breeding and feeding for the past few months, and it seems to me that we're missing the ability to convert tall grass, or grasses we've cut and stored, into hay for animal feeding. Even if it's something as simple as changing the "pile of mixed grass" graphic into a hay bale when dropped onto a tile in sufficient quantity, that would do SO much to increase the immersion and feel of having a farm in Wurm. Or you could go as far as adding a new grass type, or an extra height level for existing grass, and new tools to accompany the hay. We already have the scythe and string, we just need pitchforks and horse drawn "mowers" (used in late 18'th century) to complete the theme. It seems to me that planting crops in order to feed our livestock is more of a bandaid around an underdeveloped aspect of the game. Hay SHOULD be the preferred method, as it's densely packed and should last longer than a grass tile being grazed. As other aspects of keeping animals rewards you for more attention paid to them, so should feeding them yourself have rewards. I know it sounds silly, but working with hay and feeding it to my grandfathers cows is one of my most vivid childhood memories. Feeding pixels isn't the same, I know, but it would add so much depth and realism to Wurm with very little effort.
  6. Breeding animals with high animal husbandry skill is very broken. I first played this game in October 2011 and the main reason for breeding has always been 5 speed horses. The benefits of additional traits has really only come to light since WU but still it's the 5 speeds that people want. So how can it be so broken for someone with high animal husbandry? Speed traits are lost, negative traits are gained and colours seem to be somewhat random! Here's four foals from my latest round of breeding. The parents traits are in spoilers. This foal has 8 traits as expected, but 2 speed traits have been lost and "it has some illness" has been introduced. It's also come out gold from ebony black parents! Pretty sure mama horse has been a good girl ..... [15:51:27] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It is a tough bugger. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has some illness. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It has been bred in captivity. [15:51:27] Its colour is gold. This foal has 8 traits, but lost a speed trait. [19:58:40] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It has been bred in captivity. ] Due to the loss of speed trait this foal has become very unmotivated .... [20:00:42] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It has keen senses. It looks very unmotivated. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It has been bred in captivity. This foal has 8 traits, but lost a speed trait. [19:56:32] It will fight fiercely. It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has keen senses. It looks unusually strong and healthy. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It has been bred in captivity. [19:57:12] Its colour is gold. 5 more foals were born from ebony black parents, came out 5 speed, but 2 are grey and 1 is a blood bay. I keep animal ratio on deed between 16 and 19. Now to the uninitiated this may not look too bad, but when someone with much lower animal husbandry skill (meaning they are capped to 5 traits) can churn out pure 5 speeds far more succesfully than some with 90 skill can then it is BROKEN. As an aside I've been breeding a few unicorns for a couple of years, as they're always born with 8 traits I've not yet got a 5 speed from probably 40 foals. Also, what's the point of a 5 speed sheep.
  7. So raising AH is a matter of brushing your animals until they're furless and shiny.... We have the brush, what say ye to adding a hoofpick, sheepskin mitt (should teach those evil sheep their place while at it), and a shedding block (could wogic it and just use the existing whetstone). So Groom (brush), Clean Hooves (pick), preen (mitt), delouse (stone... which is actually to "groom", because a bit more wogic). 4 possible actions per animal instead of 1 = less need to keep so many just to raise AH. 5 actions if you got sheep.
  8. Gelding

    Its come up before off and on, so nothing I can take credit for. Snip snip. Basically it enables one to sell traited male horses without having to worry about the buyer using the horses to breed his or her own. EDIT: Not to mention makes them a little more docile around other horses, assuming such is even a factor. Not to mention a vital ingredient in certain recipes, depending on animal breeds.
  9. So currently there is no reason to breed sheep and cows, unless you are in a corner of some remote area where these animals never spawn. My idea is this, since the current animal traits add nothing other than maybe extra life to cows or sheep, there should be a new category for these animals. Traits specific to the farm type animal, which currently would be pigs, sheep and cows. New traits can lead up to a better animal that could produce better ql and quantity of milk and wool and if butchered better meat and other assorted parts. (these are just a few things that come to mind, but I am sure there could be enough various traits that could make it worthwhile to breed 5 or more traits into the farm animals) If a breeder has high enough skill enough of these traits would be present that you would have a chance at winning the blue ribbon at the fair and a new market for selling farm animals with better traits. Another trait I was thinking about would lead to animals breeding more true to the parents traits, this would work for horses as well.
  10. Just wondering what you folks think this character may be worth. He is currently warm on the path of love (can refresh) [18:39:59] You have been premium consecutively for 2 months since Dec 2013. [18:39:59] You have premium time until 27 Nov 2016 00:53:56 GMT
  11. Simply what the title suggests. Wearing lambs as headwear, preff. with a pink cloth tie between the 2 forelegs as a chinstrap. Usable until it reaches mature stage? Pink laced Balls of fluff belongs on top of balding mens heads. Chickens might have a spot there aswell. Edit: They arent to be killed for this. I mean live cute balls of fluff on our heads. Not dead stinky corpses. [16:38:09] <Reager> they get to see the world as they grow, before ending up as breeding machines inside a pen when reaching mature
  12. A while back, butterflygirl25 started a thread about new horse colors and as many of you may remember, I chimed in with some suggestions. Well I'm happy to say that I've been having some chats and there is a teensy weensy eensy possibility that we might get one or two new horse colors at some point. I've asked if it's ok to set up this poll to get an idea of what new colors folks would like to see in the game and got the OK. So check 'em out and vote for your favorite! If you could only get one, what would it be? Disclaimer: Most likely there would be no time for making any special code for the behavior of any possible new colors, so the second question about breeding and spawning behavior is only out of my personal curiousity. So don't go gettin' yerselves all werked up! *grins*
  13. Once upon a time a miscommunication among staff led to child models and even the ability to breed humans, both player and NPC. Shenanigans ensued... I'm curious if that code or remnants still exists in the base?
  14. Pretty much just what title says. Should be a moveable wooden trough that we can fill with food (and/or water). Then it should have like a XX-tile radius where livestock can eat out of it. Maybe also as part of a fence? So that you can fill it from outside by activating a special fence, a trough fence tile. (Pretty much just a fence tile that blocks movement, has the trough functions, and inventory accessable from any side.)
  15. To make it possible for a horse with certain traits in Wurm to be capable of something like this: Or rather perhaps for mounts to gain experience in performing certain acts such as running down really steep hills. Perhaps also the rider to gain experience in some Horsemanship skill, in this case, allowing the horse to have free reign.
  16. I'm not entirely sure if this is possible with the current tech or not, but I figured I'd suggest it just in case it was, and wasn't that big of a thing to implement. Sheared sheep! Visually, of course. Being able to see whether a sheep needs sheared or not from across the deed would be nice and save me a lot of time. Did someone shear this one already? I dunno. Let's click every single one with a pair of scissors and find out! Bleh. Not anything critical or crucial by any stretch. Just one of those nice 'quality of life' improvements. Many thanks for your time and consideration.
  17. I'd like to see an option for leatherworkers and tailors to make saddlebags. Make them equippable much as you do saddles and bridles, and make the horse unable to be ridden while equipped with saddlebags. Make the saddlebags containers so that a horse with them equipped is essentially a "pack mule". It would be really nice if we could take a horse out and have them haul things for us!
  18. I propose the corrupt animal trait can be alternatively given to an animal when one of the parents is a zombie. Atm using a zombie animal is the same as using a wild-spawn version. None of the traits of the (previously living) version are passed on, and nothing special happens afaik from previous testing. Granted the last time I bothered was at least a year ago, as it really screws up the breeding. Offhand it shouldn't make things easier or imbalanced persay as its arguably easier to just use the current means of corrupting, blessing by a Libila priest. Simply an alternative method.
  19. With the recent mention of bird cages I thought it would be nice if we could go a step further - Aviaries. My deed is near the steppe and there are plenty of hawks flying around and I can hear owls in the forest. But at the moment they are merely scenery. How about making them collectible animals such as the cows and horses? We would of course need to be able to keep them somewhere and that's where the aviary would come in. They would have their own skill lines of course. They could produce feathers to use in arrow fletching or down creation, even blankets or clothing perhaps. What do you think?
  20. animal is not in the mood the male will not breed again for 45 real minutes. I find this to be incorrect. I am breeding a late-adolescent male, and seeing that I have to wait up to 80minutes before he will breed again. Curious if this has anything to do with the age of the horse. Younger = longer wait? If you are willing, track your next breeding and the resultant cooldown when you are able to breed again. Would like to nail down the partculars on this... Thanks, Mal
  21. Hi, It would be greatly appreciated if someone with really good AH skills and knowledge could update the article on Animal husbandry : Something to be included could include: - at what skill level can traits be seen on examination of the animal - is it 30? - clearer tips on how to raise AH skill - e.g. lots of grooming and sleep bonus does not help with skill gain Many thanks, in hope...
  22. I am just starting to breed unicorns an realize that unlike horses and hell horses, we have no individual names for bred unicorns... I would like this to be remedied.. as well as allowing them to wear armor and pull carts, they should be a high-end horse for higher level (or at least they that focus) to ride, and use, should be a little faster, etc. at least the better fight skill makes them good to hunt from. (as opposed to horses that can die so easy)
  23. I have only 43 animal husbandry skill but yesterday I examined a horse and saw 8 traits. I had thought I could see only up to 5 traits with 40+ skill. So does the skill affect only the traits you can breed, not see? I'm guessing the horse was bred by someone with much higher skill.
  24. Anyone have any information on this one?
  25. This has to have been mentioned before but here it is. As the title sais, it'd be nice to be able to name your horses, the ones u have for a good while. The breed could still be found through examine. thoughts?