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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I just made a batch of farmer's salves. The Wurmpedia page :'s_salve . The page says (in the creation part under the farmer's salve image) Right-click animal fat (0.10 kg). The batch of farmer's salve I made today, it used only 0.05 kg of animal fat. So it should read Right-click animal fat (0.05 kg). Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB
  2. When you combine animal fat and then make a candle it uses all of the animal fat in the process. (The fat was from a bsb)
  3. I'm selling batches of various items: Prices are fixed Qty available Item QL Price Status 2000 Iron lumps 84.36ql 1s/1000 Available 2000 Iron lumps 94.37ql 2.5s/1000 SOLD 1500 Zinc lumps 73.16ql 2s/1000 Available 2000 Copper lumps 53.13ql 1s/1000 Available 4000 Silver lumps 10.08ql 75c/1000 Available 2500 Silver lumps 28.18ql 80c/1000 Available 1500 Gold lumps 13.83ql 75c/1000 Available 3000 Gold lumps 46.16ql 1s/1000 Available 700 Concrete 24.74ql 1s/100 Available 5000 Slate shards mix ql 1s/1000 Available 1000 Hides 37.67ql 1s/200 Available 2000 Tar 43.08ql 1s/1000 Available 4000 Animal Fat 40.91ql 80c/1000 Available 1000 Hooves 47.51ql 1s/1000 Available 1000 Tails 48.11ql 1s/1000 Available Status legend Available The items are for sale Reserved The items are reserved but not yet delivered and paid for In transit The items are on their way in a combined delivery En route The items are directly en route to buyer Awaiting cod acceptance Cod mail sent, awaiting acceptance Items ready in BSB The cod has been accepted, the items are in the BSB Sold The items have been delivered and paid for Pricing is based on pickup, deliveries possible to coastal deeds to all freedom server for 50c, orders above 5s have free delivery. Crates are not included in the pricing. For pickups: We are located at 8/9G Jellyfish Outpost (Cloudmap) on Xanadu Note: AFK pickup system active, ask about conditions. Happy shopping Mac