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Found 6 results

  1. i have seen topic about separated window for "get info", the same will be very usefull for analyse of shard, when you analyse it, nd the same time in area some people doing actions, it is very hard to scroll event chat to search for info about resources. ps: i don't even try to hope for graphical representation of info from "analyse"
  2. I often analyse shards from a pile to refresh my memory of an area i'm mining in. I know i'm lazy but sometimes i forget to rename the shard to show i've analysed it, or i pick up one that someone else has used. Wouldn't it be good if the game did this?
  3. With the information you get, could the actual numbers be added in brackets behind the message please? E.g. Instead of getting "poor" or "pretty bad" you get "Poor: 20-29" "acceptable", you get "Acceptable: 30-39" instead of "normal" you get "Normal: 40-59" etc. For other messages: Instead of getting just the message, add in the numbers, e.g. "There is plenty of ore left", now add : (more than 10000) "Only a few weeks mining remain here" but add (between 5000 and 10000) "The ore is starting to deplete" and add behind this message (between 3000 and 5000) "You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore" add this (between 1000 and 3000) "The ore will run out soon" add (between 100 and 1000) "The ore will run out any hour" add (1-100)
  4. Prospecting can be broken down into two buckets. > 20 skill, and < 20 skill. Here are links to Prospecting and Analyse for Wurmpedia Under 20 If your skill is under 20, the best way to get it up is by running around and prospecting on walls, ceilings, and floors. You can also prospect rock tiles on the surface. Getting Started To start this, you'll want to mine out a few rock tiles worth of shards. I typically mine in a straight line. Over 20 Pick up as many rock shards as possible Right click and analyse each shard If you need rock shards for bricks, drop the "processed" shards in a new pile, or put them in a container. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed. Obviously, Sleep Bonus can accelerate the gains. Why? You're probably saying "Why do it this way?" I found that when you try and prospect, after 3-4 times I stopped getting gains and had to move to a different tile. After a few times of doing this, I stopped getting gains altogether. This ruined the efficiency of spamming prospecting on tiles. Another alternative to this process is to find a large area of rock and prospect it with sleep bonus active.
  5. Edit: Misread the wiki page - what I was missing was that it's quality that the second set of skill requirements are for. Perhaps the two lists (detection skill requirements vs quality detection skill requirements) could be merged or put into a table to make this clearer for dunderheads like myself?
  6. Version 3.1.77-4779 ------2013-04-19------- * New keybind for ANALYSE found in the client change log. what does analyse do? not finding it on wiki or here in the forums. or as analyze either. [21:06:45] Unknown command: /analyze [21:06:51] Unknown command: /analyse it does bind though: bind L ANALYSE Keybindings saved. any thoughts?