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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Rare carving knife 93coc 97woa 83ql - 8s [19:20:23] Made for carving, this knife has a broad blade and half a hilt. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump. [19:20:23] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [97] [19:20:23] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [93] Rare carving knife 90coc 87woa 82ql - 6s [07:50:46] Made for carving, this knife has a broad blade and half a hilt. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [07:50:46] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.on.shark'. [07:50:46] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [87] [07:50:46] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [90] Rare horse shoe set 90ql 94woa 91woa 96woa 95woa 16s for all
  2. You probably came here because you're looking for an active community of great people. You've found them! Who we are: Here at Aranea we use discipline and organization to have fun together and establish a name for ourselves throughout the realm. We're more than just a village - we aim to become the tightest group of players because we believe it's the only way to achieve the greatness we aim for! We try to keep everyone occupied within their own professions so that we're all like one organism, and we use a system of ranks within the community to reward the ones showing their determination. Don't worry if you don't like strict rules and regulations - you can still have fun with us! As we understand some have less time than others we don't let it come in the way of free and fun playtime or become a reason of prejudice. The main thing Aranea is about is helping one another, filling in the blanks where needed, making us an efficient machine. All new, returning and veteran players are helped in the way of new equipment and after a short period of initiation and testing how much of themselves they could dedicate long-term - we set them up with their own piece of land. How we work: We use a system of ranks to give people a sense of appreciation and self-improvement. The community is ran by a council consisting of the Grandmaster, the Henchman and a few Chancellors. The Council is the part of the community that establishes new laws, systems and generally tries to improve our life standard and establish order. All the other players become Recruits right after the initiation until they choose their profession and their own path. They will be provided with appropriate tools and workspace. It is always an option to raise in the ranks of Aranea and possibly become a Chancellor. That doesn't mean that the higher ranks keep their secrets or are above the rest. We are all important in Aranea. It should not be forgotten that every rank, from Recruit to the Grandmaster is an important military asset. Everyone will in time be equipped with armor and weaponry of choice and be free to hunt and join battle parties. Our goals: Our main goals are: - Gaining renown; - Becoming great as a team; - PVP (not obligatory); And most certainly - having a great time. What we plan: Our plans for the future include mostly three things, which are: organising different mass events for fun, building a beautiful settlement and most obviously becoming self-sufficient silver-wise so that we can all keep one another up with the money we earn in-game thanks to the amazing player based economy. Process of recruitment: According to the above - we have a strict system of recruitment. Firstly, a potential recruit is allowed to put up a small camp (no terraforming) right next to our deed. Don't worry, you won't get bored or feel endangered in any way! Initiates will be given various tasks or asked for help in return for protection, food and entertainment. Secondly, if the recruit passes the "determination test" they will be invited into the ranks of our community and become one of us. From now on he will be allowed to pick his profession in order to fill a blank in the team and make it stronger or become a "lone wolf" and be free from the weight of responsibilities on their shoulders. Who we need: Basically everyone! As long as you're talkative, friendly, trustworthy and don't burn out too easily - we will be happy to welcome you. We do, however, have those blanks to fill in: - Steel maker; - Charcoal maker; - Bowyer; - Mason; And considering that the cooking update will be a blast... - Brewer! In time all of the above will be given a workshop and proper tools. Don't wait - reply to this post or /tell Erevorn or Pardigan in-game! Below there is a map of how to get to us from Whitefay... The turn you must take from the highway from Whitefay is the turn that leads to Oatfish Maze - you'll see the sign. ... and a few pretty screenshots in spoilers so you don't say I spam And this is the deed in it's most current state: Live great. Live free. Live in Aranea!
  3. I'm looking to sell a 103 CoC ropetool. It is currently 38.98ql, but can be imped to 70ql at the request of the buyer (I didn't want to imp it as you may well want it as a low quality grinding tool.) Ropemaking is a pain to grind, but with this ropetool you'll have almost the highest (and extremely rare) CoC cast possible! Mailed from Chaos. Starting bid: 1s Reserve: None Buyouts: PM me, I do not have a figure in mind and would like to let the auction play out a bit first. Sniper protection: 1 hour Length : 5 days Thanks for looking!
  4. First of all I'd like to say that I didn't really know where to put this thread so I post here. Also, I'm aware this is not the first time someone has an idea like this one but I'm really psyched up for it and think it might work with a bit of effort. Also, the thread talks about the freedom cluster. Also, I'm making this thread to gather votes and opinions, not to state a happening fact. EPIC AMAZING BADASS ARENA GLADIATOR CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS WITH ANIMALS! Possibilities: - duels; - team fights; - 1v1 championships; - team championships; - animal fights; - wrestling; - animal wrestling; - rewards. Possible/known problems: - people won't be too eager to travel all the way from wherever they are to the arena; - concentration of the whole wurm world on fighting related skills just to win the championships. Organisational matters: The arena would not be open 24/7. Instead there would be events announced in global chat and on the forums a week up front. These events would include all the things written in the "possibilities" part of the thread. All this would last a few days starting with training fights not affecting the score and ending with recreational unarmed animal wrestling. PvP fights would happen only via "spar" option to minimise the death rate. Animals can't be controlled so there would be a possibility of dying. I still have no idea how to make the team fights happen since we have no team spar option. Reward system: As I do realise championships come with rewards I'd like to present possibilities: 1v1 championships: 1st - highly enchanted high ql weapon of choice / armor set of choice 2nd - enchanted high ql tool of choice 3rd - high ql tool/weapon of choice OR 1st - 3 silver coins 2nd - 2 silver coins 3rd 1 silver coin Team championships: 1st - armor sets / bulk resources 2nd - lesser bulk resources quantity 3nd - even lesser bulk resources quantity OR 1st - 5 silver coins 2nd - 3 silver coins 3rd - 2 silver coins If you have a better rewards system idea post it below. Rewards of items would mean free beds, imps, sign up and everything else throughout the event. Rewards of money would mean a 10c participation fee from everyone and a 5c bed fee. In my opinion it seems reasonable. Again - if you think I missed something, explained something poorly or you have a better idea about anything feel free to post below. Also please take a vote in the poll.
  5. WTA Rare unfinished bed Starting bind: 4s Increase: 1s Buyout: Offer Sniper: 1h Pick up Xanadu F15 /Vrock Landing Good luck!
  6. Above picture shows all it needs to, for auction here is a set of 4 x rare horse shoes each over 90ql and each one having a 90+ botd cast upon it. Items can be collected or mailed out at buyers expense. Starting bid: 15s Increments: 1s Buyout 35s Happy Bidding
  7. I have recently been convinced to bring up the topic of zombies. The idea is pretty basic and simple, but to perfect it, the coding might not be. HOWEVER: It would be a great addition, and bring much joy to the hearts of us fellow zombie lovers. I will start off with the vague idea, and then add on ways to polish it up. BASIC IDEA: All corpses that aren't buried within 24 hours of death, will drop all items in a pile that said corpse may contain*, and rise from the dead. They are now part of a different creature cap limitation than regular spawns. The corpses are now zombies, with slow movement speed and the same difficulty as the creature that the zombie previously was. (zombie mountain lion would be same difficulty as a mountain lion..) Zombie mob specs: agro to eachother = no Tame = No Swim = up for discussion Eats = meat/butchering products (possibly corpses) classified as Zombie (not animal nor monster) aggro= only to non-lib followers dommable= no ridable = of course not lair = spawns from 30hour old corpses butcheringprod= rotten flesh? (perhaps can be used in sorcery...) All zombies have the same movement speed, say 8km/h. (up for discussion, needs vote if added*) Zombies are the same difficulty as what creature they previously were. Zombies use the same models as what creature they were, but with a slightly different texture (may include blood splatters, missing limb, etc.) Zombies have very good senses and are attracted to sound only. They roam somewhat consistently, stopping only for short durations. They attack mainly players (regular animals should run from them!(faster than zombies can walk)). Sounds that attract Zombie mobs may include: 1) regular movement sounds 2) crafting (improving/building sounds) 3) combat noise (from long distances too) ADD-ON FEATURES (may take a lot of coding): 1. Zombies avoid daylight. When day comes, they go to the nearest cave wait inside, until night time. At night time, they roam the wilderness. 2. Zombies group together and travel in hordes of a maximum 20 per horde. When zombies occasionally are within 20 tiles of each other, they group together and travel in as a single group. At night, when zombies meet in the same caves, they will group up then aswell. To make this feature possible, "hordes" would need to be coded. 3. Hordes: each zombie is it's own horde (party/group/team). Every horde has a max of 20 slots. Each zombie = 1 slot in a horde. When a "horde" of zombies is within 20+/- tiles of another horde, they will merge, and travel as a larger horde. Ex: 1 zombie joins up with another nearby zombie. This horde then ventures during the night and happens upon another horde of 5 zombies. They then merge together (combine) and are now a horde of 7 zombies. "Hordes" are most likely to be formed in two ways: 1) 1 horde traveling within the 20 (up for discussion on the radius/horde cap) tile radius of another horde. and 2) At daytime/dawn(just before sunrise), zombies will go to the nearest cave for protection from the sun. While the day is passing, they will then merge together and form larger hordes of zombies. (they are within 20 tiles of each other in the caves) Still needs more thought - I will add changes as needed. Please feel free to post your ideas below! (Perhaps this could mix in somehow with the new sorcery features in the future...?) Thank you for your kind support.