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Found 7 results

  1. The Only official method for multiclient is using the Wurm web client, the following method for the Steam client is not officially supported. Having alts is a long time Wurm tradition, but Steam Client does not allow that, or does it? Herein are some instructions on making Steam Client able to run more than one instance without any Multiboxing, killing threads or other messing about, all it needs is one very simple text file, and a new shortcut on your already crowded desktop. Firstly find your Wurm Online folder in your Steam Library, usually in c:\program files(x86)\Steam\Steamapps|common but may be on another drive, depending on how you set it up, long story short, Steam Properties, Local Files should open the folder for you, you should have a couple of folders and an exe file, Make a shortcut to the Exe file on your desktop, since you use that, NOT the shortcut Steam dumped on your desktop for you to launch the game. Next you need to create a text file, so right click in the folder, New text file, rename that to Steam_appid. Now Edit that text file and enter the number 1179680 Save the file. Use the NEW shortcut to open Wurm Online and login your main character, now, here's the magic, Use the NEW shortcut to open another instance of Wurm Online, enter another character name, and behold, an Alt, while your Main is still logged in! What devilry is this? (Disclaimer: This may not work if you have file extensions off in windows explorer and make a file called Steam_appid.txt.txt instead of Steam_appid.txt. Also, this works on Linux too, but you'll have to find your folders yourself, Different distros may do things differently, but the basic method is the same) Also note: This is Multiclienting, NOT Multiboxing. Multiboxing is bannable. Multiclienting is allowed in Wurm.
  2. I have been searching for a while now, And am having trouble finding any sort of documentation regarding what the "Minimum Computer Specs" For Wurm would be. I was also looking for examples of High end setups which where able to preform very Smoothly, especially ones that are capable of running multiple clients. Also, if a knowledgeable player or Dev was able to recommend which brand of graphics card is better to use with Wurm, that would be great!
  3. I am offering an opportunity for a main and his alt priest or just a priest character to live in an active Wurm neighborhood on a still developing deed with much room for growth and change to foster his/her skills and have plenty of good fun... I live near all amenities except a large body of water. The deed is being run by me in absence of my saviour and mentor. Steve, who found me huddled on our now annexed mine, hungry, cold yet eager and honest. The deed is paid for a couple months and is not so large to be not affordable to me. Rent is free, food is free and any endeavours will be split fairly.There is tons of stuff for a priest to do as we have a thriving farm where we breed horses and sheep and cows and last but not least the new addition Bison. The community around the deed is lacking a priest to expunge our wares with magic. I am not a full time Wurmian and like to drop in from time to time in between RL events. The deed would be open doors to a successful candidate and very few limitations will be imposed. If this sounds like an opporrtunity for you please do contact me or apply at the village board. This kind offer was given to me once and i have since been able to offer to another. There is room for you to build a domicile or you are welcome to one of the ones i have built but yet remains empty minus bed. Or i could build you a custom house/shrine made of anything as long as its wood. I myself am a new to the lands of Wurm and am eager to share my joyous burden with someone interested. The mob population in our area seems to avoid my menacing stare while our neighbors are constantly bombarded by trolls and hellhounds if that's your kinda thing. Goodbye />salamon
  4. Alts which have 0 skills apart from climbing should not have the ability to drain a deed. 0 Risk climbing into a token pit on a useless alt, at least if it has fight skill and some stats it would be risking something...
  5. Life as a priest, it's a risk you take. Thing is, it just means I run 2 clients instead of one and bring nothing extra to the game (since the alt is ALWAYS a free alt) but a bit more lag. What I propose is priests are able to perform some extra activities but their skill is effectively capped at 20 (same as their free alt). This includes, but is not limited to, woodcutting (no cap for vyn), mining (no cap for mag), digging (no cap for fo), packing, paving, construction (nothing requiring a skill over 20), improving items (all imp checks use a capped skill level of 20). Why? Simply because everyone gets around the priest limitations it by using a free alt and this is just going to make life easier and give priests nothing new except a little less rage and more time for people. It will reduce lag on the servers and, more importantly, might be that little extra push some people need to prem up so they can priest up. "Oh but what about pvp?" Well funnily enough all non-mag PvP priests get a spell that non-mag PvE priests do not get. How about we make this a freedom only feature? "Oh but you get magic" Yep and we also get capped skills. Seems fairer than complete "YOU SHALL NOT SOLO UNLESS YOU RUN AN ALT AND BRING LAG TO THE SERVER". "But... Status Quo..." I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over the massive sound of change going on in wurm Edit for Clarity : The cap only applies to skills priests cannot currently use at the moment. This means improving items, continuing structures etc. So a priest with masonary 50 will still have the same masonary 50 craft rate for stone bricks, but will only imp objects as a 20 skilled character, nor will they be able to plan and continue stone walls. The 20 cap is lifted if faithful is turned off. (But an increase in the faith hit to balance this out)
  6. It would be nice to allow members of my Village or my Alts to manage merchants though a permissions system setup by the owner of the Merchant Contract. Its a real pain sometimes to have log in and out to remove or add items to my merchant. With a simple check box system you could allow or disallow Friends, Alliance members, or Village members to do help lessen this burden. Allow/disallow removal if items check box Allow/disallow addition of items check box Allow/disallow removal of money on the merchant. Allow/disallow removal of the merchant There are many instances I have encountered where this would be very handy. Thoughts?
  7. Ok here goes. This has been a topic of much debate and far more argument lately on my home, the Chaos server. As such there are a lot of points to be made so be prepared for a long post because i want to get it all across. The problem as i understand it is also something that happens on Epic, but less so due to premium requirements on the main pvp server. I apologise in advance for the nature of my post being mostly focused on my own experiences on chaos as i do not play on epic. Free or Premium alts with under 20 fight skill have an incredible number of uses for really screwing with your enemies: Scouting enemy lands and deeds - Not too concerning usually as tower guards do tend to catch these alts Sweeping for traps - Spent all night trapping an area? wasted hours imping them? A free alt can just walk over the lot and die as much as it likes. Stealthing - This allows the alt to watch local in almost complete safety as it requires several casts of an aoe spell to kill the alt and that's IF you can actually get to it. This is used often to watch deeds that are regularly attacked and the general area around them. Grabbing Loot - As chaos does not have the 1 hour logoff timer, the secondary use for stealthed alts in deeds being raided is to horde all the best loot and log off once a raid force arrives. Adding gank bonus - Noob or not, it's VERY aggravating when a naked alt with a 5QL sword is trying to add the chance for you to be ganked. Dragging away catapults/carts from raiders - Nothing says fun like raiding a deed and having to drag the catpults and carts 100% of the time because there are alts respawning a million times over trying to steal them. Lowering skillgain at villages - Almost every day i have to leave my village and try to hunt down an alt that will be frantically trying to stealth which has been sat in local checking who's online and lowering skillgain for everyone online >.> Checking its "safe to login" - Every deed raided never has a chance to catch a real player unawares because free alts are an easy way to make sure your deed is untouched. General local checking - Needs no explaining, it prevents pvp. Interrupting archers - Archers will have their shots interrupted by being engaged in combat. PM checking - Mostly a problem for Epic players on home servers, PM players to see if they are online General griefing - eg i once saw an alt run into the middle of 5 of us digging outside our deed and managed to dump 200 dirt before dying, respawning and trying to come back over and do it more. Blocking Twigs - All it takes is one alt in a difficult to reach place in local (house/mine etc) and everyone who gets near it cannot teleport. I accept that some of these are not really a big deal and some simply cannot be easily dealt with, i'm just trying to make the point that accounts like these are insanely useful for NO COST and NO DOWNSIDE. The two key factors as i see it with how alts are so incredibly effective is that a) they are free (on chaos and epic home servers) and they give NOTHING to the enemy when killed and so can be respawned to continue what they were doing. In the past alts were rarely used for at least a reasonable number of the problems above because sending an alt towards the enemy was considered foolish as you would feed the opposing force free rank and affinities, particularly as they cost premium. However the code that prevents sub-20fs giving anything has removed this factor and alts on chaos are free now! I personally believe that free accounts should not ever be allowed on a full pvp server such as chaos. There is a damn good reason they were removed once in the past already. They were heavily abused. As for the 20fs code, i don't understand what purpose it truly serves as it doesn't prevent real players with under 20fs being killed. I will still kill a player to find out if they will pop death tabs. All it seems to achieve on chaos is allowing alts to have free reign. Open to suggestions and discussion. If i had it my way and my opinion matters i would like to see the following: Accounts require above 20 body control (premium amount) to be able to stealth Any damage should unstealth, requiring only one aoe spell to make a player that is caught in stealth vulnerable Free to play removed from Chaos Removal of the "nothing for under 20fs" code 1 hour log out on deed with enemies in local code added to chaos. Ok go! (i'll edit in any additional uses or ideas i've missed) Implement code to make Tracking skill unstealth players. Chance based on skill. For Epic: Remove hunted status, and reputation from pvp (home servers) entirely. Leave the thievery/illegal deed action reps, of course. This also means readd full loot, so you can take whatever the alts steal back, or their troll clubs. This is due to same kingdom alts controlled by enemies being such a massive pain and forcing hunted status on people. Any arguments about which kingdom uses alts more or any crap like that will be reported to moderators. Lets just try and discuss how to deal with it without accusing each other of things.