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Found 8 results

  1. This is probably a duplicate, but i looked through 6 pages twice. Please allow us to move altars around in the tile they were created. I can understand not wanting altars to move around due to domains and calculations, but i would hope the gods would want their altars to ascetically pleasing. I wanted four altars, three went down close enough (perfect in terms altar creation). The fourth was too far away, with out moving a made a fifth, thinking, at least it would be closer, but alas it was even worse. To make it even better i do not have a large maul handy, could not find a troll, no iron i wanted to use to make a maul, and had to make a staff...70ql and have lost count of how many times i have bashed the 10ql altar (the worse one, will live with he simply bad one for now).
  2. Allowing altars to hold a pelt. I am not sure I understand why this is not allowed. I mean I can stuff an altar with saddles like a nut but I can not roll up pelt (a soft furred piece of leather I use to polish stuff with) and place it in an altar .
  3. Please make so we can examine a house and get the Writ holders name. Also please make so we can push altars some to make them neater looking in a room. Metal altars are horrible looking unless you get lucky and are standing in exact right spot when you complete them. Stone altars can be pushed, why not metal ones?
  4. Closed

    My Deed is located near the top end of G26 on this map I need someone to bring enough Gold ore and the Skill to make me 3 Altars I have a forge or two of course. I also need a Mailbox Enchantment please. PM me here as BigRich or in Game as Willowsong if you can offer any of these services at my location. Please include your Price for traveling, components and completing the work (No hidden charges allowed ) Thanks in advance. Edit : I have had an offer for the Altars I still need a mailbox cast please.
  5. Come VISIT us at GLASSHOLLOW Market , if you wana try out fuedal life at market! Now you can do!! only 10 apartments left of 28 tiles! Come join our most Epic Village on Freedom you can found. Everyone will get bed! More images here: PM Rockybalboa here or ingame.
  6. 3 Deeds (incl. 1 trader) only 5-10 min from Freedom Market YOU are looking to settle near the center of the biggest Freedom server Independance? YOU are looking for deeds to serve your versatile needs? YOU want to grow a large herd? YOU want a place to build your ships? YOU want to farm veggies and also reed? YOU need wood for your ships and tools? YOU want to have a source of income to pay for those deeds? YOU want a safe working space? Then I have what you need: Hillside Refuge, Greenborough and Seeview Harbour - all close by close only few riding minutes from Freedom Market right next to Festival Cove. On map: Hillside Refuge: Hillside Refuge has: - a well-treated trader, - a spirit templar, - a mine with different QL iron veins + lead (for mooring anchors) + marble, - lots of fruit and lumber trees, - a manor with forges and oven and beds, lots of space for storage and loom - pens and farm areas (only partly offdeed in legal enclosure connected to deed and so far under Magranon influence for repairs) - an almost finished small stronghold (incl. practice dolls and archery target) - 2 wells (+1 in mine) for your water-supply. - and a Guard Tower close to west border (covering highway). - [edit] silver/gold altars of all 3 Freedom gods Here some pictures of Hillside Refuge: Greenborough: Greenborough has: - more farming/breeding space - House with forge, bed, oven, storage, loom and sightseeing tower - Guard Tower in perimeter covering most of the deed - additional legal enclosure for farming (Mag influence) - oaks and willows Picture: Seaview Harbour Seaview Harbour has: - not much to be honest - some ground raised from the sea - offdeed legal enclosures for reed and ships up to knarr-size - ondeed clay Pictures: The deal would of course include all house-writs and gate-keys, the deeds, several BSBs and FSBs (few things still in there) and a breeding pair of 5-speed horses (if wanted and delivered for free when deal is complete, colour as you like). Starting bid: 60s No reserve No buyout No snipe protection Minimum increments: 1s
  7. Sometimes you need help. You are badly wounded, don't have enough cotton, so you put some botonised stuff in an altar and pray. You god, bandages a medium+ wound. You are starving, already fasting, so you put your clay pot in the altar and pray, you get a basic casserole that gives you 50% nutri. Dying of thirst, you put your waterskin or clay jar in and pray. Each of these only works once per day and hits your faith.
  8. The creator of the altar should be able to push, pull and turn it as they please. Would make them a lot more desirable.